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Read in current issue:

Everyone’s A Buddha
by Donna Colon

Everyone’s A Buddha

Everybody is a teacher…either what to be like, or what not to be like. I decided to adopt this perspective. The observations of others became fodder for the next morning’s meditative session.

Emotional Alchemy by Tara Bennet
Book Summary by Clayton Montez

Emotional Alchemy

The mind can transcend its natural tendency to obscure itself with habitual emotional reactions to one of natural, open clarity. When Buddhist mindfulness meditation is combined with schema therapy one learns to distinguish distortion from reality.

Lying With The Heavenly Woman
The Fisher King & The Handless Maiden
Femininity Lost And Regained

Three Books by Robert A. Johnson
Summary by Linda Brown

Three Books

The feminine, and its eternal qualities, have been suppressed in both men and women. Myths can help us understand this loss, its implications, and how to regain a relationship with this precious dimension in life.

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