Journeys of an Earth Intuitive

 By Sarah Root*

These days I feel my heartbeat as the heartbeat of the Earth. When I breathe, I feel breathed by all of nature. And it feels like I have come home.

For many years there has been a calling within me to connect deeply to the Earth. As a child I spent hours walking in nature every day, immersed in a sensory communion that flooded me with well-being and assistance. I took that merging for granted. I don't anymore. Now after decades of other jobs I am able to truly heed the call to return to my childhood way of life: living in alignment with nature, actively using my skills as an Earth Intuitive and Earth Energy Worker.

I feel Earth's life force energy in my body. I sense Earth's soul (sometimes called Gaia) and also the spirit within every part of the natural world. For example, one busy afternoon as I was walking to the mailbox, I heard a woodpecker tapping gently on a tree in search of food. Instantly my tension drained, I was acutely aware of being connected to all of nature, and I heard the words "all is well; you are home". Nature spirits communicate with us like this in images, sensations and emotions...  and they channel the innate healing powers of nature to us. Now, whenever I need that reassurance of belonging to the web of all life, I can call in the vibrational healing energy of "woodpecker tapping".

As an Earth Intuitive it's my "job" to keep my heart finely attuned to nature: to go through each day being open, receptive, listening; to follow what is calling me. The first thing each morning, I reach outdoors with all my senses, welcoming the day and the spirits of nature. A half hour prayer walk in the forest, feeling deep appreciation for the beauty around me, serves as gratitude practice. That is followed by a long meditation (orchestrated by my guides) in which I may receive deep energy clearing, shamanic journeys or extensive messages about how to help heal humans or the Earth using Earth energies. By this I am led. Afternoons find me being co-creative with whatever called to me from the world of nature and spirit: writing, crafting, or spending more time outdoors. The work is to keep showing up face to face with nature.

What I receive from nature comes as sensations, knowings and images, with occasional words. It is such an honor to sense the energies and messages in living things! Last fall I was taking a quiet walk barefoot in the oak woods. Shifting into a state of heightened awareness, I attuned to the energy of different spots: a stone wall called me to do some sort of work there, a group of birches offered me the healing vibration of exuberance, and one powerful corner of the woodland clearly didn't want me to approach yet. Later I returned to dialog with the spirits of each site by following each sensation or image. I respectfully reciprocated by carrying out their detailed instructions. (For good books about how to work with nature spirits and energies, see Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits by William Bloom, or Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings by Marko Pogacnik

There is a special fascination for me in finding the sacred spots, also called "thin places" or portals, in nature. I feel their power. Activating sacred spots through ceremony and energy work opens a direct channel to Earth's heart. This is a profound source of life force energy and spiritual connection. Opening this flow of "Earth chi" is needed all across the planet and it seems to be one of my missions to help. Indeed, we can all help; any spot at all can be activated to some degree simply by bringing a deep, heartfelt awareness and appreciation. It will invite a wellspring of vital spiritual energy right where we live.

I believe we are all being called to create a conscious and intuitive relationship with the Earth. If this interests you, I would love to help you deepen in this way through an Earth Reading, Energy Work or Earth Wisdom Mentoring.

*Sarah Root is an Earth Intuitive and Energy Worker. Her passion is activating Earth connections to heal both people and nature. Sarah offers unique Intuitive Readings for you or your special land. Her unique Energy Work includes healing vibrations/attunements from nature, diverse spirit energies, and shamanic healing. Sarah's Earth Wisdom Mentoring trains others to attune deeply to Earth. Visit her at: ~ Aligning Mind, Body, Spirit and Nature.