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March 17,   2009
March 2009 ICN

Atlantic University News:

Gabriel's Trumpet: Recognizing Hope in the Midst of Despair: Lessons from a Pediatraic Intensive Care Unit. CLICK HERE TO Read how Michele Tryon, for her Atlantic University Master's Degree Service Project, observed signs of hope among the children and their families as they faced the challenge of life threatening illnesses.

Atlantic University Spring Convocation is scheduled for Saturday, June 6, 2009, at the A.R.E. Conference Center in Virginia Beach. Several graduating students will be presenting their Master's Degree projects. The public is invited.

Read in this issue:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose

By Eckhart Tolle

Book Summary by Marjorie Nevins

The Purpose of This Book is to wake up the individual ego and let it know it may be a prisoner to its own personality. The book is to help you recognize you are more. It will transform you and you will become aware of the unawake state of consciousness within each being. You'll become aware you are more than ego.


Moving Inward and Upward

By Darlene Fenick

A Commentary on Integral Consciousness, by Steve McIntosh

We have come from a primitive ape like creation to the sophisticated complicated creatures we are today.  The environment we live in has changed right along with us or some may say we have changed right along with our environment.  As our needs change according to discoveries and challenges we face as a society, we appear to rise up and adapt new thinking and technology to advance.  Once again we are on the brink of something new.


ESP and Family Secrets

By Henry Reed

Although crises such as accidents and deaths may be the largest known source of ESP, secrets may actually be an even more common, although unknown, unrecognized or unacknowledged culprit. As Don's story suggests, secrets might stimulate ESP. In the case of secrets, however, the very same reason that motivates the original secrecy, may also suppress the acknowledgement of the ESP!


Barber School

By Echo Bodine

When I was twenty-seven and had a few years of sobriety under my belt, I wanted to find a fulfilling way to earn my living. My psychic and healing gifts were coming along slowly. I practiced minireadings on friends and did healings on family members when they got sick. But I didn't feel ready to "go pro" with my gifts.


Future Consciousness: A 2012 Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

Is the world preparing to make a shift? Is consciousness changing? Does the Mayan calendar speak of a major global event coming on December 21, 2012? What are the other prophecies regarding the future? Are there any new ideas? 445 pages of book summaries, articles, etc. will broaden your perspective on what's coming.


The All Seeing Eye: A Remote Viewing Omni Reader

Edited by Henry Reed

How did remote viewing come into existence? What has "RV" accomplished? How does one go about doing an RV session? This 322 page anthology contains summaries of most all the books published on remote viewing, plus some never before published material on the subject.


Internet News Links:


Your Spiritual Revolution: Each month this site puts out a new "webazine" on topics related to spirituality.


Interpret A Dream: Atlantic University graduate Stase Michaels, author of the best selling Bedside Book of Dreams, has a great website on dream interpretation.







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