Inner Peace: 5 Ways Hypnosis Provides Quick, Lasting Change

Matt Anton



Hypnosis is a powerful psychological tool, but it isn't without controversy. Many people have mixed feelings about hypnosis, and it's not that hard to see why. Some people find it easy to fall into hypnotic suggestion while others find it extremely difficult to get into the right relaxed mindset needed to see the full benefits. However, more and more people are coming to see the major benefits that being hypnotized can provide, especially when it comes to stress relief and finding inner peace.


The masses are generally uninformed about hypnotic treatments, not necessarily against it, or they simply don't understand how hypnosis really works; studies have been conducted at universities and medical centers such as Stanford which confirms hypnosis impacts on perception- sometimes in many more ways than people would initially have imagined.


Why Is Hypnosis A Good Treatment?


Hypnosis is a good treatment for a wide variety of reasons. One of the first is that there are no physical side effects like prescription medications bring to the table. Since this is all psychological and dealing with the subconscious mind, emotions, and thoughts, using physical medications that can harshly effect the body doesn't make sense. However, hypnosis is like combining the best of meditation and psychology - with its own benefits that aren't matched by any other type of treatment.


That's a strong combination of positive benefits, and since there isn't going to be the same physical risks that medication or hospitalization might bring, there should be less stigma or barrier to entrance.


Why Is Hypnosis Effective?


There are several reasons. One is that since so many different issues can be helped with this treatment, that it provides a cumulative effect. Stressing less can make it easier to lose weight, both of which help heart health and general well-being, and if you feel better you're going to be happier and less prone to depression, etc.


There's also the fact that this treatment forces individuals to take a deep look at themselves and figure out what the root cause of many issues might be. This allows for direct treatment. It's a classic case of being able to treat the root cause instead of just the symptoms. That makes a huge difference in the long-term success rate of any treatment.


Add in the fact that this is about the only treatment that directly engages the mind and therefore helps automatically create the habits you need to maintain the benefits and suddenly it's becoming clear why hypnosis has so many fans, even before you begin to see what the actual studies say.


Benefit #1: Hypnosis Can Treat An Incredible Array Of Issues


One of the major reasons hypnosis is becoming so popular as a treatment is because of the sheer number of issues it can help with. Very few people have only one cause of stress in their life. There are many different things that get in the way of inner peace, and that means there could be multiple causes working together to rob you of the peaceful and stable feelings you want.


Just how many issues can hypnosis help with? That answer is going to vary greatly depending on who you talk to, and truth be told it is fully possible that we haven't yet even begun to scratch the surface of all the benefits that these treatments can offer. However, a good starting number is offered by the nationally accredited College of Hypnotherapy that puts the number of 146 as the starting point.


Just a small list of issues that can be treated include:

- Depression

- Past traumas,

- Quitting smoking

- Reducing social anxiety

- Losing weight

- Fighting addictions

- Controlling nightmares


This is just a small sampling of the many different areas where the right certified hypnotist will be able to help. Anyone suffering from any of these issues can tell you just how much of a difference it would make in quality of life if those problems could be pushed out of the way.


To speak to its ultimate power to reach our deepest layers of subconcious, Sean Wheeler, an Atlanta Hypnotherapist, was featured on CNN and Nancy Grace to provide forensic hypnosis on a patient who blacked out and instantly cure someone of a 30 year smoking habit.


This isn't just a fringe case either. Psychology Today, even talks about the power of hypnosis and how it is such a potentially strong tool. Each individual person has their own unique thoughts, brains, and emotions, and usually that can be a complication to figuring out how to treat someone since you need different baselines to figure out what would work as a treatment. However, since hypnosis is a personalized treatment by the definition of how it works, this can actually work to your advantage and help really get things moving for your very specific situation.


Benefit #2: Firmly Implants Subconscious Habits


Another major benefit of hypnotic suggestion is the fact that it can be used to firmly implant subconscious habits, or replace bad ones, that would otherwise take weeks or months of hard work to create - if you had the willpower to do so. Most people grossly overestimate how much willpower they have and underestimate how much energy it takes to break an old bad habit and replace it with a good new one.


This is why over 90% of all diet attempts fail, why most people never see their New Year's resolutions last past February, and why so many people are stressed no matter how much they talk about learning to be calm and balance themselves out. While there are people that manage to make these types of changes, it is rare and even among those who succeed it's usually super athletes, individuals who went through the vigors of military training, or another similar situation.


While hypnosis is not a magic on/off switch that can turn you from a procrastinating angst-ridden mess with no will power into a walking embodiment of James Bond in one or two sessions, what it can do is knock down the initial barriers that often overpower a person's will. Hypnosis can take a mindset that is set to the negative and turn it positive, make you naturally feel a tendency towards the right action instead of the wrong one.


This is never a 100% guarantee of working but it does create a much better internal dialogue and allows a person to set him or herself up for success as opposed to struggle.


Benefit #3: Deal With Resolving Core Issues


One of the most frustrating aspects of medicine for many people is the fact that treatments often don't work or seem to make things better for a short time but then need to be repeated over and over again, often with lesser results the longer it goes on. This comes from treating the symptoms instead of the core problem. Taking aspirin to fight a headache is great, but if the cause is from old glasses, backed up sinuses, or dehydration, then that aspirin isn't a good long term solution.


Hypnosis deals with the mind and that means the treatment gets to the base of the issue, especially when looking at stress, trauma, or restlessness. These are psychological issues that can affect a person with mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Working on the core issues that are at the base of these problems helps promote a much more likely long-term solution that will actually stick with a person.


Core issues are often revealed though hypnosis, but that is not anything to run from. It is, in fact, an outstanding selling point as to why you should consider this treatment. If anxiety, depression, restlessness, or other social and emotional issues are stemming from some deep seeded problem that an experienced hypnotherapist can get to the heart of, then why not give it a shot?


Benefit #4: Mental Truths Create Physical Truths


The connection between a healthy mental space and a better (and healthier) physical body is impossible to deny. If you want mental and emotional peace, you need a physically healthy body. That change can be assisted on every level from really good use of hypnotic suggestion, treatment, and support.


This is why putting a pen in your mouth to force a smile will eventually flood your body with the same chemical hormones you get when happy - and just having that expression will create the hormones that then create the emotion. People often talk about "power poses" that help flood the body with testosterone and hormones that are shown to affect mood temporarily.


Anxiety rarely comes because of a physical ailment. The mental aspect can be directly dealt with through hypnosis because being able to relax, speak to the subconscious, and set up good long term habits will have far reaching effects to the patient's benefit.


If a person is really sad, they're not going to smile convincingly. If they're loving every bit of life, they would have to be a master thespian to convince others that they were really depressed to the point of sobbing. The main point here is that the inside reality dictates the outside.


That means dealing with the psychological aspects in the mind is a great way to best help a patient overcome various problems and issues to establish an inner peace that will only further help them out throughout all areas of life.


Benefit #5: One Of The Best Treatments For Depression


Nothing messes with inner peace (or physical, mental, and emotional health, for that matter) than depression. Depression is one of those inner demon issues that can insidiously reach into every part of a person's health and a person's life and cause an incredible amount of problems. Depression is also very tricky, because it can have so many causes. That can get pretty confusing when in one person depression is causing 20 symptoms, and in another the combination of 20 issues is causing the depression.


There are many individual stories from patients who credit various methods of hypnotherapy with helping them finally overcome depression, but there's a lot more than just anecdotal evidence to back up this position. Many studies performed by universities show that in the right setting and with solid guidance, hypnosis often has a positive effect on patients who had previously reported themselves as depressed.


There are many potential causes of this from simply shifting a negative mindset to a positive one to overcoming past trauma, but for whatever reason it continues to work for a great many people, making it an incredible tool for not only dealing with depression but also naturally replacing it with peace.


Even if a person with depression is hesitant, it is definitely worth noting that hypnotic treatments should be considered. Anti-depressants are notorious for horrific side effects, and for many times ending up making the entire depressive episode much, much worse. Don't chance that - try seeing if hypnosis could be a viable effective (not to mention safer) alternative.


Is Hypnotic Treatment The Answer For You?


Most people can benefit from some type of hypnotic treatment. Whether it is the answer for any given individual is obviously going to be solved on a case by case basis. Hypnosis offers plenty of promise and can be used for curing a terrible vice, fighting off anxiety and depression, or even just a general treatment to help with finding the inner peace and strength needed to appropriately deal with the many stresses of everyday life.


Even if you don't have anything specific you are trying to nail down or a habit you are trying to change, it is worth taking a look at hypnosis as a possible supplemental treatment to help with general mental and emotional health.


Proven Effective Over Thousands of Years



There is no other treatment out there that has the flexibility and variety of hypnosis. Not only does this psychological treatment help take care of bad habits a person wants to break, but by dealing with the mental root of them and replacing those bad habits with positive and encouraging suggestions, a person will find they have more strength to resist temptation and more happiness in improving themselves.


That is what you call a win-win situation and helps explain why hypnosis is sure to remain an extremely important tool in the foreseeable future.