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            An Excerpt* from


Your Inner GPS:

Follow Your Internal Guidance to Optimal Healthy, Happiness, and Satisfaction



Zen Cryar DeBrücke


            One of the ways I discovered to bypass the craziness of the mind — all the doubt and worry and fear that come up in response to the guidance you get from your IGS — is to go through the door of your emotions. I use emotions as a gateway to help people clear out their obsolete yellow yield signs. As I noted earlier, when we feel an emotion, we are experiencing a biochemical reaction produced by the mind, and the emotion may or may not be true. This biochemical reaction is very often based on historical evidence that your mind has created — that you have a reason to be fearful, that you have a reason to be angry, that you’re in love, that you’re happy, or that you’re disappointed. There are all kinds of ways in which our minds induce this biochemical feedback or emotion in our bodies, and they are based on stories from our past — on what we believe we’ve seen, heard, and felt, especially concerning the behavior of the people who raised us.

            Very often our emotions are actually not in alignment and so do not open us. Instead, they were first triggered when we were younger and misinterpreted those thoughts that closed us. Your mind hijacks the sensation of closing (worry, fear, anxiety, and stress) and combines it with its own fabricated evidence to make you believe that it knows what the future holds. It pro-jects as fact what it thinks is going to happen. But in reality, it’s running a habitual program that is repeated over and over in similar situations. If you have done the “Discovering Your Closing Themes” practice on page 80, then you already know that repeating thoughts are currently operating in your life.

            The practice I’d like you to try now is to write out your feelings. Any time you’re having an emotional experience — whether it feels positive or negative according to your mind — write what you’re feeling. Use the list of emotions provided on page 97 to help you isolate more precisely what you are feeling. Most people are unaware of how they feel, or they have a limited emotional vocabulary. In order to boost your emotional vocabulary, use the list. I recommend that you copy it from this book, or you can go to and download the list so that you can post it in several places for reference. The office, fridge, bathroom, and nightstand are good; your car, purse, and wallet are some other great places to access it quickly. When you’re in the midst of, or just over, an emotional experience, sit down with a piece of paper, look at the list, and write out the top three things you’re feeling, such as “I’m feeling frustrated, I’m feeling disappointed, I’m feeling hurt.”

            Then write out why you’re feeling those three emotions. Just let your mind tell you the story of why you feel the way you do. You don’t have to make it a long story. In fact, it is best if it’s just one or two sentences long.

            “I’m feeling disappointed because this project was canceled, and it was very important to me. I’m feeling frustrated because it seems to me as if my manager is pulling out the projects that I really enjoy, and he seems to be doing it on purpose. I’m feeling hurt because I work very hard in this world and yet I don’t seem to get the recognition or the rewards that I deserve.”

            The next step — and this is where your IGS comes into play — is to drop into your listening and read back to yourself each of the emotions/stories that you have written. Notice whether you are open or closed with each emotion and story.

            What I have observed is that very often a negative emotional experience gets combined with a sense of closing caused by your IGS. This means what you’re thinking is not true. The thoughts that prompted the closing, if continued, will not bring you to a happy resolution. If you don’t get to the bottom of your thoughts and understand what is closing you, then your mind can actually drive you into a situation you don’t want. Keep this in mind: when you get upset, you can use your emotions as a signal that it’s time to stop and check your IGS.

            One thing you’ll discover in doing this exercise is that some of those statements will open you. I’ll use the previous example to demonstrate how this may happen. You may get an opening sensation when you say you are disappointed; even though you feel disappointed, you will feel open. Then, when you tell your story about feeling frustrated, you will be closed. What closes you is the claim that the manager is specifically taking projects away from you. The closing means your manager is not undermining you on purpose, so you can drop that line of thinking and move on.

            The feeling of disappointment, then, is authentic for you, and you can own it: “I have a right to be disappointed. The sensation of opening I feel when I make this statement tells me that disappointment is an authentic emotion in this case.”

            Do this exercise with positive emotions as well. You may be shocked at how many times you’re really excited about something while guidance from your IGS is actually telling you that it is not going to happen or is not true.

            So it’s equally important to say, “I feel hopeful, I feel excited, and I feel joyous.” Then write, “Okay, why am I feeling hopeful?” and answer this question. For example: “I’m feeling hopeful because, for the first time, I’m being recognized by the particular person I’ve been wanting to notice me for a very long time.” Ask and answer the same question about feeling excited: “Why am I excited? I’m feeling excited because this person is noticing me, so maybe they want to date me. I’m totally attracted to them and know this is going to happen.” Then look at feeling joyous: “I feel joyous because they could possibly be my soul mate.”

            Now once again drop into your listening and check your emotions and stories via your IGS. You may feel an opening at the thought that this person has been noticing you, but you may close when you think this means you will begin dating. Go through each statement, one at a time. “This person is noticing me.” Open. Then look at the next part of the statement: “Maybe they want to date me.” Closed. Oh, that’s not why they’re paying attention to me. “They could possibly be my soul mate.” Closed. You feel tightening, or anxiety, in your chest.

            Maybe the scenario above seems far-fetched to you, or maybe it sounds exactly like what your mind does to you. Either way, we all have situations where our minds make up instant stories and then, immediately after that, invent ramifications for our future, whether positive or negative. This type of thought process happens so quickly that we often miss it. Then we begin living the story as if it were real, and our lives can go off track for a bit. One purpose of your IGS is to clear out all the fictitious stories that your brain generates. This allows you to be very clear and effective in your life. One way to find the stories that close you is to do the following practice to address your emotions.


*Excerpted from the book Your Inner GPS: Follow Your Internal Guidance to Optimal Health, Happiness, and Satisfaction. Copyright ©  2016 by Zen Cryar DeBrücke. Reprinted with permission from New World Library.

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            What do you mean when you talk about the inner GPS. What is it?

            It’s a factory-installed system located between your throat and stomach, which expands and contracts in relationship to what you’re thinking. It gives you information on whether your thoughts are taking you closer or farther away from happiness and satisfaction in your life.

            I call it the Internal Guidance System or IGS for short. When you follow your IGS, your life becomes much easier and more synchronistic. I’ve taught this to thousands of people and I’ve seen their lives transform in amazing ways.

      What led you to develop the inner GPS?

            In the mid-90s I stumbled across the term Internal Guidance System. A then little-known couple named the Hicks were touring the U.S. teaching people about the Law of Attraction. I remember being intrigued by the material and was quite taken by their explanation of what they called the Internal Guidance System. I knew that I felt in my own body what they were describing. In fact, I had been feeling it all my life.

            Although the Hicks talked about the Internal Guidance System and what it felt like, I wanted more specific teachings about how it works and how to follow it. Thus began my quest to discover how it could change my life if I used it every day. The idea that the sensations I felt were actually guidance from some deeper, wiser part of myself was an exciting and inspiring thought.

            Over the next few years I became skilled at using my own IGS. Through trial and error, I figured out what got in the way of me listening to it and made a commitment to see what would happen if I exclusively followed the guidance it gave me. I discovered that the internal guidance system has astonishing power in leading us toward fulfillment and success in every area of life. I was able to use my IGS to untangle all the messes I got myself into and it opened up opportunities I never dreamt were possible. 

            How do you use your IGS?  

            My IGS helps guide my life by guiding my thoughts. When I feel an opening in my IGS, I know my thoughts are accurate and will support my life. When my IGS gives me a closing, I know my thoughts are inaccurate and I need to shift how I am thinking. Most of our suffering and pain comes from the way we are thinking about a situation or our lives.

            My IGS also shows me when to hang tough if I feel like quitting or when things don’t look like they are going to work out. It also lets me know when to stop moving down an unfruitful path by letting things go. I have never had so much joy and success in my life as when I began following the nudging of my IGS.

            The IGS controls what I call the flow, which is how our lives literally flows along. Day after day I get so much done it is almost mindboggling. Thanks to my IGS, I have what I need just as I need it. When the time is not right for something to be done, I can feel my IGS guiding me away from starting the task. I see this as one of the most powerful unexplored business tools on the planet. 

            Where does the guidance come from?

            This is one of the most interesting aspects of the IGS. To be frank, I cannot be completely sure myself. What I do know is that its guidance is very wise and it seems to know everything that needs to be taken into account in any situation to have everything work out for everyone involved. This is still astounding to me, even though I am used to it by now.

            When you begin to follow your IGS, you quickly realize that it knows things about the past, present and future that your mind could not possibly know. Your inner GPS understands more about you and your limiting beliefs and thoughts than your mind can consciously recognize about yourself.

            I encourage my clients and students to explore their IGS and to decide for themselves where they feel its guidance comes from. What opens up for me when I ponder this topic is that my IGS is a broader, wiser and more infinite part of me. It’s my higher Self, Divine Self, the Holy Spirit. This is referenced in many wisdom traditions from indigenous tribes to world religions. It is the energy that is running through all of life and is engaged in all aspects of our Universe. It operates out of space and time so it can see where our thoughts are leading us and what the ramifications are going to be if we continue on a particular path. It offers guidance on every aspect of your life — not just the big things, but the little things too.

            Why do we have this guidance system? What is its purpose?

            I was once given a vision of a pond with reeds all along the edge. A large boulder was thrown violently into the pond and as the large ripples moved out to the edges toward the reeds, the reeds stopped the ripples, so that behind each reed was a place of calm. When a person uses their inner GPS, they become a reed and everything behind them becomes at peace regardless of what boulders life might throw their way.

            So much of what is causing us pain in the world today comes from a reaction against our inner experience of our IGS being closed. We feel this closing as a constriction in our chest, tightness in our stomach, or lump in our throat. When this occurs and we don’t know how to change our thoughts and shift our perspective, it leads to misery, anguish, and suffering.

            Sounds like this is very self-centered. Does the guidance only work for you? By following this, is someone being selfish?

            Your IGS not only takes your life and purpose into account, but those of everyone around you. When it gives you guidance, you can trust that it is taking the highest good of all into account.   

            It’s pretty incredible, and it works for everyone this way. I had a student who had a sick relative who she called every day to see how he was doing. As we were discussing that, she got a closing in her IGS when she said “I need to call my uncle every day.” When we talked about it, she said: “I don’t understand. He needs me. He lives alone and he’s sick and nobody’s there for him. I call him every day just to see how he’s doing and give him a pep talk.”  However, a closing in the IGS means that what you are thinking is not true and not in alignment for the greater good.

            They talked about it after she got the closing. She said, “I've been calling you every day, and I haven’t really asked if it’s okay with you. What do you think?” He replied, “Actually, once a week would be good, sweetie.” As it turned out, calling him every day was stressful for him. It made him feel like he needed to be happy when he talked to her, which did allow him to feel what was real for him in his own process.  It was the closing in her IGS that allowed them both to come to this conclusion. 

            Can this work in every area of your life including relationships, family, health and your inner life?

            The IGS works in all areas of life. I’ve coached people to success in their relationships with bosses, coworkers, in-laws, and romantic partners as well.   

            And, don’t be mistaken – the IGS will also guide you by opening to a thought that’s not particularly positive, but it’s still true for you. An example would be thinking “I’m going to be laid off” and getting an opening to that thought, which would allow you to wrap up anything you want to complete and move into a job search, without falling into fear and anxiety.

            How will the IGS help someone discover their passion and purpose?

            Mahatma Gandhi once instructed his devotees to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” His point was not to identify the problems of the world and stress over the shortcomings of humanity. Rather, he advocated an active practice of embodying the higher qualities of being that each of us desires to see in the people around us. With the cultivation of your IGS, you have a tool to help you to “be the change you wish to see.”

            Your IGS will open you up to a new perspective that is different and far more rewarding than the habitual, reactionary one that most of us perpetuate. By focusing on and following your IGS’s opening sensations, you align yourself with a source of new solutions from a deeper form of intelligence that is conscious and creative.

            This practice is about bringing sacred awareness into your every day life. It’s not about being perfect and conscious all the time; it is about being conscious when you’re not perfect, and being conscious and present enough to find your opening thoughts to help see you through. Over time you will increase your level of consciousness and capacity to remain present to your IGS, and as you do, you will be able to focus on its opening and move toward divine collaboration with others — collaboration that leads to the furthering of love, joy, compassion and forgiveness on the planet. Following your opening thoughts naturally supports you in finding your purpose and being a part of this collaboration.

            Following our IGS sounds a lot like being guided by intuition.  Are they related? If so, how? 

            Your IGS is separate and different from your intuition. Intuitive messages can come to a person in numerous ways. One person may be a clairvoyant (sees the information), while another is clairsentient (simply knows) or clairaudient (hears messages). The IGS works the same way for every one. It offers guidance based on what we are thinking. Its purpose is not to send external information that you need to know. It helps clean up your limiting beliefs and thoughts while guiding you toward our soul’s purpose. Like our intuition, it does have access to knowledge that we don’t yet know, which it uses to keep us on track. But the way it works and it’s purpose is very different. Intuitive people often have a difficult time getting information about their own lives, but with the IGS everything it offers is about our own lives.  

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            Zen Cryar DeBrücke is the author of Your Inner GPS. She is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker, and coach whose programs have helped people all over the world transform their personal and business lives for the better. Visit her online at