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December 15, 2007
The Intuitive-Connections Network
Animal Communications
The Parrot's Lament and other true tales of animal intrigue, intelligence, and ingenuity

By Eugene Linden

My Goats Bedevil Me

A book essay by Henry Reed

Animals do have the ability to think and feel, in some ways outmaneuvering their human observers. There is clear evidence that animals are capable of intentionally deceiving humans. (April 08, 2002)

The Language of Animals

By Carol Gurney

Book Summary by Laurel Moran

Learning to communicate with animals is one of the fastest growing areas of applied intuition. (January 03, 2003)

Intuitive Answers for Pets

By Renee Takacs

Stories of an intuitive animal communicator. (October 19, 2003)

An Experience of One

By Sandra K. Heggen

A horse riding story about finding that special connection of oneness. (October 19, 2003)

Mystical Dogs: Animals as guides to our inner life

By Jean Houston

Book summary by Linda Brown

Dogs offer steady emotional support, love us unconditionally and can even find us thousands of miles away. They inhabit our imaginations and find a place in our dreams. Our pets assist us in finding who and what we really are. They help us bridge nature and instinct. (January 17, 2005)

All My Relations: Living with Animals as Teachers and Healers

By Susan Chernak McElroy

Book summary by Linda Brown

Animals provide us with many lessons, although over time we have distanced ourselves from them and nature. It is by putting our attention and intention into these relationships that we deepen them. Our relationship with animals can bring about our transformation of consciousness. (May 24, 2005)

The Reflecting Self: Would We Lose Our Souls in a World Without Animals?

By Gary Kowalkski

My own children remind me that becoming human is a continuous unfolding. One evening my son was playing with his toys in the tub when suddenly something caught his eye. Reflected in the chrome fixture encircling the faucet was his own image. With a happy smile of recognition, he called out his name, "Noah."
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