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Lifting the Veil: Rapture or Rupture?
Henry Reed

Lifting the Veil

What will be the impact upon society and its institutionalized religions when the reality of paranormal phenomena is generally accepted?

Enlightenment Blues
by Andre van der Braak
Book summary by Lorrie Kazan

Enlightenment Blues

Previously Andre had been struggling with maintaining a Buddhist practice that he’d found overly rigorous without offering the kind of emotional sustenance he still craved. He was elated and relieved when Andrew Cohen told him, “Enlightenment is now.” You’re in it and you no longer have to prepare.

The Intelligent Heart
by Bruce & David McArthur
Book summary by Linda Brown

The Intelligent Heart

This book is a comprehensive examination of the Universal Laws and combines the wisdom of Edgar Cayce with the science of HeartMath.

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