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Read in current issue:

Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos: The Rise of the Integral Vision of Reality. By Ervin Laszlo
Book Summary by Clayton Montez

Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos

Findings at the cutting edge of modern science imply that the cosmos is pregnant with meaning for our life. We are not isolated from everything else in the universe, but an integral part of it. The insights of technological science are coming together in the belief that Intelligence is involved in the formation of the universe and that there is mind and purpose that guides us to realize our human potential.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality. By Dean Radin.
Book Summary by Denise L. Dahl

Entangled Minds

The word “entanglement” was coined by one of the founders of quantum theory Erwin Schrodinger. It refers to the connections between separated particles that remain connected regardless of distance. These connections are instantaneous and operate outside the usual flow of time. This implies that seeing things as separate objects is in a sense an illusion created by our limited perception.

How Memories and Dreams can Help us to Transform our Lives.
By Andrea Flew

How Memories and Dreams

I offered a friend who was going through a period of transition, an opportunity to practice developing intuition for guidance by engaging with memories and dreams to reflect and analyze guidance contained in their stories. I found the whole experience to be affirming of my potential to contribute to opportunities for the transformational process to progress...

Asking for Psychic Readings:
A Memo from A.R.E. Staff to those who inquire about a recommendation concerning a reputable psychic

Asking for Psychic Readings

From the perspective of the Edgar Cayce readings, each of us is our own best psychic. Whether the information comes from a hunch, an intuition, our dreams, or synchronicity, each of us possesses a wealth of internal guidance that can be drawn upon whenever we need it. In fact, the Cayce material suggests that our true natural state is psychic...

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