Passport to the Cosmos:

Human Transformation and Alien Encounters*
John E. Mack, M.D.
Summary by Connie Livingston-Dunn


Through interviews of abductees or "Experiencers", Mack concentrates on the meaning of the experiences for humankind rather than trying to prove the reality of the aliens or "ET's" and the abduction experiences. Our willingness to explore their experiences expands our view of the universe and our way of knowing and perceiving.

With a shift in consciousness and the collapse of duality, we will see that we are all connected to one source and that source is within us. The aliens are our partners in our connection to Source. Through alien contacts the Experiencers feel that they are being helped to move to higher levels of consciousness and the mission of both the Experiencers and the aliens is to help us save the earth.

Abduction: The Next Generation

The encounters with aliens or "humanoid beings, are accepted in many non western and indigenous cultures and are part of their myths and stories of their ancestors coming from the stars in spaceships and creating cultures here on earth. The supernatural and a direct communication with the Creator have been part of their daily life. Shamans from these cultures embark on journeys that take them to alternate spaces and time beyond the material world where they bring back knowledge and skills that benefit the tribe.

Experiencers or abductees are those who have been taken by alien beings or ETs, sometimes against their will to spaces where they take part in procedures that may include the communication of knowledge or strong feelings of love. Subjects were interviewed using relaxation techniques or modified hypnosis to access the non-ordinary state of consciousness to help them to release their powerful emotions from their experiences. For the Experiencers, the subjective conviction and meaning are real.

Westerners view this with suspicion as it does not conform to the logical, materialistic view that can be scientifically verified by traditional physics and experimentation, (although new postulations and theories in quantum physics are bridging the gap).

What is common in the encounters with the aliens with this group is the connection to the ecological crisis that is occurring on earth and the importance of expanding our consciousness and learning new ways of acquiring knowledge through the subtle or unseen realms. Through the interviews and narratives of these Experiencers, patterns have emerged that contain a consistency from one person to another.

Basic Elements of the Phenomenon of Abduction

** The person is home, in their car or outdoors when a bright light, humming sound, and/or vibrations appear, and a strange craft and humanoid beings. The Experiencers are taken against their will and are given a variety of medical-like examinations and procedures, having to do with sexual and reproduction procedures, which may be very traumatic and may result in hybrid babies. They also may report that a variety of minor or major conditions have been healed, and that they have also been transformed by being more intuitively connected to others and to the earth.

**  Also common to many Experiencers is the telepathic transfer of information and images through the eyes of the aliens, and by being transported to earth scenes of exquisite beauty or of the apocalyptic destruction of the earth. The aliens may also convey skills and information of profound and sacred meaning.

**  The third commonality is the expansion of consciousness that does seem to occur from the traumatic event of the abduction. The experiences seem to change the consciousness of the Experiencers and they are convinced that they have a life preserving mission and may develop psychic abilities. They also experience a collapse of the time/space perception of entering another reality, of possessing both a human and alien identity, and of feelings of connection with all of creation. Over time they may see their alien abductors as spirit guides bringing them closer to the Source or ultimate creative principle.

If the experiencer is able to surmount the traumatic fear, then the encounters evolve over time into a relationship between the Experiencers and one or more of the humanoids, reaching to profound feelings of love, through the eye contact of the depth of the black eyes of the aliens.

How Do We Study Something Like This?

Originally the earth sciences regarded strange phenomena as folk tales, yet parapsychology is one area that challenges the mechanistic view of the universe. The abduction experiences seem to be of no known visible universe and yet they appeared to manifest in our world, just as crop circles and apparitions of Mother Mary have appeared. There is a fear of the unknown and a resistance to knowing as this challenges the prevailing view of reality and is in conflict with the common belief that we are the most advanced intelligence in the universe.

We can study these physical manifestations of evidence through photos, soil samples analysis where crafts have supposedly landed, and by implants and health problems supposedly stemming from the abductions but it is difficult to prove that they came from abductions. There is just enough evidence to convince those who want to believe and not enough to convince those that don't believe. The only physical evidence that has been found to support these experiences is that when the Experiencers are remembering what happened to them, their frontal lobe displays a hyper arousal pattern on their EEGs similar to advanced meditators.

Each person was interviewed prior to being included in the study and there were no findings of personality disorder to account for the experiences. Included in the study were also indigenous medicine men from different cultures and a photographer who took pictures of the lights, which were corroborated from others in the area who have also seen them. The abductees described their experiences as mind shattering, Mack was convinced of the Experiencers' truthfulness because of the intensity of the feelings and appropriateness of what they were reporting. They had no secondary gain and were being as truthful as they were able to be and the words and body expressions were consistent across different cultures. Also noted is that memory is subject to distortion since it is reconstructed rather than retrieved in its original uncontaminated form.

Mack used "inter-subjectivity" in the interviews as is used for a patient/therapist relationship by exploring the meaning through entering their world empathically and gaining trust, to be with their powerful emotions for healing.

Is it Real; and if so, How?

The abductees experience an "ontological shock" when they are not able to deny that what happened to them is in some way real. It is as if there is a third zone of being and contains the qualities of the unknown and its terrifying significance. The acceptance of this "reality" and the feelings of isolation also contributes to this shock.

The experience of time, space and dimensionality is where everything is always present and is a change in the way we perceive. The Experiencers describe moving to this parallel universe as moving into higher vibrations and passing through vortices from one dimension to another, like a birth canal or tunnel full of light. It is a finer and higher vibration where we are in an altered state of consciousness and it requires that we transform and evolve to see new things.

Abductees experiences are important because of the apparent ability of the beings and their advanced technology to manifest in our material world. According to some Experiencers, there is a shift in consciousness that is taking place that brings them closer to the ultimate creative source. They may develop psychic abilities from experiences and bodily changes and vibratory sensations from passing through the solid barriers into the other dimensions.

Light, Energy, Vibration

Light seems to be used in transporting crafts and abductees and they may feel as if they or their bodies are light. The vibrations are felt as an awakening of consciousness and a resonance at the cellular level, as a cleansing or healing and the body feels as if it is coming apart at the molecular level. Light may be seen as emanating from a sacred source and may evoke powerful feelings of love.

The Experiencers say we have the ability to go through matter or the aliens wouldn't be able to take us through it, that there is an inter changeability of energy and matter. Their vibrations change so they are in tune with the beings and the energy boosts you rather than draining you. These vibrations change the cell structure and cause a shift in consciousness or spiritual awakening.

The light and energy they experience may not be the same one that physicists measure and study. Light/energy is fundamental and may relate to chi, prana, kundalini awakening, and the subtle energies.

Protecting the Earth

The experiences of the abductees seem to be connected with the ecology crisis and they are being reprogrammed through changing their vibrations to pass this knowledge on to others. Experiencers are to be active in protecting the earth, and going through the changes requires an evolution of consciousness and transition from material/physical reality to spiritual, through feelings and not just giving info. They are trying to deepen our empathic connections with earth and feeling mother earth's pain. The earth changes are a cleansing to restore balance to the earth so that we can learn to live in cooperation with the simplest to most complex particles.

The Experiencers may receive visions of a dying world from the future, or of a beautiful place on earth. This information is transmitted by a direct telepathic communication from eye to eye contact, or from libraries on the ship where information is stored. According to one Experiencer, they are stored in spheres of light in caves.

The ETs live peacefully among us and with respect. They may be the keepers of our world.

The Hybrid "Project"

Sperm is taken from males and eggs from females in a forcible manner and an alien component is added to the fetus. There may be physical marks during the process. The alien babies still need a human mother for incubation and a young woman will carry the fetus which is later removed. from her uterus and placed in an incubation chamber. The Experiencers are encouraged to nurture the hybrid offspring after they are born.

Some Experiencers believe the hybrids are a balance between human and alien, and would be used to repopulate the earth if we destroy it and that this meets needs of aliens and us. Whether this is happening on a material plane or in another reality of consciousness is not known.

Obstetricians and gynecologists have found pregnancy symptoms and positive pregnancy tests with some of the Experiences and then later there are no symptoms and no fetus. The doctors conclude that the fetus was reabsorbed since the woman did not have physical signs of a spontaneous abortion (fetus was removed by the aliens). The women report the pregnancy is somewhat different from a "real" pregnancy and they may have an alien mate in this other "dimension". One Experiencer describes the babies as being lighter in weigh, very fragile and not as dense as human babies.

In the past, there were health problems of physiological or anatomical defects in the hybrids and difficulty in producing emotions, however, it has been changing over the years. Hybrids seem to need physical touch and breast milk although there is no evidence that they are of the physical plane. The mating with aliens is done with vibrations of the cells and the seed is left energetically as it is not a physical seed.

Although this process seems intrusive by human standards, it's for a higher purpose and a loving and powerful connection develops with the aliens during this process. This process also serves as an elevation of consciousness, which appears to be a state between waking and sleeping.

Shamans, Symbols, and Archetypes

The abductees experience a world of symbols and archetypal images of great power and the aliens may present themselves as animals, where the eyes are too large or pronounced. Common animals that are used are cats, owls, eagles, snakes, spider, deer, raccoons, or panthers.

The forms the aliens appear in may also depend on their level of consciousness or on their agenda and also the level of the Experiencer and what fits into their framework of beliefs. Some of the beings seem to be more progressive and future oriented while others seem to be more oriented to the traditions of the past.

The phoenix is also a common symbol, which stands for death and rebirth by fire, destruction and renewal and feeds on no living things. The tunnel spaces are felt to be symbols of a rebirth, (reincarnation) and are ways of teaching about inter dimensional travel, that we go through these tubes to other planes of reality and that there is life beyond this life.

To Native Americans, the power animals are the same as the aliens and show themselves as power animals or symbols which appear in the sky after native ceremonies. Encounters are more frequent among shamans from indigenous cultures and they say that these beings have been around for thousands of years and are coming more frequently now.

These new alien beings that shamans are encountering are different from other beings that are present in their shamanic journeys as they are not able to manage them through the skills that they learned as shamans. These beings have overwhelming energies and they appear to have a direct link to divine intelligence that is beyond forms and symbols.

Some Experiencers feel manipulated by the aliens and deceived by their using personal spiritual beliefs, while others feel that they use symbols for establishing a common ground to communicate with us. This communication through symbolic images may be like a hologram projected into the Experiencer's consciousness as a faster way of communicating and as a preparation for learning. They use the shock of their impact on us and their intense energies to open our experiences and expand our boundaries of our familiar world.

The Experiencers feel the interconnectedness of everything through these encounters, which is similar to the states of consciousness that shamans enter. If Experiencers, shamans, and others can integrate these experiences they can move to higher levels of consciousness. Perhaps aliens are modern day archetypes as we no longer believe in the Gods.

Bernardo Peixoto

Bernardo is a shaman from Brazil, and he received his healing and intuitive powers from the encounters with the aliens. To his people, the aliens are the great spirit taking physical form and are the people of the stars, acting as messengers of God. They are everywhere and nowhere and we may all be descendants from them.

They are coming to us more frequently because we are destroying the earth and they don't want to see this happen as they love us. This is the time when their myths tell us that the condor and the eagle will fly together, with the condor bringing the knowledge of the south and the eagle bringing the power of the north.

Sequoyah Trueblood

Sequoyah is a Native American shaman who believes the beings are always here and become visible so they can interact with us and bring us back to our source by opening ourselves. They are our teachers, star beings, and he welcomes the teachings. ETs are just one "face of spirit" and they will not interfere with our free will.

Disease is being out of harmony with the creator and human destructiveness comes from unresolved pain and suffering. Sequoyah's mission is one of healing and transformation, teaching about trust, open mindedness and unconditional love. He has transmitted his own pain and suffering so that he can serve others and pass on the wisdom of the peace and love that fills all creation.

Vusumazulu Credo Mutwa

Credo is a shaman from Africa, who uses his teachings to transcend violence against nature and separation-ism of cultures. ETs give us knowledge of the real meaning of things and have influenced our cultures from the beginning and he believes they are our future descendants.

Reincarnation and selfishness are the factors that motivate us and he believes that the ETs are also motivated by these. He links them to cave drawings of the Australian Aborigines; to the ancient Sumerian sculptures of figures with large eyes and bald heads, small noses and chins; and to crop circles and animal mutilations.

The aliens are using us and harvesting from us, but he isn't sure why. He felt tortured when sperm was taken from him and feels ambivalent toward them, because he is bitter about their purpose, but also he received knowledge and healing power from them and believes they can bring us back to Source.

All three shamans demonstrate that the phenomenon of abductions is not simply the imaginings of Westerners. All of them had both a Christian and a native up bringing and they see pain and suffering as a means to growth.

Trauma and Transformation

Although there are traumatic aspects associated with the intrusive procedures that the Experiencers go through, they believe that this is not the most important or central aspect of the trauma. Instead the "mind shattering" impact brings about ontological shock, carrying the possibility of profound personal mind-altering transformation.

Common characteristics of the trauma include:

**  Manipulation of their minds (Mind rape)

**  Isolation of the abductees as they can't readily share their stories

**  Helplessness to protect themselves or their loved ones

**  Challenges all their beliefs and reality itself

**  Fear of separation of body and soul

**  Not knowing when it will occur again

By confronting the fear and acknowledging it, they recognize the power of love to encounter the dark forces and the freedom to open up and to love instead of to resist.

The transformation element seems to be a part of the actual abduction phenomenon as well as part of the process of recovery through:

**  Transcending material level of reality

**  Shattering of boundaries

**  Higher vibrational level

**  Awareness of higher consciousness

**  Choosing to be destroyed or uplifted by the encounter

Returning to Source

Yoga, Holotropic breath work, meditation, prayer and mystic states, are ways to reach Source, as are Near Death Experiences, spontaneous Out of Body Experiences, serious illness, and alien encounters. These transpersonal experiences challenge our ordinary everyday reality.

The Experiencers believe that the aliens are messengers from the Source/creative principle of the universe, a bridge between the One and us. They may be a kind of energy form that becomes embodied that helps us to connect to other planes of existence.

The ability of choosing and remembering unity over duality is part of, or heralds, a collective shift in consciousness or transcendence, where we become an eternal body of light in tune with nature and the universe with a feeling of oneness with all, and we then loose our fear of death.

The Experiencers feel the pain of separation from home or Source and a longing for reuniting. It is as if there is a cosmic game where the Creator learns of itself through the splitting of consciousness.

Everything is unconditional love, where we surrender to spirit. There is a resonance within the body, so that there is a communication with others on an energetic, spiritual, emotional, physical and cellular level.

The Experiencers have difficulty in reconciling the different realities of aliens and humans and tend to move toward jobs in human services or healing, to help others to having a greater understanding of themselves and others.

Relationships: Contact Through the Eyes

We experience our connection with Source through relationships, and with the aliens, through their eyes, which were reported as mesmerizing and full of love, an opening to the infinite and a mirroring of truth for Experiencers. (There was no pupil and no eye lid to blink). Some Experiencers would see from the perspective of aliens eyes, and realize that their essence was no different from any other beings. They are reaching out to us across energetic and dimensional shifts to play the roles of mentor, teacher, guide, and guardian.

When Experiencers were violent or aggressive, aliens would use paralysis, etc. to stop the behavior.

Our inability to understand what their purpose is, brings about the terror, however, symbiosis would develop between the humans and aliens when they were accepted, which seemed to be a mutual need.

The Experiencers were encouraged to form a connection with their alien mates, which may have begun in childhood as that increased the chances of healthy hybrid children. The aliens also expressed concern about the increase of genetic deformities and sterility in humans, which would lead to our dying out because we would be unable to reproduce.

Intercourse between the abductees and the aliens was felt as a vibration throughout the body rather than body movement, and brought about a feeling of merging. Some felt a healing through touch.

Conclusion: The Emerging Picture

Whether abductions are happening in a material sense is not the most significant point; instead, the importance is that their experiences move them to deeper dimensions of reality, beyond the 3D universe and what this means for our future.

This reality is characterized by beliefs that:

**  There are beings that are not embodied as we are

**  New shifts of consciousness happen from new information or experiences that are totally incompatible with our world view.

**  Symbolic and metaphoric reality may happen in energetic or subtle body

**  There is an intelligence that is breaking into our reality from another realm

**  They are trying to help us heal the earth by intervening to help while they respect our free will

Three types of aliens are mentioned:

**  Little gray ones with big eyes, shape shifting

**  Reptilian ones who may play rough

**  Tall blonde ones who are overseers of the grays and closest to Source

Common elements among the Experiencers:

**  Highly traumatic (at least in the beginning)

**  Created to shatter our reality, of the world, that we are not the top of the great chain of being and other powers are far in advance of us

**  Encounters of intense vibrational frequencies that profoundly affect their consciousness

**  Causes psycho-spiritual changes if they can work through the trauma.

**  Access to non ordinary states of consciousness similar to shamans of indigenous cultures and the great archetype of collective unconsciousness

**  Shift in body vibrations which connect or reconnect them with divine source

**  Heart opening with all living beings and with creation

**  Seeing light as the source of all

**  A reverence for nature and sense of the sacred, interconnection of the web of life.

**  Deep relationship with an alien being

**  Changes in their lives, core beliefs and world view, a death of the ego

**  Remembering where we came from and that we are all part of the creator


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