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July 19, 2007
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Dream and Meditation Retreat offered. Sept 30-Oct 6, 2007, with Henry Reed. Small group living under one roof in the Blue Ridge Mountains and their fall foliage, with three gourmet meals a day.


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Far Journeys

An Excerpt from the new book

The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out of Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer

By Ronald Russell


The question of proof no longer concerned him and he had lost interest in taking part in controlled tests. Also, he found it had become very easy for him to move into the out-of-body state. Refreshed after three or four hours of sleep, he was ready to slip out, as it were, but what was there to do? Everyone else was asleep and he saw no point in purposelessly drifting around.

Connecting with the Divine Matrix

By Gregg Braden

Book summary by Joanne Aaronson


How do you know if you are connected to a higher power? First, let's agree on what to call this higher power often called God, but many words could be substituted.

The Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey in 21st Century America

By Rosemary Roberts

We claim to be a religious nation; we believe we are believers. Statistics prove otherwise. In tallying such factors as profession of faith, attendance at worship services, scripture reading and study, prayer and meditation, and willingness to volunteer, evidence of genuine commitment is steadily declining.

»»» News Link: ESP-it's beyond the matter of believing. It is now part of our culture war. See the fun animation, Psi Wars at:    www.psiwars.org «««
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