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February 26,   2010

Guide to Web Links


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The Internet has many web sites that provide opportunities for intuition training. They include, not just pep talks and hints, but real-time, interactive on-line training.

Anomalous Cognition

The University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Psychology has a website devoted to student research projects.You can download a program to run ESP tests on your computer.

Premonitions Registry

This email list group,


was set up by the Intuition Network shortly after the 911 disaster. People are encouraged to post their premonitions.

Intuition in Service

Help in the awakening of the intuition, and highlight its role in the creation of a better world. Promote human unity and right relationships by encouraging individuals and groups to support the United Nations Days and Years through meditation and prayer...

U.S. Psi Squad

Combine Remote Viewing with Psychic Detective work in a group format and what do you get? The U.S. Psi Squad. Founded by Beverly Jaeger, the squad is a group of individuals who have developed a specialized skill through training.

Intuition Network

The Intuition Network is the premiere intuition organization. Founded by Westin Agor, of the University of Texas, and then adopted by Jeffrey Mishlove, the Intuition Network has organized conferences and otherwise worked hard to network intuition-minded people and promote intuition.

Seekers Circle

Karyn Greenstreet's Seeker's Circle™ website is a one-stop educational center for intuition development and personal growth. Karyn has the advantage of being a professional in two worlds: computerized education and intuition development.

Controlled Remote Viewing

The Controlled Remote Viewing web site combines both a public service educational section on the topic of remote viewing and the professional services offered by the sponsoring agency, Problems–Solutions–Innovations. Founded and directed by Lyn Buchanan, one of the pioneers in remote viewing.

Precognitive Stock Market Dreams

Precognitive dreaming is a highly exciting experience. Through this intuitive portal we catch glimpses of future events including stock market activity. Properly understood and applied, such dreams can result in greatly enhanced prosperity and abundance.

The Amazing Azra

By Azra Simonetti

When a person turns within, there are no limits to the sparks of creativity.

Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

By David Myers

Has anyone ever told you that "you are amazing"? Well, you are.

Intuition: Core Competence for the New Millenium

By Arupa Tesolin

Next time you’re out driving take a look around, at the businesses, the shops, the homes, transport, signs, and people, and wonder “How else could this have looked?”

Featured Web Site: PenWing (aka the Pendulum Newsletter)

Here’s a web site nominated by one of our e-readers. We welcome your nomination of an inspirational web site related to intuition development.



Tensegrity is the modernized version of some movements called magical passes developed by Indian shamans who lived in Mexico in times prior to the Spanish Conquest.

Public Parapsychology: Review of Remote Viewing. The most recent update to this useful website is a "Theoretical Investigation of the State of the Art."

2012 Future Consciousness: The website for "Envisioning 2012 and Beyond: A School for Prophets" contains an annotated set of links to information concering 2012 and related subjects.

A new website is born: www.SpiritJournalHawaii.com Words are magic. They can be used to awaken as well as instruct. The inquiring mind can reason only that which the heart has prepared it to do. Spirit Journal Hawaii is a monthly newsletter designed to awaken, to inform and ultimately to enlighten. A new issue will be posted on the fifth day of each month. Simply log in any time and past issues will be archived and available to read at any time.

December 21, 2012 Information

A great website with lots of information about the Mayan Calendar. Covers many different disciplines of study.

Mayan Majix

A great website with lots of information about the Mayan Calendar. You can obtain a Mayan horoscope based upon your birthday in the Mayan Calendar

Hear Edgar Cayce Give a Reading

Kevin Todeschi writes: Great news! We have taken the only known recording of Edgar Cayce giving a reading and were able to transfer a few minutes of it into a digital audio format for all to hear. Copy the following URL into your Web browser to hear Edgar Cayce's voice giving a health reading in 1934: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oeQ6qcZVs5E

This reading was recorded in New York City by phonograph. While visiting our YouTube page, be sure to check out newly added videos, like our original presentation of John Van Auken discussing how the events of 2012 will affect us today and in the future. And please consider passing our links on to a friend. Our videos on YouTube are a great way to introduce people to the work of Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E.

JB Rhine Research Center Newsletter

They've just come out with a new newsletter, Consciousness Today. It gives links to new archived material.

Public Parapsychology

A web-blog site that gives news about events in the field of ESP research..

Consciousness and Healing   The Institute for Noetic Sciences has published a new book, Consciousness and Healing. Follow the link and you can read bonus chapters from the book and view video clips.

Reality Sandwich   Started by Daniel Pinchbeck, author of The Return of Quetzalcoatl, this web site is a collection of ongoing blogs and writings concerning all aspects of the emerging changes in reality.


Edgar Cayce Health Database

The Edgar Cayce database is a wonderful "ENCYCLOPEDIA" of health information. As an indication of Cayce's interest in providing help to persons suffering physical ailments, over 8,000 of Cayce's 14,306 readings were given for individuals suffering from various ailments.


HeartCore Ezine:"Helping you learn to trust your heart."

This is a beautiful website, with much information and a free newsletter that is worth receiving.


The 101 most useful websites

Here’s a good article on the most useful websites.


Sacred Geometry The Architecture of the universe

This is a beautiful website, with much to share about sacred geometry and the author’s mandalas.



Your Spiritual Revolution:

Each month this site puts out a new "webazine" on topics related to spirituality.



Interpret A Dream: Atlantic University graduate Stase Michaels, author of the best selling Bedside Book of Dreams, has a great website on dream interpretation.


Afterlife Information at www.afterlife.info. Our Web site name says it all—here is a place to find information about death—the world that follows what we call "life."  For some, the interest is simply in ghost hunting. For others, there is a fascination with a more profound cosmic plan for each individual's future state. The site is the creation of David Pitkin, a numerologist and an Edgar Cayce cooperating psychic (google "field tested psychics"), who has a long background in ghost stories.

 A.R.E. Launches Videos on YouTube. Now you can watch amazing and informative Edgar Cayce videos online, 24 hours a day, through the A.R.E.'s new page on YouTube.com. Since launching the Web page in September 2007, we have added over 25 video clips about the Edgar Cayce legacy. You can visit our page at http://youtube.com/user/edgarcaycetv today to see interviews with Edgar Evans Cayce, Charles Thomas Cayce, John Van Auken, and many more Cayce experts. Click "Subscribe" and you will automatically be notified when new videos are posted.

Your Spiritual Revolution: An International eMagazine for Your Holistic Transformation.

A new website devoted to questions such as: Religion or Spiritualism? Faith or Science? What is Enlightenment? Is Immortality possible? What will happen in 2012? Who am I? Who is God? Where is God? What is the purpose of this universe? What is the purpose of my life? Can I speak to God? What is law of karma? What is astral travel? What is meditation? What is aura? What is spiritual evolution? See http://yourspiritualrevolution.org/

I love my psychic!

Lorrie Kazan, a regular contributor to our webazine, has a new website that offers many opportunities.

Go see http://www.lorriekazan.com/

The Intuition Center ( http://intuitioncenter.com/ ) puts out a regular newsletter. They write, "As a guest at the Intuition Center, you have access to a vast array of FREE information. We share our expertise in everything from articles we have authored to suggestions for books we have read that we think you would enjoy. Our ebooks, courses and conference calls are reasonably priced ways to learn about intuition."

  • The Society for Spirituality, Theology and Health is a good resource for research news in this field. They also put out a newsletter.

  • Lynn A. Robinson is a well-received intuition trainer, whose latest book is Trust Your Gut She distributes monthly a very informative newsletter.

  • Analyze Dreams:

    Explore many subjects in the fascinating field of dream interpretation, enjoying the many online articles at the British site, "Analyse Dreams" Dreams and their meaning are explained for many types of dreams, dream themes, and common dreams. They also offer a monthly newsletter.

    Online Dreamwork Training Becomes Available

    You can now find on You Tube instructional material on dreamwork.


    Judith Orloff, M.D. has some video chats on dreamwork, which you can find at www.youtube.com/judithorloffmd


    Henry Reed, Ph.D. has posted individually his workout exercises from his unique video, Dream Interpretation Workouts. There are seven in all (the first one is in two parts). Each video leads you through a different dream interpretation workout.


    Workout #1 (part 1) | Workout #1 (part 2) | Workout #2 | Workout #3 | Workout #4 | Workout #5 | Workout #6 | Workout #7

    Free Books online: Check out the new website, which contains many metaphysical books, full text, for free downloading.

    ESP-it's beyond the matter of believing. It is now part of our culture war. See the fun animation, Psi Wars at:    www.psiwars.org

    Intuitive Watercolorist Linda van den Boogert, in the Netherlands, discovers herself as she discovers the wonders of painting. The watercolors are worth looking at as well her story.    Go HERE!

    Themis Institute (www.themisonline.org/index.html ) is an interesting and informative website. It is devoted to altered states of consciousness, however obtained, and provides help to those who may need support in navigating this large domain within.

    The Intuition Network has posted a new video describing the activities of the network. The site has archived a considerable amount of information on intuition.

    Intuitive Way

    A great website with information about intuition in everyday life.

    University of the Divine Sacred Heart

    University of the Divine Sacred Heart is a Mystery School based on the Gnostic and Esoteric Sciences, and the practices of the Ancient Mystery Schools such as those found in the great Pyramids of Egypt, at Machu Picchu in Peru, within the mystical Celtic traditions and the Essene community in which Jeshua studied. Born and raised in the Andes mountains of Peru, and currently residing in the ancient city of Cusco, Peru Willaru Huayta is the University�s primary teacher.

    Writing the Wave. Alex Marcoux, an Edgar Cayce Wayshower and mystery writer, has created a new blog on writing from Spirit.

    Your Spiritual Revolution: Each month this site puts out a new "webazine" on topics related to spirituality.

    Interpret A Dream: Atlantic University graduate Stase Michaels, author of the best selling Bedside Book of Dreams, has a great website on dream interpretation.

    Evaluating Channeled Guidance:

    ECIIS offers links to recent intuitive information channeled by various folks on the internet. As part of our offering, read Henry Reed's essay on how to evaluate channeled guidance, by clicking here!

    Connecting with Yeshua-ben-Joseph is the latest Goddess Channeling from Shelly Dressel, of Roswell, Georgia. The message brings us together and identifies us all as ONE. To read this story, click here!

    Deepening the Experiences of the Body is a nice video outake of a channeled message through Veronica Torres from The Eloheim.
    Scroll down to mid page to find the video clip and message here

    Spiritual Purpose Clarified is a very nice message from Deep Trance Channeler Lin David Martin. While it was first given in 1996, the message remains timely.
    To read this story, click here!

    Dream Jump Start Kit   Marcia Wieder, CEO and founder of Dream University, offers on her site 10 free books on dreaming.

    The Purpose of Your Life: Carol Adrienne has an extensive website on matters relating to your living your purpose driven life.

    Master Lao Tse speaks of the human Awakening. We are more than we perceive ourselves to be.
    Master Lao Tse comes to us from a German School called Kryonschool of the New Consciousness.

    Mother Mary shares her Love for us, on our journey back to ourselves.
    Mother Mary is channeled by Susan Sanderford, of the Casa De Santa Maria, in Colorado.

    The Arch Angel Uriel heals. Uriel is trying to teach us Wholeness.
    Uriel is channeled by Jennifer Hoffman, who lives in the United States.

    How to Choose a Massage Therapist   Carol Baraff, writer for Virginia Beach's Heritage Store, explains what to look for in choosing a massage therapist.

    The Transformation Network   Have you ever asked yourself how you can be more of the you you are meant to be? Then check out this new site.

    Community Ascension. The Hathors, channeled by Tom Kenyon, share with us the experiences of ascending as a group. This message speaks to the, very natural, desire to bring all our friends into the next world and why that may not work out, quite like we might expect it to.
    Link to the message at: http://tomkenyon.com/who-are-the-hathors

    The LEAP into the Great Forgetting. The Star Elders, channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, explain to us
    exactly what we need to do, in order to enter the promised, new and improved era.
    Link to the message at: http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/2009june.html

    The Process Has Begun. Amuria speaks for the Arcturians and the Galactic Confederation, channeled by Dr. Suzan Carrol, and send us greetings and unconditional love. This is a wonderful reminder of the path to Ascension and the manner in which to walk it.
    Link to the message at: http://lightworkers.org/channeling/80081/the-process-has-begun

    Consciousness and Healing  

    The Institute for Noetic Sciences has published a new book, Consciousness and Healing. Follow the link and you can read bonus chapters from the book and view video clips.

    Reality Sandwich  

    Started by Daniel Pinchbeck, author of The Return of Quetzalcoatl, this web site is a collection of ongoing blogs and writings concerning all aspects of the emerging changes in reality.

    Gods and Goddess in Love and Action.

    Mother Mary, channeled by Elizabeth Brewer, tells us of the Great Love we are capable of extending. Elizabeth channels various Angels and God-loving presences and this page is worth exploring further.

    My Mother's Love.

    Mother Mary, channeled by Susan Sanderford, tells us of her unflinching love for us.

    Wake Up to the Fact that Every One of your Choices is Divine.

    Mother Mary, as channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, has her say, once more, on how we shape our lives and that of the world.

    What is "prophecy"? There seems to be little to separate and differentiate between channeled messages and prophecies. Read more by clicking here.

    The Bible on psychics and prophets. From Jesus to many of the Popes and heads of the Church, we can read some of the predictions of the future from books of the Bible by clicking here.

    Hopi Prophecies. To read a very nice collection of the Hopi Prophecies and what they might mean in today's worried world, click here.

    Sacred White Buffalo Calf. Animals, especially white animals, have long been the heralds of change - one might call them prophets. To read the traditional story of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman, along with some photographs of "Miracle", the most recent first white buffalo calf, clickhere.

    Spirit Voice Newsletter:   Edited by Troika Celeste Saint Germain, this newsletter contains a variety of interesting articles each month.

    The Shift: The Shift to Spiritual Perception provides a lot of guidance regarding the change in consciousness we are all persuing. We recommend that you subscribe to their "Shift ezine."

    Lincoln Gergar has gifted us with six different informational videos. Of the six You-Tube videos listed, I suggest you begin with the first one on the left hand side and work down and then to the right. They are all very good and like all very good ideas, the term "Channeling Your Higher Self" can be found among the titles in the ARE library.

    Linda Pynaker and monthly speaker at Creative Chakra Spa, opens the doorway for you to learn how to channel and find your spirit guides.

    Rev. Thomas F. Kearns, BSMA is "Professor Astrology", who generously shares what a channeling session might look like for those of us who have never witnessed such a thing.

    Edgar Cayce TV  You'll find many interesting videos on the "Edgar Cayce Channel" of You Tube. The most recent video shows Andrew Collins discovering something important buried in mystery.

    The Futurist Update The Futurist, a monthly magazine dealing with future trends that will affect you, has a wonderful website where you can read all kinds of news related to the future.

    The Mayan Calendar Portal: One of the more interesting and reputable sites dealing with the Mayan Calendar. Contains interpretations of prophecies associated with each time period leading up to December 21, 2012.

    Miriandra Rota may best be known for channeling an entity called "Pretty Flower." In this channeled message, another voice, that of a being calling himself "Merlin" explains to us, in very basic steps, how to enter our futures. Please, enjoy the easy manner in which Merlin speaks his mind at: http://www.prettyflower.us/2010Merlin.html

    Pamela Kribbe brings us another Jeshua channel. In this posting, entitled, "Being a teacher in the New Era", Jeshua explains, "A new consciousness is awakening. "To find this message, among so many others, please see the left side panel of Pamela's website and scroll down to the last message underneath the heading, Mornings with Jeshua. Enjoy the full message at:  http://www.jeshua.net/

    Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and her "buddies" channel through and encourage all of our progressions. It seems appropriate to include, "Are We There, Yet?" Please, enjoy what the Star Elders have to say. When you've reached the page, see the first channeled message on the list. Then, you might enjoy reading the rest, too, at: http://spiritlibrary.com/aluna-joy-yaxkin

    Skye Seaborn Your dreams in fresco, she writes, referring to her unique process of creating paintings.

    Orna Ben-Shoshan Orna's artwork involves opening her consciousness and channeling images that come to her from a different realm of existence.

    Street Art You need to see the videos of these amazing living sculptures made from trash

    Susan Parcheta You'll find many interesting tidbits, articles, and links regarding "All things beautiful and creative."

    The Red Book  Published after years of controversy with his family, Carl Jung's private journal, The Red Book, with his marvelous paintings, is available for peeking.

    Dream Network This very special magazine on dreamwork has provided a glimpse into their current issue. The website is worth exploring.

    Shala Mata

    From Vancouver Island, Canada, Shala's channeled messages strive for balance in the midsts of change. Her story of vibrational upgrades and the development of our pineal gland was especially interesting.


    Ronna Herman

    From Reno, Nevada, an internationally recognized channel of Arch Angel Michael and the founder of "Star Quest", a monthly newsletter containing regular messages from AAMichael. Enjoy a little story called, "While on the Way to Ascension".


    Jach Pursel

    Led by an intuition from his partner, Peny North, Jach allowed his meditations to develop in an external voice, and Lazaris made himself known. Here he gives us a history lesson on religion.     http://lazaris.com/AboutLazarisandChanneling2.cfm

    Free Book Notes

    A site dedicated to finding all of the sites with free book notes or "free cliff notes" and indexing all the individual free study guides and free book summaries, a database of over 2500 links.

    Church of Light Newsletter

    This issue covers the planet Uranus - the planet of change that comes abruptly. While the lessons of Uranus are many, one that empowers us all is the lesson.

    Apocalypse 2012

    Lawrence Joseph, author of that book describing known celestial and geographic events timed for that alignment, has an extensive website on the subject.















































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