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December 07,   2008
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PMS: A trigger to change!
By Pauline Houle

PMS: A trigger to change!

After having grappled with PMS myself and finding no cure through conventional medicine, I undertook my own introspection on a path to find a permanent solution. Having succeeded, I then started investigating the subject with women experiencing very diversified PMS symptoms.

The Yoga of Sound
By Russill Paul

The Yoga of Sound

Medical research now validates immense physiological benefits from chanting: lowered blood pressure, stabilized heart rate, improved circulation and the production of endorphins, which are body's natural painkillers and mood enhancers.

The Integral Vision of Reality
An excerpt from
Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos: The Rise of the Integral Vision of Reality By Ervin Laszlo .

The Integral Vision of Reality

After our explorations of the big questions of universe, life, and consciousness, and the existential questions of morality, reincarnation, and immortality, it is time to get down to the most fundamental question of all. What is the real nature of the world we live in?


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