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Read in current issue:

"Spirit Matters", by Michael Lerner.
Book summary by Clayton Montez

Spirit Matters

Instead of hiding our spiritual life from the public domain, Lerner encourages us, through his description of an "emancipatory spirituality," to apply the holiness of our true selves to enrich the world of work, politics, law, education and ecology.

"A Besdide Guide to Dreams", by Stase Michaels.
Book Summary by VirDella Denwiddie

A Besdide Guide to Dreams

A brief look briefly at the 27 types of dreams that Michaels documents in the book. For each category, Michaels provides descriptions of dream types in that category, followed by "live" examples of dreams and analyses...

Will the World Really End on Dec 12, 2012?
by Jean-Claude Koven.

Will the World Really End?

From a metaphysical perspective, the world ends and recreates itself every instant. December 12, 2012 is certainly no exception. However, it does offer a target date that brings all the possible scenarios into vivid focus.

"Toward a New Understanding of God"
An interview with Neal Donald Walsch

Neal Donald Walsch

Humanity is going to create a new God for itself in the next 25 to 30 years, that this new God will result in the emergence of a new spirituality on the planet, and the new spirituality will in turn result in, at last, a movement toward that time of peace and harmony for all humankind...

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