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March 24, 2008
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Scholar in Residence Appointed:

A.U. President Kevin Todeschi announced recently that Stephan A. Schwartz has been appointed a Scholar in Residence at Atlantic University. Stephan is best known for the “Schwartzreport.net,” and his many groundbreaking books on remote viewing. His latest is Opening to the Infinite. His current research involves the study of applied kinesiology.

Edgar Cayce Retreat Announced:

A special retreat version of the Atlantic University course on Edgar Cayce will be conducted by Henry Reed and hosted by the Big House Inn, in Cedar Springs, Virginia, October 19-25. See the Big House at creativespirit.net/bighouse.htm For more information about the retreat, contact henry.reed@atlanticuniv.edu

Read in current issue:
2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

By Daniel Pinchbeck

Book Summary by Leah J. Henry

According to Toltec and Mayan prophesies, the world will undergo a momentous change in 2012. Specifically, a 5,000 year cycle will end and a new world will be born. The nature of that new world may well depend on our willingness and ability to begin thinking in a completely different way about our planet and ourselves.

December 21, 2012 is the End of a Cycle

A Commentary by Henry Reed On the Book

Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization's End

By Lawrence E. Joseph

What is the meaning of the Mayan's calendar ending on December 21, 2012? Prophecies surrounding that date have been causing much speculation. Separating the objective information from the mythical is not always easy.

Creativity & Depression

Creativity & Depression

An excerpt from the book, The Van Gogh Blues: A Creative Person's Path Through Depression

By Eric Maisel

Book Summary by Venerina Conti

Creative people are people who stand in relation to life in a particular way and see themselves as active meaning-makers rather than as passive folks with no stake in the world and no inner potential to realize.

To See the Unseen

A Report on a Remote Viewing Workshop

By Leena Rose Miller

For a remote viewing exercise, I contacted Edgar Mitchell and invited him to 'hold' a remote target for the group from his home, which he readily agreed to do. He chose his favorite piece of memorabilia from the Apollo mission – the hand controller or joy stick that he used to land the lunar module, attached to a wooden box and displayed in a case in Edgar's home office/study.


Internet News Link:

Afterlife Information at www.afterlife.info. Our Web site name says it all—here is a place to find information about death—the world that follows what we call "life."  For some, the interest is simply in ghost hunting. For others, there is a fascination with a more profound cosmic plan for each individual's future state. The site is the creation of David Pitkin, a numerologist and an Edgar Cayce cooperating psychic (google "field tested psychics"), who has a long background in ghost stories.
A.R.E. Launches Videos on YouTube. Now you can watch amazing and informative Edgar Cayce videos online, 24 hours a day, through the A.R.E.'s new page on YouTube.com. Since launching the Web page in September 2007, we have added over 25 video clips about the Edgar Cayce legacy. You can visit our page at http://youtube.com/user/edgarcaycetv today to see interviews with Edgar Evans Cayce, Charles Thomas Cayce, John Van Auken, and many more Cayce experts. Click "Subscribe" and you will automatically be notified when new videos are posted.
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