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December 08,   2008
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Awaken Your Awareness of Intuition
Nancy Pohle & Ellen Selover

Awaken Your Awareness of Intuition

The intuitive impressions we receive come to us in a variety of different ways.

'Soul Development: Edgar Cayce’s approach for a new world' by Kevin Todeschi
Book Summary by Lorrie Kazan

Soul Development

To the question of “who am I?” one might rightly ask, “whom do I declare myself to be, and by what standard am I willing to live?”

Future Memory By P.M.H. Atwater
Book summary by Clayton Montez

Future Memory

Future memory is one of many ways we tap into God and glimpse simultaneous-everywhere information.

Dreams Inspire Art
Elaine Langerman

Dreams Inspire Art

Dreams, like imagination, intuition and improvisation are a channel to the sacred dimension

Research on Dream Incubation
Henry Reed

Research on Dream Incubation

More studies show how creative innovations appear in dreams.

Hypnosis for Actor’s Studio

Hypnosis for Actor’s Studio

Entering the state of Hypnosis aids actors in their character roles.

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