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June 29, 2007
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Psychic Detective

The Psychic Paradigm

By Beverly Jaegers

Digest By Lorrie Kazan

A text on psychic development by the original psychic detective and founder of U.S. Psi Squad.

Interview with a Psychic Detective

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Beverly Jaegers, founder of U.S. Psi Squad, reveals some secrets of solving police cases with remote viewing.

Controlled Remote Viewing: A little known bit of history

Lyn Buchanan

Controlled Remote Viewing is a discipline devised by Ingo Swann, PhD, while working on a government contract with Stanford Research Institute to look into the science behind intuitional performance in general, and "psychic spying" in particular.

ESP and Secrets ByHenry Reed

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Does our need for personal secrets affect our feelings about ESP?
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