Edited by HENRY REED, Ph.D.
March 23,   2018
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Iris Krst

Reviewed by Henry Reed


There are three experiences I'd like to understand better, not having had any of them (as far as I am aware): astral travel, out of body, and lucid dreaming.  Are they the same or different? Here's a book that tries to explain and describe the situation. Although the book lists Iris as the sole author, her husband plays a large role in the book because of his extensive experience in out of body phenomena. Her descriptions of his experiences, which have been with him since he was a child, make the phenomena, bizarre as they might appear, seem quite normal.

          One of the things I have enjoyed most about this book is the detailed comparison between life in the three dimensional world, and life in the out-of-body world. In contrast to lucid dreams, the out-of body world is much like the 3D world in what is "seen" or "present," but the means of interacting with that world is different. Out of body, the senses join together, and "seeing" brings feeling and more. There is no sense of separation, so what is perceived is also what we become, as if becoming and perceiving were two aspects of the same process.

          Feelings, "vibes," and energy play a predominant role in the psychic realm of Out of Body. Much like musical instruments which have distinctive sounds yet which meld with the sounds of the other instruments, the feeling-vibration-energy trinity is at the basis of existence, and our hearts are designed to express this triad through the imagination, thus providing us with pictorial metaphors to help us better understand what might seem to be irrational.

          If you have frequent out of body experiences, you will want to check out this book to see how it relates.



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