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December 08,   2008
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Healing Dreams Exploring the Dreams That Can Transform Your Life
by Marc Ian Barasch
Book Summary by Linda Brown

Healing Dreams

A healing dream can be a spiritual turning point. It can bring new spiritual understanding and change in career and relationship.

Learn to Appreciate the Healing in Dreams

Learn to Appreciate

A commentary by Henry Reed on Barasch’s book, Healing Dreams
Healing dreams don’t come to make it all better, but to help us live the truth.


Invitation to a Dream Quest
by Henry Reed

Invitation to a Dream Quest

The "Dream Solutions!" process harnesses the power of dreams. It is the one dreamwork method that incorporates Edgar Cayce’s suggestion for how to learn to interpret dreams.

Dreaming for Peace
Rosemary Watts Dreyer

Dreaming for Peace

When a group of lucid dreamers explore prospects for peace, a new form of social activism results.

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