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It's Origin, History, and Applications

By Michael J. Cox


Radionics is a science, sometimes called a spiritual science, which utilizes an instrument to scan a person, animal, crop or nearly anything to determine the well being of the subject.

What Is An Apport
And How Does It Affect You?

By Lorrie Kazan

Lorrie Kazan

An apport is an object allegedly materializing during a seance. Believers see apports as signs or gifts from spirits. Skeptics see them as evidence of conjuring. Good magicians and good mediums can produce objects seemingly out of nowhere and nothing. They can also make objects seem to disappear.

Mental Radio
By Upton Sinclair
Book Summary by Jed Bendix

Mental Radio

Upton Sinclair became first aware of the supernatural as a young man when he met a Unitarian minister who claimed to be able to talk to ghost. Several years later, Upton's wife, Mary Craig Kimbrough, persuaded Upton to research the paranormal. As a result, from 1928 to 1930, Upton and Mary did over 300 hundred telepathic experiments.

Mind to Mind
By Rene' Warcollier
Book Summary by Jed Bendix

Mind to Mind

Rene Warcollier, who Joe McMoneagle refers to as the "father of remote viewing," conducted very interesting experiments in ESP. During his research, Rene developed three concepts crucial to understanding and performing ESP. The concepts involve: models of the mind, information transfer, and signal-to-noise ratio.

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