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December 08,   2008
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Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates
by Kevin Todeschi

Book digest by Lorrie Kazan

Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates

The concept of soul connection is embedded in our culture and this is evident when we look at fairytales and myths, which depict a search for wholeness.

Unintentional Music by Lynne Ayre
Book digest by LillianPailen

Unintentional Music

Looking for the potentially meaningful in the unintentional is grounded in Taoism and the work of C. G. Jung.

Embracing Spirit in the Darkness
by Shelli Buhr

Embracing Spirit in the Darkness

The dark night of the soul can bring about a spiritual awakening.

Pitfalls on the Intuitive Path
by Nancy Pohle and Ellen Selover

Pitfalls on the Intuitive Path

As we begin to put our intuitive insights into practice, it is likely that we will experience times when we just don't get it right.

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