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'The Great Year: Astrology, Millenarianism and History in the Western Tradition'
by Nicholas Campion

Great Year

A book digest by Debra Schneck
The End of the World is a global intuition about changing times. From cycles in nature,we perceive cycles in the history of humanity.

Explore Transpersonal Realities

Transpersonal Realities

Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Atlantic University offers a free online exploration of spiritual domains.

'Image of an Oracle' by Ira Progoff

Image of an Oracle

A book digest by Myron Gantt.

When Edgar Cayce, in a psychic reading, told spiritualist Eileen Garrett to conduct her own research on her spirit guides, she hired Jungian analyst Ira Progoff to investigate.

When the Soul Coaches the Body, the Spirit Soars

In the Zone

Henry Reed reviews the book,

In the Zone: Transcendent experience in sports
by Michael Murphy and Rhea White

'Living Your Intuitive Dreams' by sHEALy

Intuitive Dreams

A book digest by D. D. Delaney.

Intuition development is a great way to become the real you and live the life you’ve
always wanted.

'The Torah of the Body' by Diane Elliot

The Torah of the Body

By Lorrie Kazan

When searching for the roots of intuition, it may be wise to look to the body.

No Need to Go Outside for Better Seeing

Dream Quest

Margaret Dwyer, Ph.D.

A Dream Quest Experience

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