God and the Afterlife:

The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience


Jeffrey Long, M.D., with Paul Perry

The veil is lifting. The boundary between life and death is evaporating. Spiritual communication via the aid of psychic mediums allow the ongoing love from across the borderland to be expressed. Some provide descriptions of the afterlife, to educate us as to what’s up. The study of near-death experiences also offer information and stories that add credence to the transparency that is developing. Near-death research has spawned yet another book on this subject. Besides the usual, it also brings evidence that “THERE IS A GOD!”

The author, Dr. Jeffrey Long, a practicing oncologist, has unimpeachable credentials as a near-death researcher. His book is jam-packed with first person accounts of the near-death experience. What is particularly fascinating, and I’ve never seen so many of such accounts in one place, are the personal stories of an encounter with God. What is it like to meet God face to face?

I love it that often there is heavenly music. Why does there have to be music and what is the significance that there is such an experience? To me, it suggests that, as Cayce once remarked, “music is the bridge.” Our response to music alters our consciousness. If nothing else, Handel’s Messiah, with its hallelujah chorus, reminds most of us that we can rise to heavenly awareness through music. That there would be music in heaven makes a lot of sense.

If for no other reason than to read about the God contact experiences of these folks, I highly recommend this book. It is very inspiring and could easily remind you of something you've always known but forgotten.

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