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A Guide to the Consciousness of Man's Self in a Transitioning Time*


An Excerpt from a Channeled Text



Paul Selig




February 26, 2009


We want to talk about things.  And we have chapters to write and we have issues to be absorbed in a larger text, twelve, fifteen chapters, each one about Christ and the mastery of that vibration in a being.  Now we don't talk about personage of Christ as we do the personage of Victoria or Paul or Stanley or Fred.  That's not really the issue here.  The issue here is to discuss what it means to be aligned to a Christ vibration in a body that walks around and encounters other bodies in frequency.


Everything vibrates in a frequency.  This much you both understand, and your readers will understand as well.  Frequency is frequency.  It's the molecular breakdown of the issue, as it were.  Now Paul will back away whenever there is talk of science because he is frightened of it.  He is not a scholar.  However, we know what we talk about and when we say it's the basis, we simply mean that when you vibrate at a frequency, that is the frequency that you are aligned to, and when you are aligned to a frequency, that is what you call to you.  That is your experience of yourself and you're experienced by others in this way as well. 


So it's no big deal that you are in frequency.  The question then becomes, what frequencies are available to you, and what do they mean?  What does it mean to be in Christ at a certain frequency in tone, as it were?  Paul is saying "tone," as in sound, and we will say yes, in an extended way, that is what we mean.  Because tone implies resonance, and when something resonates, something is in alignment with itself and will call to it other tones, frequencies, expressions of the Christ that are vibrating at a similar level. 


Now the Christ frequency, as it is understood now, is a high one and it has been misappropriated, entitled, by most people, who have assumed it to be a Christian basis in religion, and a religion, unfortunately, that has received alignment to the wrong-mindedness of men throughout time.  And once you bypass the religion and you understand that the Christ is a consciousness, is a frequency, is an offering to man from the Creator to align to, then you begin to have a very different experience of understanding who you are.  There can be no Christ in man without man's aligning to it. It is there as a silence until it is awakened, and when it is awakened it has one duty, which is to seek itself in realization. 


No one is without the Christ.  It has not bypassed anyone.  And there is, in form, a way to access this frequency that will be understood as we continue to transcribe our stories and our teachings to you both. 


Now we do this with an intention, and the intention is that the recruitment to this service becomes larger than two people discussing an issue with guides' service in attendance.   This becomes a larger issue in service because this is work that is meant to be understood by others, and in the time that it takes for us to be transcribing these notes and teachings and lessons we could be waking up a lot of people.  So we are assuming now that this will be a vehicle to serve the awakening of others.  We will assume this and we will work with you both to align to the possibility that restructuring the self in alignment with the Christ frequency is the work of the time, the work of the time, the work of the time.


Now we want to tell you some things before you go any further.   This book will be twelve to fifteen chapters long.  It will have a basis of understanding that is called something that will entitle each chapter.  But that will not be the real chapter.  The real chapter, in a funny way, will be a microcosm of a larger teaching.  And once the small teaching is understood and inherited by the consciousness of the reader, then the work will take off in the cosmos, as it were.  And the reader will begin to absorb structures beyond what has been read.


If you can understand that this is a process that we are intending, and it's as if many of the chapters are etched in light and will be read in the higher frequencies once the key has been placed in the lock by the reader.  That is going to be the process here.  So it's as if we were to tell you "My Weekend in Alaska" is the title of a chapter when, in fact, you would gain an understanding of all that is cold by reading that chapter without knowing that that is what you are truly doing.  You would be resonating at a certain level that would allow the Dictaphone to continue beyond what's served on the physical page. 


So we will tell you this:  twelve to fifteen chapters, each chapter has a title, each chapter is in service to a consciousness, to an awareness, to a vibration to begin the alignment of the Christ in man in fruition.


Now this is no little deal.  This is not A Course in Miracles.  This is not another book that has been written.  This will be transcribed by us through Paul.  You will witness, you will question at times, and you will direct when the Paul self pulls out because he thinks this is crazy or because he doesn't want to know the answers because they challenge his own belief systems.  So there is going to be a requirement for neutrality for this process to take hold.  Other than that, it's really a question of meeting and transcribing and owning the possibility that the work that we are bringing forth is, in many ways, a vehicle for the manifestation of the Christ in man.


When we talk about Christ, we will be clear now, we talk about Christ as a creation of the God Self inhabiting man in its fullness.  We do not say, "You are Jesus" any more than we say you are a thing, or a that, or a light thing that can be called Jesus.  Jesus is a personage of the Christ, a manifestation of the Christ in fullness, and there are others as well who have ascended to this level of understanding and frequency.  And in part, their wisdom will be informing the text that we work with through Paul and through this process of understanding.


Tonight, you are both going to have an assignment in order to realize the book fully.  And that is to imagine the book as sealed.  A sealed book of promise that has been waiting to be unfolded for many, many, many years.  And the unfoldment of the book will come in time.   As each chapter is opened, the seal is broken, and the wonders that have been held within will open to the public who reads and wonders and accepts this vibration as its truth.  Now this is the work of this night.  Because once you understand that the book is already written and, to a large extent, this is a process of transcription and awareness and receptivity to the information held therein, it becomes a spontaneous act of being present for a miracle, as it were.  Yes, indeed, we will say this: you can be present for a miracle.


Now to wonder what a miracle is is to ask yourself: What am I?  What is the one before me?  What is the sky?  What is love?  What is a tree?  What is my name?  You are a miracle.  All these things are miracles.  And what we are consigning to you is a miracle of understanding that will bring forth, in its way, the triumphant Christed Self into manifestation.


Now we do not say this lightly.  This is not a tour book.  This is not a how-to book.  This is not a book that will solve your problems or take away the responsibility for your lives.  That is very significant.  Because when people buy books that are going to save them, they are paying someone to do the work for them, and, in fact, that is always a false truth, because the work can only be done by the self and the self's own worth is received in consciousness.  So when the self does not believe it can be fixed, healed, responded to as Christ, you know well that that cannot be undertaken. 


But in fact, those blemishes that stand in the way of the perfection of this realization can be cleared.  And once they are cleared, the true face shines forth in beauty and wonder.  And that will be the effect for those who engage in the process that we engage them in. 




Transitioning now.  And this is a transitioning time.  And the time that you are standing in must first be understood in order for you to recognize the achievement of the Christ as it's stood until this time.


The manifestation of Christ in man has remained primarily an ideal for the last two thousand years. That has been the ideal that has not made itself fully known, fully realized, fully understood, although the teachings that would have enabled this to be so are present in every religion on this planet.  However, the withstanding of that, the understanding that this is a time when these changes are remarkably apparent will become so understood by you that this will be a transition in your understanding of who and what you are, and who and what you have always been.


The time that you are standing in is a time of great change.  And the change that we speak of is a cosmic one.  And it is an interfacing with the consciousness of man and man's creations in a grand scale.


Step out, Paul.  We need to give them more information and Paul is actually obscuring because he's trying to listen to what's being said as it's being said, and that's not an effective way to hear.  The easiest way for Paul to do this is to step out of the picture as if he's in the bathroom outside the backyard and say, "Okay, there's stuff going on in the house and I trust what's going on in the house is safe so I might as well read a magazine." 


So we'll say it this way: There is nothing going on in this body, Paul, that you don't have to fear being taken over by.  There is nothing terrible happening.  You can align to us and we will deliver the speech to the extent that you will step out.  So this isn't a chapter, this is a discussion.


The first tape is for the book.  This is not.  This is preparation, and an understanding of how the work needs to happen.  Now trials come to every man when he decides, "I am going to go forward and claim my consciousness as the Christ."  Everybody you know of who has taken this one has had a hard time.  So why, Paul, would you assume that your path, or the path of those that you teach, would be a whole lot different?  It's not an easy path, and it's only not easy because it moves things.  And when you unleash a cave by rolling away the boulder that has blocked its entrance, its face, and everything that had been sealed within comes out screaming as it's exposed to the light, that is the process you have undertaken.  And those you work with, like it or not, have a similar experience.


Now it doesn't need to be hard.  It doesn't need to be hard at all.  It simply needs to be, and all that is hard is your attachment to the regulations you have placed on the self for the self to be and see and experience the world in a certain way.  That's all there is to it.


If you don't believe that the trees will fall, when the trees fall you will be astonished.  If you believe that trees fall all the time in the forest, you are not surprised at all when you find yourself stepping over tree trunks on the path in the woods.  That's the way this is.


If you believe that the structures that you have created to give yourself worth, or prestige, or a feeling of safety, or a belief in your abilities to do certain things, if you believe that these are all permanent structures, you will be shocked when suddenly you are not able to write anymore, or when suddenly you have a new desire, or suddenly the prestige that you require to give you praise in an external way is vanished.  Then what do you have? 


Now if you know that trees fall all the time in the woods, you go, "Okay, here we go, I'm continuing on my path and I may have a tree to climb over but that's all there is to it."  If you believe that trees never fall, and you are struck by a tree, you're gonna have a harder time with it, because your world will be rocked.


In this country, 9/11 did something very similar to the consciousness of this country.  It realigned itself first to victimhood and then to outrage and then to a belief in retribution, and those were all required by the collective consciousness of the thinking and the experience of a country who did not believe that such a thing could happen to them.


If there had been another consciousness, the responses would have been fairly different, and the premonition of change, and the change in the status of this country, would have been worked with in a very different way.  But because the country was in frightened action and then in revenge, which is always unconscious, because one cannot be truly conscious and be in revenge, you will understand that the course that was acted on, was approved of, by the mindset of a country that did not believe that a tree could fall in the woods.


There are trees falling all over the place right now, and people are climbing, and they're building tree houses and they're building tunnels.  And people are hiding their money, and they're doing whatever they need to to prepare for difficulty, which, as you know, creates difficulty.  You do not prepare for a divorce without planning a divorce, and you do not prepare for difficulty without planning for difficulty.  That is different from saying, "I am going to save some money, I am not going to give up something that I need right now that gives me a feeling of safety."  However, if you hold onto something for the safety that is going against the soul's requirements, you will find that there is a difficulty ahead.  Because at this time on the planet's juncture, the realization of the soul's requirements must be put first.  Period.  It's going to happen anyway.  All that will stand in the way is resistance.


Now we will tell you one thing.  The country's role at this time is not to be the leader.  It is to be the model of great transition.  And how this country observes itself in transition will become the marker for the survival of this country in the passing years.  This country has an opportunity now to relinquish power in a vibrational way that has been assertive and active, engaged "against" as opposed to "for."  And once that is understood, that there can be a kindness and a consciousness and a wisdom, many, many, many things can change here.  However, if you revert to the patterning of the past, which is the consciousness of the country as it still stands, of entitlement and outrage and self-congratulatory-ness for its own past conquerings, you will find that the country has a difficult, difficult time ahead of it.


Does this have to do with the Christ?  Yes, yes, yes.  Of course it does.  We speak of the Christ in terms of consciousness, and the vibration of the Christ, which would bring about the change in consciousness we speak of to this country and to this plane of existence in a whole way, is part of the transition that we discuss with you today.


We're taking Paul farther out, so that we can channel directly.  This will be an opportunity for him to stay in the background and look at a picture hanging on the wall so that we can get the words out without intrusiveness and questions.  He has many questions too.


Whistler's Mother is hanging on the wall and Paul wonders what the big deal was.  It wasn't a great picture, was it?  However, what it was, quite simply, was an identity framed in consciousness, out-pictured and created and then witnessed by others, and that is everything in your life that you understand, experience, and see.  So it is as worthy an issue, it is as worthy a painting, as anything else he might stare at while we have a discussion with the tape recorder and Victoria.


So we speak of the country and we speak of the Christ and we speak of the manifestation of the Christ in consciousness as we work forward to bring forth the required changes.  We will speak of the book again and what the book needs to be.


It is a passage book.  It is a book that you read, experience, and there is a passage entitled to its purchase.  Which means, when you start the book here and you complete the book there, there is a different place, there is a different frequency, there is a different knowing on the other side.  The book itself is the passage.  If you think of the book as a steamship crossing a great ocean from one continent to the next and when you get off the boat you are on the new continent, that will be the instructions held therein. And by instructions we don't just mean what one needs to do to receive the Christ consciousness, but also the work that is done silently, through impressions onto the energy fields of the readers by the guides that are working with Paul and working with this on a global level to bring about this shift.


Paul is doing service in this way, regardless of what he thinks.  And there are many others on the planet right now that are doing similar service, because this has to become



If you can imagine that these are temples being built, these are pyramids being built, and the high frequency at the top of the pyramids links to create a grid, a matrix of consciousness that will become apparent, an energetic system, a Christ vibration that will then be allowed to work through and inhabit and recreate itself through the personages, energy systems, beings of those who would welcome and embrace it, you will understand the mysticism and the practicality of this endeavor.  So this will be one pyramid and there are many, many, many being built in the conscious intentions of the seekers on this plane at this time.


Now Paul has questions, and the questions are as such:  "Will I be myself at the end of this journey?" "Will I still have my job?" "Will I still know what I want?"  We have answered these in direct channelings and they will be answered again as part of the chapters of the book, but only in a way that will frame this experience for the new intelligence that is approaching this material for the first time.


Now Paul is going to be channeling daily for the next two weeks, whether you can be present or not.  We are going to ask that someone be present to take the notes and to hear the voice as the chapters unfold.  This is not like a book that is written over months and years.  This is a book that is dictated, and it is in passage, so Paul will have to clear the decks a little bit in order to make this possible.  He worries a lot that there will be nothing to say, that there is no chapter.  It is easier to say, "There will be a chapter," than to fill one up.   But if Paul listens carefully, he will realize that we have just written a prologue today, and an introduction that will suffice, with several edits, to stand as a whole chapter.


Now the passage that we speak of, of this book, of this transition that the reader will attend to, is a transition of knowing.  And what people know when they finish the book will be different than what they know when they pick it off the shelf.  However, we do not speak of knowing on an informational level, we speak of knowing in truth.  "I know what I know what I know."  We do not brainwash, we do not infiltrate, we create the opening for their own knowing to be made full within them.  How would it feel, finally, to know?   "I know myself.  I know my worth.  I know my love.  I know my body.  I know my path.  And I know that I am deeply loved by my Creator."


Now Paul does not know this.   He defends it by saying it's process, and that in time he will know if he's meant to know.  But he has a huge investment still in anchoring all the reasons why the Creator could not love him, and others as well.  "Because I am this, because I am that, because I don't do this, because I do that."  All of this is an excuse and a way for the ego to prevent the self from releasing its power to the Creator.  When you are in the Creator's love, you are one with who you are in truth, and all of the things that embellish the self, that keep the self separate through embellishment, which means, "I am this, I am that," all of those false tokens one hangs on their shoulders as reasons why they are separate from God's love, or other's love, or the self's love, all of those things must be cleared.


Now you will do this, Paul, as others do it.  But we will use you as an example through the book as a way to see the self as healed.  We will use Victoria to the extent that she is present for these channelings and we will use descriptions of others as well who you don't know or you do know, simply to say, "an example of someone who does this that or the other thing that needs to change in order to realize herself as the Christed Self she truly is."


But other than that, you will be understanding things on a level that is global.  It is global, this work, but the global is realized through the individual and that has always been the case.  When there are enough people, frequency, at present, vibrating at a certain level, the change will be significant and will be felt, and will resound in a wonderful song.


So we thank you both this morning for your attentions to our thoughts and we will give you the title of the book now, to the extent that Paul can stand away:  I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man's Self in a Transitioning Time.


Word I am Word through this intention to realize this book in its wholeness, in its accuracy and in its wisdom.  I am a clear channel for the transmissions that are to come forth in wholeness.  Word I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.


Thank you both and goodnight.


* Reprinted by permission of the publisher, Tarcher/Penguin. Copyright C 2010 Paul Selig.


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Paul Selig

Author of I AM THE WORD



Paul Selig is a writer, teacher, and intuitive living in New York City. 

He is the director of the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College and serves on the playwriting faculty of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

His work for the theater has been performed internationally at venues including the Sundance Film Festival, the Joyce Theater, En Garde Arts, The Long Wharf Theater, Teatro Plastico and the Ensemble Studio Theater.  His plays include the one woman show Mystery School (performed by Tyne Daly), the stage adaptation of War Letters (with Treat Williams and Mario van Peebles), additional material for the national tour of Tallulah (with Kathleen Turner), Terminal Bar, the Pompeii Traveling Show (NY Drama League Award), Moon City and Body Parts.  His operas include the trilogy 3 Visitations. He collaborated with Shapiro and Smith Dance Company on Notes From a Seance and Never Enough. He recently completed a credited rewrite of Truth in Translation, commissioned by South Africa's Market Theater and the Colonnades Theater Lab.  His work is published in numerous anthologies, including The Best American Short Plays of 1996-97; Gay Plays 3 and The Best Short Plays of 1988.  He received his MFA from the Yale School of Drama.

Paul had a spiritual experience in 1987 that left him clairvoyant. As a way to gain a context for what he was beginning to experience, he studied a form of energy healing, working at Marianne Williamson's Manhattan Center for Living and in private practice.  He began to "hear" for his clients, and much of Paul's work now is as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, channel, and empath. Paul has led channeled energy groups for 15 years.

Paul was invited to channel at the Esalen institute's 2009 invitational Superpowers and the Supernormal symposium and is featured in the upcoming documentary film
Authors of the Impossible.


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