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Read in current issue:

"The Art of Dream Realization"
by Henry Reed
A Chapter from his new book:
Dream Medicine.

The Art of Dream Realization

Drawing a dream is a great way to discover your own intuitive understanding of a dream.

The Hoffman Process: The World-Famous Technique That ...Transforms Your Future,
By Tim Laurence.

Book summary by Linda Brown

The Hoffman Process

The Hoffman process explains why you behave the way you do and will help you gain control of your own life. The four major components of the process are as follows: (1) awareness (2) expression (3) forgiveness and (4) new behavior.

Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate--America's Psychic Espionage Program. By Paul Smith.
Book Summary by Dan Bales

Reading the Enemy's Mind

Born and reared amidst bureaucracy and hierarchy, Remote Viewing as a term and concept was created to discriminate it as a subject that is perceptual, rather than phenomenon that is purely psychic.

Thoughts Through Space: A Remarkable Adventure in the Realm of the Mind. By Sir Hubert Wilkins and Harold M. Sherman.
Book Summary by Jed Bendix.

Thoughts Through Space

This book is a good historical rescue adventure and it is loaded with excellent advice on how to perform telepathy and remote viewing. Remember, one way to know if telepathy may be secretly at work for you is if there are synchronistic events occurring.

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