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December 08,   2008

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The Heart’s Code, by Paul Pearsall
Book Summary By Clayton Montez

The Heart’s Code

Heart’s Code illustrates revolutionary discoveries about the heart’s role in the scope of human healing and consciousness and that an application of the heart’s code will lead to better health, happiness and self-knowledge.

The Emotional Heart: The heart as an organ of perception and communication
By Stephen Harrod Buhner

The Emotional Heart

A chapter excerpt
The tendency for heart cells to entrain with one another, merely because of the proximity of their electromagnetic fields, extends to any electromagnetic field that comes into contact with them.

A Story of a Dream Quest
By Sandi Roberts

A Story of a Dream Quest

I am driving a car on a race track, going around and around. I decide I need to get to another part of the track and come to a merge area with cars coming out of one track getting on to the other. There is a line of cars and my lane is stopped just before the merge point. There is an opening that may accommodate my vehicle but I am reluctant to go through.

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