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February 11, 2008
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Atlantic University News

  • A New Website and Blog

Atlantic University student from Singapore, Celine Tan has created some new internet resources on “Spectrum Learning.” Please go and explore the web site ( http://www.iamspectrumlearning.com ) and the blog ( http://celinetsc.wordpress.com/ ).

  • A New Publishing Venture

Atlantic University student Gary Ward has created a new publishing firm, Flap Jacket Press. The first title to be published is a novel about a unique form of divination, The Lace Reader. For more information, please go to the book’s web site at http://www.LaceReader.com

  • Book Reviewer Needed

Atlantic University graduate Walt Stover is seeking someone to review for our webzine his new book, Dreams: My Lamp Unto the Darkness. If you are interested, contact Henry Reed to obtain a copy of the book for review (email henry.reed@atlanticuniv.edu)

Read in current issue:

Dream Quest: Trust in Yourself. Let God Do The Rest

By Joanne DiMaggio


So it was, having tried everything I could think of over the years to break free of the fear that was holding me back, I came to the Dream Quest hoping for new insights. I also came with a hefty skepticism—doubtful this would give me that long sought-after key to freedom’s door.

Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval

By Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Book Commentary by Gayl P. Woityra


This book helps to clarify shamanism for the average reader. Those who pay attention to the work are likely to discover parallels to other quite acceptable healing practices, ranging from general psychiatry and psychotherapy to past-lives therapy, meditation, visualization exercises, and positive affirmations.


Experiments in Past Life Regression

By Georgia Edwards

The long and short of my past life regression work simply tells me to be responsible for my actions as karma builds way too quickly. I can only imagine what living without the possibility of not creating karma can be like. It has a peace of mind, warmth of heart and an easy serene mind.

»»» News Link: Free Books online: Check out the new website, http://www.psitek.net, which contains many metaphysical books, full text, for free downloading. «««
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