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April 19,   2016
 Stories from Everyday Life Revea

Stories from Everyday Life Reveal the Value of Dreams

There are so many books on the importance and value of dreams and dream interpretation, it’s hard to tell what you might want to read. There has arrived a book on dreams that is entirely different. Written by long time dream enthusiast Arthur Strock, Ph.D., a Founding Life Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, it provides a peak into the life of a family that includes dreams in their world.
     Live by Your Dreams: Heartwarming Stories about Dreams and What They Tell Us presents a different story in each chapter. These stories involve Arthur, his immediate family, grown children, and friends. In the context of the story, we watch dream interpretation activities among the family members. More importantly, we see how the folks respond to the dreams and shape their attitudes, behaviors, and habits accordingly. We watch as new, important revelations enter their world via dreams.
This naturalistic setting for observing how paying attention to dreams makes a difference in the lives of these ordinary folks provides us readers with remarkable insight and motivation. There are also implicit lessons on dream interpretation and how to apply them.

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