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December 08,   2008
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Intuitive Art: Sounding the Chakras
by Lynda Radice.

Intuitive Art

Check out these evocative portraits:
"My drawings are gifts received while honing my ability to see. I have drawn and painted since childhood and have little formal training in art"...

Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic
Experience by Harmon Bro.
Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience

Every human soul has psychic ability. Need, opportunity and intent must be in place before psychic phenomena occurs. So psychic ability has to be more than a kit of useful tools; it must include the awareness the way things are and a desire to work with the way things are.

A Hidden Order: Uncover Your Life's Design,
by Winter Robinson.
Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

A Hidden Order

This hidden order is quickly becoming a part of the world's spiritual revolution that will rid the world of fear, greed, and confusion and result in humankind developing harmony with the cosmos.

Reality: How it Works.
Unknown Author

Reality: How it Works

What we are now coming to suspect about the way reality works grants a perspective on our humanity which up till now would have seemed more mythic than real.

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