A Little Bit of Symbols:

An Introduction to Symbolism


Henry Reed

Here's what Amazon has about my new book:

Symbolism is the best evidence that we know and grasp more than we consciously realize—but what exactly are symbols? And how can we use them to expand our consciousness? A visionary psychologist answers these and many other questions as he delves into the symbolism of everything from shoes and animals to UFOs and dreams. Along the way, he explores Jungian archetypes, imagery and metaphors, spiritual symbolism, and even symbol dictionaries, so you can make the most of their information. 

Henry says:

That being said, it's an interesting book, certainly different than anything I've written before. I was a "writer for hire," given an assignment to deliver 15,000 words on Symbolism in six months. I approached it differently than I would have had I thought up the topic. This isn't really "about me," which made the writing come more easily. But then, again, as always, a lot of the stuff is about me.

I found the topic fascinating and a challenge. I think I took a different approach to the subject, although I did espouse the party line, I suppose, regarding what folks call today the "integral philosophy" movement in thought. It places consciousness at the center of evolution. In this view, symbolism is a diplomat from the yet to be known awareness as to how things are. I brought also an ordering to the exploration, from the basics to the most etheric and far reaching.

I'll look forward to reading the reviews that appear on Amazon.

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