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August 1,   2008
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BOUNDARIES AND RELATIONSHIPS :Knowing, Protecting and Enjoying the Self. By Charles L. Whitfield, MD. Summary by Katherine Konner

IF there’s an I, you, them and an over there too

And what you do and I do are not the same,

THEN boundaries have to exist between all of us

Because if you and I were together or in part as one, it’d be a different game.


The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities: An Anthology of Viewpoints, with summaries by Leslie King

2012. There are thoughts of Armageddon and the end of the world, but might it just be the beginning of a new era? The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities presents 26 authors’ view points about what this mysterious Mayan date may mean for humanity.

Mind Before Matter: Visions of a New Science of Consciousness. Edited by Trish Pfeiffer and John E. Mack, M.D. Summary by Don Carroll

This an anthology of essays by nineteen authors grouped into four facets identified as Science, Philosophy, PSI and Communion. The overall focus is that consciousness is the prime foundation of reality. That everything that exists is alive, conscious, and aware.

Why Not Be Deeply Happy? By Kent M. Keith

Each of us can be, and should be, deeply happy. What do I mean by “deep happiness”? I mean the kind of happiness that touches your spirit and connects with your soul.


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Analyze Dreams

A great new website with lots of information about how to work with your dreams.

Hear Edgar Cayce Give a Reading

Kevin Todeschi writes:

Great news! We have taken the only known recording of Edgar Cayce giving a reading and were able to transfer a few minutes of it into a digital audio format for all to hear. Copy the following URL into your Web browser to hear Edgar Cayce's voice giving a health reading in 1934: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oeQ6qcZVs5E

This reading was recorded in New York City by phonograph. While visiting our YouTube page, be sure to check out newly added videos, like our original presentation of John Van Auken discussing how the events of 2012 will affect us today and in the future. And please consider passing our links on to a friend. Our videos on YouTube are a great way to introduce people to the work of Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E

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