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January 16, 2008
The Intuitive-Connections Network

Precognitive Dreams and Investments

By Walt Stover

An account of an ongoing project to use dreams for guiding stock market investments.

Dreaming the Future

By Suz Andreasen

Digest by Walt Stover

A guidebook to dream work that focuses on precognitive dreaming.

Healing From Within: A Dream Quest Experience

By Jinna van Vliet

I had reached an impasse in my life and needed the guidance from my dreams to help me deal with long buried issues.

Confessions of a Dream Quest Veteran

By Noreen Wessling

How one person using the Dream Quest model developed her creativity.

Healing From Within A Dream Quest Experience

By Joan Gravallese

The time was ripe, once again, to seek guidance from the invisible self-the self that is revealed when the conscious mind is laid aside in sleep.

No Need to Go Outside for Better Seeing

By Margaret Dwyer, Ph.D.

A Dream Quest Experience
Explore Spiritual Realities

By Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Atlantic University offers free online "Mini-Courses" on spiritual domains.

"Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness"

Edgar Cayce’s ESP

By Kevin Todeschi

A book digest by Debbi Leighton

Many interesting stories reveal new light on how Edgar Cayce’s psychic abilities operated in his life.

The Committee of Sleep

By Desidre Barrett

A book summary by Walt Stover

For thousands of years, people have used dreams as an intuitive avenue to success in their lives.

Channeling Your Higher Self

By Henry Reed

Book Summary by Rachel Creager

Edgar Cayce popularized the word, "channel," to mean bringing forth, and had a unique "mega-vision" of the many ways in which we can bring forth blessings from Spirit.

Research on Dream Incubation

By Henry Reed

More studies show how creative innovations appear in dreams.

Dreams Inspire Art

By Elaine Langerman

Dreams, like imagination, intuition and improvisation are a channel to the sacred dimension

Global Dreams

By Ariadne Green

Dreamers from around the world have submitted dreams to a global dreaming project called Dream Gatherers.

Finding Your Mission in Life is a Mission in Intuition Development

By Henry Reed

Do you remember where you were when the thought first occurred to you, "I wonder if my life has a special purpose?"

Dreams are Letters from the Soul

By Connie Kaplan

Book Summary by VerDella Denwiddie

Once we learn to witness and honor the meaning of our dream space, we realize that we are not just pupils in this school of life, we also teach there, and create there; and, we literally save the planet there.

A guided tour of dreamwork on the Internet

By Yoshit Rastogi

If you’d like to take a brief course on dreamwork, here are some websites to visit.

The Secret Spiritual Life of Children

By Tobin Hart

Book Summary by VerDella Denwiddie

Grown men may learn from very little children, for the hearts of little children are pure, and, therefore, the Great Spirit may show them many things which older people miss.

Healing Dreams Exploring the Dreams That Can Transform Your Life

By Marc Ian Barasch

Book Summary by Linda Brown

A healing dream can be a spiritual turning point. It can bring new spiritual understanding and change in career and relationship.

Learn to Appreciate the Healing in Dreams

A commentary by Henry Reed on Barasch’s book

Healing Dreams
Healing dreams don’t come to make it all better, but to help us live the truth.

Invitation to a Dream Quest

By Henry Reed

The "Dream Solutions!" process harnesses the power of dreams. It is the one dreamwork method that incorporates Edgar Cayce’s suggestion for how to learn to interpret dreams.

Dreaming for Peace

By Rosemary Watts Dreyer

When a group of lucid dreamers explore prospects for peace, a new form of social activism results.

Scientist’s Spiritual Experiences: An Archive of Stories

By Charles Tart, Ph.D.

Sometimes scientists have spiritual or psychic experiences that affect their work. Professor Tart has collects such stories for a special web archive. You can read all about it here, plus read one of the more recent stories, about a scientist who, as a teenager, dreamed of a dead friend.

A Besdide Guide to Dreams

By Stase Michaels

Book Summary by VirDella Denwiddie

A brief look briefly at the 27 types of dreams that Michaels documents in the book. For each category, Michaels provides descriptions of dream types in that category, followed by "live" examples of dreams and analyses. Afterwards, she summarizes each type by recapturing the identifying features, to make it easier for the dreamer to sort, label and understand his or her dream content.

The Art of Dream Realization

By Henry Reed

A Chapter from his new book: Dream Medicine
Drawing a dream is a great way to discover your own intuitive understanding of a dream.

How Memories and Dreams can Help us to Transform our Lives

By Andrea Flew

I offered a friend who was going through a period of transition, an opportunity to practice developing intuition for guidance by engaging with memories and dreams to reflect and analyze guidance contained in their stories. I found the whole experience to be affirming of my potential to contribute to opportunities for the transformational process to progress. I felt I grew in confidence within myself to apply my skills in service with another. I became aware of skills and insights within that I am capable of practically applying to daily life and living that can serve my own and others’ conscious awareness, growth in spirit and confidence to serve others.

A Story of a Dream Quest

By Sandi Roberts

I am driving a car on a race track, going around and around. I decide I need to get to another part of the track and come to a merge area with cars coming out of one track getting on to the other. There is a line of cars and my lane is stopped just before the merge point. There is an opening that may accommodate my vehicle but I am reluctant to go through. However, if I don’t go now, it will be difficult to make the crossover with the other cars coming out. I creep up to the merge point and eventually get through and then there is a clear and open track

Story of a Dream Quest

By Debbie Bailey

At the beginning of the dream quest program, I was concerned about the way in which I make decisions. I felt that most of my decisions were based on past patterns instead of free will. This concerned me so I focused on decision making as I began recording my first week’s dreams.

Dream Quest: Trust in Yourself. Let God Do The Rest

By Joanne Lattiak

So it was, having tried everything I could think of over the years to break free of the fear that was holding me back, I came to the Dream Quest hoping for new insights. I also came with a hefty skepticismdoubtful this would give me that long sought-after key to freedoms door.

The Art of Remembering and Interpreting Dreams

By Judith Orloff, M.D.

Whatever I am doing, I always hear my dreams echoing in a distant underground chamber beneath my thoughts and feelings, attuned to the rhythms of my body and the very substance of the earth. They are my compass and my truth; they guide me and link me to the Divine. They call out to me in an intimate whisper, always knowing how to find me. They speak my real name.

The Nine Powers of Dreaming

By Robert Moss

An excerpt from:
The Three "Only" Things
Have you ever said, "it's only a dream"? While we often dismiss dreams, or fail to make room for them in the hurry of our daily lives, dreams can be a fabulous source of guidance, healing and juice for any day. Dreams offer us nine tremendous gifts.

Leaving Old Ways at Ease: A Story of a Dream Quest

By Drude Clark

The Dream Quest guidebook says, "whatever question or problem you choose to work on it will reflect something about you and how you are responding to your life situation... Dreams do their best, it is assumed here, when you are doing your best, in your conscious life, to work on your problem yourself." I will have to handle my own baggage.

Shoe Dreams on My Dream Quest Path: A Report on a Dream Quest

By L.S. King

One might think the focus of my dream quest was all about my dilemma of which kind of hiking boot I should buy for a recent backpacking trip. Should I go with a cloth-based shoe that dries fast or a Gore-Tex lined boot that keeps the feet dry? But this was never really a dilemma. I knew I wanted the latter, even if the shoe salesman did not want to sell me a pair. The focus of my dream quest was a little deeper than the qualms of my shoe issues.

Better than the Movies: My Dream Quest

by G. Scott Albright


The premise of the book is simple: if you will take the time to look at your dreams and apply dream insight—through a series of fully explained exercises—that effort will result in additional dreams that will steer you closer to a goal that you set for yourself. And even if you don’t have a goal or are unsure of what goal you might set, that is not an obstacle to beginning this process.


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