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August 26,   2009
Intuitive Connections, August,  2009

Atlantic University News:

The Spirit of the Badge:  For her Atlantic University culminating project, police officer Ingrid Dean collected true police stories, not ordinary stories, but tales of the transpersonal, the spiritual and the psychic. To read the full text of her report, click here!

Read in this issue:

In the Beginning, An excerpt from Voyage through Eternity, By Harvey Green.

In a time before time, and in a place before place, there was the All. This All is the collective consciousness of human experience, existing as both a living record and a person. This personification of human activity is eternal and continuously growing. Understand this, the All is not collective soul consciousness, but the living record of human activities.


Envision Your Soul, A Commentary by Henry Reed, of Susan Wisehart's book, Soul Visioning.

How can we make the shift from experiencing ourselves as persons who have souls to experiencing ourselves as souls expressing through a personality?



Law of Interpersonal Attraction and the Soulmate Relationships, By M. B. Sharan

Interpersonal attraction is the attraction between people which leads to acquaintances, friendships and intimate relationships. It can be viewed as a force acting between two people that tends to draw them together, connect them, and resist their separation.



Intuitive Channels


Evaluating Channeled Guidance:

ECIIS offers links to recent intuitive information channeled by various folks on the internet. As part of our offering, read Henry Reed's essay on how to evaluate channeled guidance, by clicking here!


Soul Partnerships:

The Soul may have more going on than we realize. American Jennifer Hoffman shares Archangel Uriel's August 2009 message about Soul Partnerships. Read the message by clicking here!

Being a Teacher for the New Era:

Pamela Kribbe, of the Neatherlands, has been channeling Jeshua Ben-Joseph since 2002.
In her latest channeled message from Jeshua, she speaks about Being a Teacher for the New Era.
Read all about it by clicking here!

Friendship with Guides:

Paul McCarthy, of Brighton UK, says he is a Channel for the Non-Terrestrial Masters of Light, The Ascended Masters & Archangels. As a channel for the Erton and the Sirian Masters, Paul shares the desire of the Masters for our Friendship.
Read about Friendship by clicking here!

Books from the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies:


Future Consciousness: A 2012 Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

Is the world preparing to make a shift? Is consciousness changing? Does the Mayan calendar speak of a major global event coming on December 21, 2012? What are the other prophecies regarding the future? Are there any new ideas? 445 pages of book summaries, articles, etc. will broaden your perspective on what's coming.


The All Seeing Eye: A Remote Viewing Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

How did remote viewing come into existence? What has "RV" accomplished? How does one go about doing an RV session? This 322 page anthology contains summaries of most all the books published on remote viewing, plus some never before published material on the subject.


Internet News Links:


Ask Alana:   "Alana" answers your questions and has resources for intuition development.


Analyse Dreams:  Have you ever asked yourself how you can understand your dreams? This site has many answers. The latest article discusses recurrent dreams of adultry.






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