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Wayshower Training


Graduates of the Advanced Psychic Intensive Speak Out!

I genuinely believe that my participation in the Intuitive studies has given me an awareness of a connection to an energy source that is continuing to boost my life forces. I have had many years of floundering on my own before the advent of these Intuitive studies. They have assisted me greatly, in ways I cannot measure.

The first study (the Edgar Cayce Legacy conference) prepared us for the adventure. The second study, the Intuitive Imagination, was of tremendous value in touching on the many variety of means at our fingertips. The third, the Intensive, was not of any lesser value, as it utilized the knowledge we had been presented with in the first two sessions. The small grouping gave us a one-on-one close contact. We were able to hear others accomplishments, we were able to open up to possibilities and bond in ways that will remain in our hearts forever. Bob L Crook

Before I attended the intensive, I had not a clue that I had physic abilities. I was greatly astonished when I discovered that I could even do readings with a very high amount of accuracy. I cannot explain why, but I felt like I was never alone after this experience. Lani Smith
From interacting with and listening to other attendees I learned that each of us experiences psychic ability in different ways and some of us are more conscious of how we experience it than others. Also, there is no right or wrong way to experience psychic ability. I found the techniques for obtaining additional information very useful. The task of doing a "blind" reading for an unknown A.R.E. staff member was by far the most amazing experience for me. I was truly surprised at my accuracy and at the wonderful feeling of being able to help another with such little effort. Before I went, I felt that I was going to be the only one there who really didn't belong as I did not and do not want to be a "Psychic" but do want to continue to use my intuition/psychic ability to help make my life run smoother and to help me realize my dreams and goals and simply help make the world a better place. It was very reassuring and comforting to get there and discover that nearly everybody else was there for similar reasons!

One very important that I have discovered since the conference is the importance of "keeping your balance" so that you can rely on your instincts, stay healthy and make your life work. Katriona McElligott

The Psychic Intensive is an experiential workshop like no other. It helped me to more deeply explore my psychic and spiritual realities. Not only that, it was fun! I would urge everyone interested in furthering, and understanding, their psychic ability to take advantage of this unique workshop. Stevie Cody
As an individual dedicated to personal and spiritual change, I found all three conferences pivotal to my recognition of my own intuitive abilities. I consider this series the best offered anywhere in psychic development. The intensive was the "jewel in the crown," of the series of three, small enough to connect, both with the teachers and the other members of the class. The pacing was perfect, and even thought I felt I was going out on a limb at times with the exercises, I always felt safe in doing so and amazed and validated by the results.
As one who has attended Edgar Cayce conferences since 1985. the "Wayshower' conferences led by Henry Reed and Carol Ann are the best the Edgar Cayce Center has to offer in regards to personal growth and spiritual awareness and I have recommended them to many of my friends and clients. As an added bonus, being a part of the Wayshower group has truly enriched my life. Irene Spangler

The Psychic Intensive gave me confidence in my intuitiveness. But more importantly, the entire conference series gave me a means to interpret the Universe’s messages. In 1998, when I started the conferences, I had just finished the first draft of my first novel, Façades. Although I knew this book was part of my soul’s purpose, I was at an impasse. By applying some of the techniques I had learned from these valuable conferences, I started getting meaningful messages, and because of that I quickly finished the novel, found a publisher and became published.

Before the conferences, I never believed that writing anything other than Façades was part of my soul’s journey. Since then, the Universe has told me otherwise, and without the tools I learned from these conferences, I may have never understood that. Today, my second novel has been released and my third is completed. I often wonder if I would be a published author today—knowing I’m fulfilling one of my soul’s purposes—if I hadn’t been introduced to this valuable, life-altering experience. Alex Marcoux, Author of Back to Salem and Façades

The Intensive was a fantastic learning experience for me. But, most importantly, I gained two valuables: TRUST and CONFIDENCE! I learned to trust my intuitive instead of listening to the "buts", and that came from the feed-back from all the exercises. Doing a reading for the first time was a nail-biter for me, but each exercise brought me more confidence as I learned how to discern and interpret the messages I received. It was a totally empowering and exhilarating week! Linda Slaughter
The Psychic Intensive was a valuable experience for me. It was especially useful to hear how other people use their psychic ability and to see how they exhibit it. The variety of techniques presented allows participants to find one that works best for them. The program greatly enhanced my awareness of the synchronistic events in my life and was a great confidence builder. Carole Ann and Henry are excellent presenters and have a unique way of making each participant believe they can accomplish the goals of the program. It was truly a spiritually uplifting experience. Arlene Skipper
The gifts received from Psychic Intensive Workshop
  • In put from group, Carol Ann and Henry was valuable. Carol gave each of us a reading to let us know what our strengths and skills were that had already been developed, and could be developed to a higher degree with practice.

  • Gained valuable wisdom and knowledge from the one on one training from Carol Ann and Henry. They make the training of the intuitive skills so easy. With there many years of experience, patience and dedication, they have become experts and Master teachers of the intuitive training.

  • Gained confidence in trusting my inner voice and feelings when asking higher self for guidance.

  • The course enhanced and integrated the skills learned from the two prior Intuitive classes.

  • I gained confidence, learned to focus, trust, let go, tune in and allow the information from my higher self to be expressed on paper or verbally.

  • As with any skill, I learned it must be practiced on a regular basis to become fully developed. As with any gift, practice, intention and trust in self, you allow your intuition to open to higher guidance from the higher realms of consciousness. This is an ongoing process which continually grows. To become an expert at any skill takes effort.

  • I use intuition to gain answers to questions for myself and others. I use it for healing of myself and others. It can be used to understand and express your purpose for being and to know the God self. When I allow me to know myself, I know another.

  • I have used the knowledge from the course to manifest the income to allow me to stay home and develop my skills in many areas and know myself. I learned that allowing the higher inner self to manifest externally in the physical world, I am more joyful, loving and willing to serve God.

  • When at the Intensive conference, we each took a piece of jewelry from a bowl to do a reading for an individual we had not met. This is called “Psychometry”. I will call this individual the “Client”. We set our intention to do a reading for this “Client” that would be beneficial and helpful in their lives. This was to be recorded verbally on tape and played for the “Client” that evening. This allowed the “Client” to give feedback and ask questions on the information we had received from our higher self, or “Collective Conscious”. In the evening we were asked to identify our “Client” when from the group of “Clients” in the room. My “Client” arrived late and I automatically identified her when Carol Ann asked me if I knew which “Client” I was doing the reading.

  • You do intensive work within self which opens your higher awareness to allow you to tune into others.

  • I gained like minded life long friends that I would trust with my life and deepest secrets.

  • I have used the skills to help friends and family. I project healing to others and have taught my grandchildren that they can do anything they can imagine. Zachary, my grandson that is 10 can move things with his mind. Nicole talks to other realms and is in an advanced program for gifted children. Nicole is in the 2nd grade, 8 (eight) years old and doing 6th grade work. Her teachers are amazed at her abilities. Teri , Nicole’s younger sister is in first grade, 6 (six) years old, straight A student and great communicator. She told me she routinely changes the channel in her dreams if she does not like the dream she is given. I told her I rewind mine and change the outcome, but she said that took too much time and so she changes the channel. This is just some of the skills I learned from the Psychic Intensive. It is so nice to share these skills with the young. Each of my 10 grandchildren are eager learners and love developing their skills. Being allowed to use their intuition makes the learning easier and their belief in their abilities has grown.

  • I have learned to live more consciously everyday. Marjorie Nevins

I think I have to start with my initial reason for deciding to attend the intensive. Participating in the intuition conferences that Henry Reed and Carol Ann facilitated at the ARE were very difficult experiences for me. Finding out that I could do "those things" meant that I was a much different person than I thought I was. It meant that the entire world had changed, for my perception of the world around me had been forever altered. I felt alone, finding no one who shared my experience of having such a difficult reality shift.

My purpose in attending the "Psychic Intensive" was therefore to be in a position to return to the intuition conferences, to look for "lost souls" having the same difficulties in adjustment that I had experienced. I was later able to do so with a number of conferees in my role as a Wayshower.

Though this was the primary benefit to my attending the intensive, there have been others as well. One of the significant benefits to me resulted from the psychometry reading exercise. By being far more successful at this than I could ever have imagined, I could no longer harbor doubts about having psychic abilities. This erasure of lingering doubts has allowed me to fully trust my intuition in my job and in my personal life, leading to better decisions and better results.

At work I now spend less time on activities which ultimately prove to be unneccessary, freeing me up to do things that I intuitively know will be useful. In my personal life I augment my counseling training with my intuition to help friends and family members to address personal issues. Trusting my intuition is also a crucial tool in the work I have recently begun as a certified hypnotherapist.

Aother benefit of the intensive was in my becoming better acquainted with other people who share many of the same alternative life interests and experiences that I do. Communicating with people about mystical experiences helps me to better understand life and myself. It's wonderful to find that I'm not as alone as I once thought I was, having spent most of my life being different from those around me.

This is what comes to mind for me. I hope you are doing well. Gordon Degear

The workshops are fun, psychically stimulating, often had flash of insights, the people in workshop are very interesting and supportive. I often miss that space when I go back home to the normal schedule. Roger Chan
In my opinion, the Psychic Development Courses without the Psychic Intensive would be like the Great Pryamid without the Capstone, which, as Edgar Cayce told us, was the reason it was called "The Light." It was during the Psychic Intensive that I finally came to accept that I truely had Psychic ablilty. Not to mention the learning and information that I received by being in close proximty to Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed. Spending a week in their energy and being instructed by them in a small group setting is more intense and enlightening then both of the other two courses combined. Plus, the Intensive is the logical conclusion to the first two courses. Practically, from a monetary point of view, the Intensive gives the attendees of the first two courses something to desire to attain, and is often a motivating factor in attendees return for the second of the Psychic Development Courses.
I gained from attending the Psychic Intensive many different things. I learned that I was truely Psychic. My ability to visualize and perceive through my third eye was activated and I could actually feel my third eye at work. One of my conferees exposed me to Reiki for the first time, and I gained many insights into the Intuitive process. I gained information into recognizing how to rely on my feelings, what level of emphasis to place on certain intuitive reactions. Mostly, however, it was the feeling of accomplishment and success within the framework of the three classes in totality which was the overriding gain for me. This feeling would have been seriously diminished for me had the Intensive not taken place. The lack of an Intensive will diminish the value of both of the first two courses. Completing the Psychic Intensive and becoming a Wayshower was the absolute highest acheivement in my life up to that point in my life. Jack Elinsky

Whenever I ask my students to comment on a class, I always ask, “How are they different now then they were before the class?” An answer to that question about the Psychic Intensive will help focus my comments on the experience.

Before the intensive I was uncertain of my intuitive abilities, even skeptical that such abilities existed. I had little faith in the universe or it’s commitment to me as a person. As a child of the scientific era, I had been taught to place my trust in concrete, measurable evidence. Yet, something in me yearned for another type of experience. I suspected that my five senses did not provide me with all the information that I needed. I had already come to believe that I was more than just my physical body. I had already experienced the other two workshops that you and Carolanne had led and found I had some intuitive power.

I also discovered that all humans possess the full range of human possibilities. It’s those we choose to amplify that determine who we are. The Psychic Intensive helped me to amplify my intuitive abilities, which in turn helped me increase my creativity in all areas of my life. It also confirmed my belief that there are forces beyond those we can measure scientifically and these forces are very powerful.

There were many things I loved about the Psychic Intensive. Those that stand out most in my mind are the camaraderie and the experiential nature of the presentation. Because the number of participants is limited, the opportunity to get to know people on an intimate level is available. Also, Henry and Carolanne didn’t just talk about expanding your intuitive abilities, you lead us through exercises where we actually use those abilities. I never considered myself to be psychic, but I found myself able to “read” people during the intensive.

I’ve continued to use this ability in my personal and professional life. As a teacher and guidance counselor, I use my intuitive abilities to read my students before I meet with them. This allows me to help them by understanding who they are ahead of time. For example, I did a reading on one young man and felt that he was a very sensitive, loving kid with the ability to heal with his hands. When I talked to him about doing better in school, I asked him if this was true. He confirmed my ideas and admitted that he found it difficult to appreciate this aspect of himself as the other boys in the class teased him and called him “gay,” a difficult label for any child to carry. I assured him that when he became interested in girls, his sensitive nature would make him very successful in that area.

Anyway, the point of this is to say that increasing one’s intuitive abilities can be useful in a variety of ways. One of the most beneficial uses is to be able to use it to discover new ways to use it. In other words, the more intuitive one becomes, the more creative one gets in finding ways to apply it to one’s life.

I hope you find some of these musings helpful. I did lead a workshop in helping teachers increase there intuition and I’m going to do part two of that workshop this coming November because the people want more. I think once people have experience in intuitive training, they no longer need to be sold on the idea. They naturally hunger for more. The problem is, unless you have that experience, you have no idea what you are missing. It’s kind of like someone who hasn’t eaten their favorite food yet. Before they try it, they could care less about it. Once they’ve tasted it, they can’t get enough.

Good luck with your work and thank you so much for being brave enough to provide us with these wonderful workshops. You have increased the quality of my life immeasurably. Lynn Krahling

After taking the Psychic Intensive class, I have been able to participate in a greater awareness of my life. My intuitive nature has expanded permitting me to help and understand others as well as myself. The class also gave me a realization of the peace and love that lies within me making my life more happy and content. Participating in the Psychic Intensive class changed me in more ways than I can express, some subtle and others more profound. Renee Avanvelzer
I attended several psychic courses at the Edgar Cayce Center, but the Psychic Intensive was the most beneficial. I have never considered myself psychic and I was very nervous about the Intensive when it came to giving a reading for someone I had never seen simply by holding a bracelet. I was amazed and quite proud of myself to have gotten a couple of past lives on the owner of the bracelet. I think the thing the Intensive helped me with the most was to just accept the thoughts and images that come and stop judging them to be nonsense. That may not seem like a big hurdle for some people, but it was a major one for me to overcome. The Intensive opened a door for me that had always seemed closed. In addition to this, being with Carole Ann Liaros and Henry Reed was a lot of fun. Jerry Paul
The Edgar Cayce Psychic Intensive was a tremendous opportunity for me, to whom intuition is more than a curiosity. I was reunited with intuition, a gift of Spirit, at the A.R.E. during the Spring and Fall Intuition Conferences. I realized that there is much more to this gift than what I learned during those two weeks under Henry and Carol Ann's tutelage. My appetite was whetted and the Intensive was the perfect forum to hone and learn new techniques, to acquire a new understanding of the intuitive process and just as importantly, to forge even stronger bonds with others who share the desire to use the gifts given by our Creator to be of service to others as well as to help myself. The Intensive gave me a "one on one" setting in which I had Henry and Carol Ann's undivided attention where I was able to ask questions and recount my individual experiences which helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in using intuition. The Intensive was the perfect way to continue the learning process begun at the Spring and Fall Conferences. Barry Keener
The psychic intensive workshop provided just what I needed to gain confidence in my intuitive abilities and to apply them in practical ways. The small class was most helpful in giving me the individual feedback so important to polishing the skills gained in the other intuition workshops. The workshop's opportunities for hands on, interactive practice were invaluable. Pat Suarez
What made the Psychic Intnesive valuable for me:

It gave me the opportunity to completely focus on my psychic abilities in an environment of total support and understanding. I came home with more tools to continue my development and the confidence to use them and share them with others. Now I am in frequent contact with friends across the country, whom I met at the intensive, who share these interests.

Since the intensive I've used my psychic skills in business, in
finances, for family and personal matters and as an integral part of my creativity. Opening more fully to these aspects of myself has deepened my connection with the divine and those around me.

In short, I believe that my psychic abilities are more fully integrated with the rest of me and my life. The training is all about making connections, connections with ones' self, our own abilities, our humanity; connections with our fellow beings - friends and antagonists; connections with the divine. Besides, it's fun! Marion Bond

It has been more than 10 years since I first took the psychic intensive course at the Edgar Cayce Center. Every since I have continued to attend the courses given as a refresher course on almost a yearly basis. Each year the course provides new knowledge for participants. The intensive course provided good solid information and important exercises for grounding and securing the vast amount of information provided in the first two courses. It provided creative opportunities for us to use our intuitive gifts in practical everyday life. The physic intensive course reaffirms the prior knowledge learned and allows for the building of a more sophisticated structure in the use of intuition. It certainly helps in opening up our hearts and minds to the great spiritual capacities which Edgar Cayce said were the rightful inheritance of all mankind. I have found the tools and knowledge I gained in the intensive course to be of invaluable use in both my personal and business life. To this day, I return to the ARE to meet old friends and assist in mentoring new ones who are also seeking the inner spiritual path to God. The psychic intensive course is very valuable indeed. Phyllis Pricer
The Psychic Intensive course was very special for me as it put all the pieces together. In the Legacy of Edgar Cayce course it gets one thinking that, "yes, I do have psychic abilities" and I have some idea now as how to really start using them. Then in the Intuitive Imagination course I not only got some more psychic knowledge, but I found that I can have fun with it and explore with it. Then I took the Psychic Intensive course and it was so interesting!! I had to give a psychic reading to a complete stranger and tho' it was a bit nerve wrecking, when I finished and got the feedback from the person I read for, it was totally amazing. The course helps build your confidence in yourself and really helps one to be able to go out in the public and feel comfortable with giving readings. That is just an example of what I learnt, as there was so much more to the course. I will never regret taking it and hope the Cayce Center will always continue to offer it. Dorothy Green

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