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December 08,   2008
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"How can I trust Spirit?"
by Paularyo.

How can I trust Spirit?

Doubting Spirit is part of the human search for truth. No human truths remain constant. Your truths evolve as your soul evolves. Allow it to be your truth in the moment.

Will the Real Edgar Cayce Please Stand Up?
by Kevin J. Todeschi

Edgar Cayce

Over the years so many individuals have contacted A.R.E. about being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce or about being in ongoing psychic communication with the soul of Edgar Cayce...

Living in the Lap of the Goddess:
The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America by Cynthia Eller
Book Summary by Linda Brown

Living in the Lap of the Goddess

Feminist spirituality is centered on the English-speaking world and can take place individually or through a loosely structured group, classes, or workshops. Much of it is done through the media; for example, mail order classes...

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