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December 07,   2008
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Intuition: Its Powers and Perils
by David Myers
Book Summary by Clayton Montez

Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

What you know, but donít know you know, affects you more than you know. Thatís the bottom line of hundreds of experiments on the powers of intuition.

Prayer and Psychic Experiences
Charles Thomas Cayce

Prayer and Psychic Experiences

There is a close relationships between ESP, prayer, meditation, dreams, and other deeper states of consciousness.

Rising of the Phoenix
Sandra K. Heggen

Rising of the Phoenix

In my 50th year, I died. Oh, there was no traveling through a tunnel, no bright white light, no floating above my body, none of the fun stuff. At least, I donít remember any of this sort of thing. But I donít remember dying, either. So, you wonder, how do I know I died?

Intuitive Truth for the Child Within
Connie Russert

Intuitive Truth

Channeled writing presents five ideas to consider about what your inner child may intuit as truth.

Develop Your Intuitive Heart in Asheville, North Carolina
Henry Reed

Develop Your Intuitive Heart

Practical intuition means gaining guidance for yourself and your relationships. How can you obtain the highest guidance possible? The Intuitive Heart approach is based upon the spiritual ideals Edgar Cayce prescribed for extraordinary psychic ability.

Online Dream Conference

Online Dream Conference

You can attend a cyberconference on dreams while in your jammies!

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