Empaths Embrace Entire World

Henry Reed

Empaths are pioneers in the coming world without boundaries. They follow quickly on the heels of another pioneering group, the “co-dependents.” You could find out more about the co-dependents’ involvement in the emerging oneness by referring to a confessional I wrote some years ago, which you can find at http://henryreed.net/creativespirits/noboundaries/steamed.htm. I’m glad to see that someone has come out with some aid for this latest group of pioneers, the folks who call themselves “empaths.” I’m referring to the book Lightworker Relationships: Creating Lasting and Healthy Bonds as an Empath, by Sahvanna Arienta.

I am pleased, of course, that she begins her book with instructions on “Living from the heart.” You may, or may not, know that many years ago, I came out with a book titled, The Intuitive Heart. In it I suggest that there’s a way to transcend (through immersion) the typical conflictual boundary between “I” and “Other,” through heart awareness. Some call it love, but the word becomes a cliché rather than a teaching, unless further details are offered. Heart awareness can resolve paradox—can’t explain it, gotta experience it.

Sahvanna offers practical guidance as well as no-holding-back profound spiritual guidance. For example, she reminds lightworkers to remember that their earthly existence is but temporary and an echo of the eternal life. Try to keep things in perspective, in other words.

I enjoyed her grappling with the issue of creating “healthy boundaries.” Since there are really no boundaries beyond the choices we make, her advice, or plan, rests upon your maintaining a certain degree of mindfulness. Otherwise, how can you stop the action, mindfully, and choose a more healthy story?

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Here’s what the publisher has to say about the book:

Do You Give Too Much? Are You Overly Sensitive and Undervalued?

This New Book for Lightworkers Lays Out the Path to a More Rewarding, Balanced Life

Best-selling author, psychic and popular teacher, Sahvanna Arienta has been a revolutionary force for change in the lives of her worldwide clientele and her readers. Her groundbreaking first book explaining the role of the Lightworker is considered a masterpiece, and her newest title, Lightworker Relationships: Creating Lasting and Healthy Bonds as an Empath, leads the way to a more harmonious and enjoyable existence for those highly empathic souls who are focused on helping and healing others.

Overwhelmed with sensitivities and emotions that come with having acute spiritual natures and a compulsion to serve others, many Lightworkers become so caught up in their inner calling to heal that they create a cycle of sorrow in their relationships by overlooking the importance of receiving love and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Lightworker Relationships helps vulnerable people:

Peaceful supporters of humanity, Lightworkers often find that they love generously, yet rarely feel valued, even as they respond to the needs of others. In her books, workshops, readings and private counseling, and in her new book, Lightworker Relationships, Arienta teaches these gentle, giving souls to fully use their intuitive skills while living a joyful, rewarding life.

Arienta said, “The Lightworker’s mission is to lend light energy to our planet, which is heavy with fear and negativity. Lightworker is not just a broad term or label, but a clear and defined role for unique souls with different levels, intensities and missions.“

To explore Lightworker Relationships on Amazon.com, click here!