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December 07,   2008
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Playing the Quantum Field:How Changing Your Choices can Change Your Life.
By Brenda Anderson.
An Excerpt

Playing the Quantum Field

Have you ever experienced a sudden breakthrough? You know that feeling, when what you picture in your head actually happens and you want to pinch yourself because you can't believe it's real?

Messengers of Love, Light and Grace: Getting to Know Your Personal Angels.
By Terry Lynn Taylor.
Book Summary by Linda Brown.

Messengers of Love, Light and Grace

The definition of angel is messenger. Often these messengers come to us through intuition, to warn or guide us. Every person has a guardian angel that is with him or her all the time. This companion angel was with us as far back as when we decided to come into life as the person we are today.

How do psychics find missing people, or solve murders?
By Lorrie Kazan.

Lorrie Kazan

Psychometry is often used to find lost objects and people and it's something you can learn. Psychometry is the ability to see with touch. A psychometrist holds an object in hand, or sometimes pressed to the forehead, and simply relates the impressions she or he receives.


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