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Carol A. Baraff

Keys to Rejuvenescence:

An excerpt from Everyday Health*


     We all know by now that diet and lifestyle choices influence both how and how quickly we age.  One result of studies on this topic is ample confirmation of the Cayce material on various aspects of what we might call preventive health care.

     Slowing the signs of aging is a worthy goal, but is it possible to go a step or two further and stop the clock, or even reverse the process?  To this question the readings give an emphatic yes!

     Such a radical possibility goes way beyond common catch phrases such as "anti-aging."  The readings favor the term rejuvenation for the process by which entire bodies, or certain systems, are made youthful again.  Rejuvenation, according to the dictionary, creates a state of rejuvenescence, a delightful word for growing young.

     Clues to the attainment of rejuvenescence are found throughout both the physical and life readings.  An entire reading that focuses on rejuvenation comments that maintaining one's health in the first place is the more natural (and attractive!) course, but a body can, indeed, be revitalized with the right proactive approach:

      The better manner, to be sure is the PRESERVATION--which is not only as a first law but is the more comely in its application.  To be sure, as it has been indicated again and again, there is that within the physical forces of the body--if it is kept in a constructive way and manner--which may be revivified or rejuvenated. . . This requires, necessarily, the proper thinking, the proper living, the proper application of those influences in the experience of an ENTITY in its associations with everything about a body.  (681-2)

     Many of the specifics unfold in the course of the above reading and others.  When asked for an ideal diet, Cayce offers broad guidelines intended to take changing needs into account:

     There might be one diet given today and next week you would have another!  That which keeps the spittle or salivary reaction alkaline.  That which keeps the blood reaction, by test, negative.  That which keeps the urine eliminations as a balance at twenty-four. . . without albumin, without sediment, and with an alkaline tendency; but not too great a tendency.  That which makes for the proper eliminations and body-building without becoming superfluous flesh, or drainage to same--see?  Hence these are to be kept by CONSTRUCTIVE measures and forces, see? (681-2)

     Exercise instructions are given in broad strokes as well: No better exercises may be taken than the stretching exercise; as rising on toes--and this doesn't mean with shoes on!--on heels, rocking back and forth; stretching the arms upward, the bending exercises, what may be literally termed. . . the cat-stretching exercises, which includes, of course, being able--(put very coarsely)--to do the split, be able to put the head on the feet, to put the feet behind the head, to make the head and neck exercises. . . To be sure, in the present. . . conditions that exist, must be gone at gently; but be persistent morning and evening, working at it, still not letting it become rote, but purposeful.  (681-2)

     Also mentioned in this and many other readings is the nerve rejuvenating influence of the Radio-Active Appliance:

     . . .adding to the system those vibrations as would be found in the activity of the Radio-Active Appliance carrying into the system those vibrations that will CREATE for the system the rejuvenation of the impulses through the gray active forces of the nerve impulse itself.  (241-1)

     Using this device with gold make it an aid to cellular renewal as well as for. . . stimulation to the gland functioning and to the rejuvenation of the cell BUILDING centers that are buklt within the division of blood cell in spleen, brain, and in the LACTEAL DUCTS. . . (200-1)

     This principle of vibration is also employed with other types of electrotherapy for rejuvenating effects:

     And the activities of the violet ray are only to make for the electrical rejuvenation of nerve energies that have been depleted through the inactivity of the whole system of this body.  (676-1)

     But this continual vibration as set here by the application of the electrically driven vibrator. . . will bring about a rejuvenation of the nerve centers in such a way as to supply new life, as it were, to the organs of the body.  (3721-1)

     . . . the body would be treated with electricity of the ultra violet Ray to produce rejuvenation of all the Lymphatic forces and give resistance to the body.  (3724-1)

     Regular spinal manipulation, often advised to restore the body's proper energy glow, is regarded as complementary to electrical treatments:

     For in the applying of the electrical vibration, these are necessarily rejuvenating the electrical forces of the body as is related to nerve energy of the system.  While the manipulations, properly given, are to apply to that direction through which the rejuvenation of energy is directed, see?  (5536-5)

     This complementary nature is also true of the invigorating effects of massage and seaside rest cures:

     The better would be sun, salt, and sand, and these--with gentle massage at  or after such sand, sun and salt water baths--would bring the rejuvenation to the nerves, and build up the blood supply.  (71-1)

     Breathing fresh air, in particular, is noted as having an enlivening effect on the blood:

The more air or oxygen, the quicker will be the proper rejuvenation of the blood supply.  (428-3)

     Herbal tonics that cleanse and revitalize the system can be equally reenergizing in their effect:

Thus aiding the whole system in its REJUVENATION, as related to the effect of DROSSES in the physical body.  (5509-3)

     Measures such as these are all essential pieces of the puzzle when it comes to keeping our batteries properly charged.  The trick is to use them in a constructive plan to keep all body functions in harmony with each other:

The body must see, to be rejuvenated, the body must be kept in a condition of construction; to ever find that the heart, the digestive organs' combination, the elimination and assimilation, the hair, the scalp, the nasal, the eye, the ear, the throat, the bronchi, the lungs, the structural forces of the body work as a UNIT--or as ONE!  And then we may find, and do find, the body BUILDING, ever.  (681-2)

     The resulting youthful glow is just what the doctor ordered so long as beauty is not sought as an end in itself but is shared with others for a higher purpose:

     Be. . . not only physically fit for beauty but physically fit for the beauties of self--soul--development as it may apply to helpful, hopeful things, conditions, experiences that may be brought in to the experience of others.  (681-2)

     This leads us to another dimension of renewal that is less discussed because it is metaphysical in nature.  Several individuals were told in their readings that they could heal or recharge themselves through a combination of visualization, intention, and spiritual attunement exercises:

     . . . if the body will see, feel, know in self there is being enacted in self that which brings life's resuscitation in the earth, there may be felt that rejuvenation that only comes with the closer walk and communion with Him. . . (326-3)

     One of these talented individuals was Edgar Cayce himself, who, in an early Egyptian lifetime, had reportedly succeeded in rejuvenating his body at an advanced age.  Although the priest Ra-Ta may well have practiced certain physical disciplines, life readings on the subject do not focus on this at all.  Instead they emphasize meditation, prayer, releasing stressful emotions, refraining from negativity, and devotion to a life of service:

     . . . there were the needs for the Priest to enter into that period of meditation, of setting himself aside, purifying through continuous prayer, continuous seeking, continuous opening of those forces. . . Thus we had the Priest's rejuvenation, or the turning back of age as it were, or those conditions which would hinder the activities.  (281-43)

     . . . the regeneration of the body came to him through the casting aside, as it were, of the years of toil and strife through which the body of Ra-Ta had passed. . . (696-1)

     With the return then of the priest to the Temple Beautiful, there first began the priest to withdraw himself from the whole that regeneration in body might become manifest, and the body lay down the material weaknesses--and from those sources of regeneration RECREATED the body in its ELEMENTAL forces. . . (294-150)

     The priest in body. . . in the height of the development was at the regeneration, or when over a hundred years. . . in the earth.  (275-38)

     Anyone who thinks he's too old to start the rejuvenescence process rolling had better think again!

 *Excerpt reprinted with permission of the publisher. Copyright C 2012 by Carol A. Baraff, All Rights Reserved.

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