Edited by HENRY REED, Ph.D.
September 26,   2011
Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration



The Power of Personal Vibration

By Penney Peirce


Forward by Michael Bernard Beckwith


Book Summary by Gail Sue Parcheta


Penney Peirce identifies your home frequency as the energy field that vibrates your personal energy. It's what has drawn this book into your electromagnetic field. The words on the pages resonate with your frequency, transmitting the grace and power of her nine-step transformation process.

While Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin talked about our inner space as being energetic and evolving, his theories were banned by the Vatican and not widely accepted at that time. Today, other visionaries, like Penney Peirce, expand on these body-mind-spirit connections and our interconnected universe. She has created an "energetic template" which can help us tune in to the "Intuition Age" and the higher frequency of our "expanded" Authentic Self.

Peirce shows how we may consciously develop our intuition, calibrating and recalibrating our home frequency, to apply our thought-energy as a tool of transformation, shifting us toward the luminous beings that we are.

--Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation


To the Reader


Frequencies Rising! Key things to understand (1) You are experiencing stages of accelerating energetic frequency  (2) Your frequency rises along with your awareness (3) Working with your sensitivity and keeping your vibration clear will be the challenge of the coming years. Intuitive people have felt these subtle frequencies; and they learn to adjust to the accelerating pace of the external world, as they navigate the waves of shifting energy toward a pattern of interconnectedness, oneness and love.

Are the Frequencies Calling You? You may be looking for equilibrium in this state of accelerating frequency and searching for ways to thrive in the Intuition Age. You may be tired of emotional tailspins, negative people, and nonstop stimulation. You want to make sense of things and understand what's happening to you. You may want to reclaim your spiritual nature and your innate creativity.

Your Highest Frequency Can be Normal. What's happening to you is facilitating the tipping point for society moving into the Intuition Age. Your high quality feeling state is one of empathy and compassion. Experiencing feeling loved, lovable and loving in your body is feeling your expanded creative self as a normal state.

There's More Beyond the Law of Attraction.  Movies and books such as The Secret, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Field, The Celestine Prophecy, What the Bleep Do We Know? The Hidden Messages in Water have helped us become aware of working with energy. However, it's important to "connect the dots" with all these interconnected topics.  Then the artwork will appear, and you can apply your own vision, in your own colors, to complete the drawing.

I want to Help Ease Your Transformation Process. Since the mid-1970s I've recognized this new paradigm. I want to help you work with your personal vibration and move fluidly through the phases. Blocked emotion can become exquisite sensitivity.

Keeping a Journal Makes Your Growth More Conscious. Simple exercises can help document what's happening to you as you get into this information.

At the End of Each Chapter You Can Shift Your Awareness!  An excerpt of direct writing is included at the end of each chapter  inspirational pieces that come from the heart and speak universal truth and insights, helping your to feel into your intuitive "mind-in-the-heart."

Using Your Intuition Helps You Experience More. Focusing in the present moment unifies the body-mind-spirit fragments of yourself. You might experience an intuitive moment as you pause and drift from the reading, or an "aha" moment that correlates with a chapter as you go about your day.

Finding Frequency

While working with intuition development since the 1970s, eventually I found I'd become tuned into frequencies of consciousness and vibrational energy patterns.

We're all Evolving into Heightened Sensitivity.

Because of lack of validation and training, our innate empathic sensitivity gets tabled at an early age. My mother helped keep mine alive with imaginary games and I began learning how to feel into people. Like a tuning fork, we feel into what people around us are resonating, their personal vibration.

You Can Know Many Things by "Feeling Into" Life

It's mind boggling how the process of feeling into things and people can bring understanding and compassion at a deep level.

How Frequency Gave Me Its Name

Synchronicity played a role in creating this book, as I experienced a signal from the universe the day my father died suddenly. Feeling out of sorts, I'd left my desk and went to the movies. Frequency was playing, with Dennis Quaid and Jim Cavaziel, in which a son talks to his dead father via short wave radio a frequency outside time and space where together they create a new future. That movie still holds me spellbound. 

Later on, as I was outlining this book, jotting down possible titles, the word FREQUENCY seemed to write itself. Shivering, I knew I'd tuned into that same vibration or frequency spanning life and death.



Our Phoenixlike Transformation


If you sometimes feel like an inflating balloon, wondering how much expansion you can bear before you burst, know that there is an unlimited way of knowing and perceiving.

There's a Good Reason You Feel Excited and Pressured. The transformation into the Intuition Age will shake you up, but you'll love the destination on this journey. There is a road map to help you make sense of this trip. The map provides a framework for navigating the stages of your transformational shift into this new era using your personal vibration.

Change + The Next Dimension = Transformation. Transformation occurs often magically when, as the phoenix legend, the ordinary self ‘dies' and is ‘reborn' from the ashes as a creature of light and love.

You're About to Experience a Big Identify Shift. As our identity shifts, the realm of the fourth dimension  (our soul experience) blends with our current third dimension. Linear thinking becomes replaced by an awareness of a unified field and your life will move more in spirals and waves. Fractals and holograms will be the basis of the new reality of consciousness where anything is possible.

Inca Prophecy Concerning the Coming Golden Age. James Redfield and Carol Adrienne, in their Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide, quote Elizabeth Jenkins, director of the Wiraquocha Foundation, regarding the years from 1992-2012 as being a critical time for humanity, a time when we transition from the third to fourth level of consciousness. Incan Spiritual Messenger Willaru Huayta from Peru speaks of the four great cosmic ages since the last Golden Era: Silver, Bronze, Iron which we are now leaving to usher in the new Golden Age. Here, we return to ‘The Ways of Nature' and regard our bodies as temples, with the altar being our heart. From our heart must burn the fire of love, reflecting the light within.

You can Understand Transformation: Here's the Miniseries. The phases of transformation may blend, or oscillate back and forth.  Being proactive will ease the process for you. It helps to understand the logic of this progression, so that you may flow through the stages, knowing you are having the experiences you need. Your frequency will rise as you traverse the nine stages of the transformation process.

1Spirit Merges with Body, Emotions and Mind

As the fourth dimension makes itself known to you, you feel lighter and sense something important is waiting around the bend. In this first stage we find interest in psychology, meditation, yoga, athletics, integrated medicine. Themes may arise regarding church or spiritual groups, mindfulness, dreams, intuition, life purpose, sciences and ancient mysteries.

2 The Frequency of Life Increases in Every Way, Everywhere

Your body works to meet the higher vibrations, and disrupts your comfort level. Physical symptoms may include heart pounding feelings, internal waves of heat, hyper sensitivity, dramatic emotional highs and lows, feeling under relentless pressure, shaky, nervous, can't sleep, short attention span or memory loss, disorientation and lack of motivation. You might be more sick than usual, impatient, irritable and prickly in nature. You obsess and worry, fantasize, get sidetracked and experience bodily malfunctions such as infections and allergies. Positively, this phase can bring you through to the higher frequency energy if you allow your body to adjust and experience vitality and wellbeing. You want to know more, and clean up your own act regarding body-mind-spirit issues.

3 The Personal-Collective Subconscious Mind Empties

Low frequency, fear-based emotional blocks subside as you undergo the hero's journey  through the darkness, and you face much polarity and either-or thinking. Your shadow side, which you've been resisting, comes into your experience, yet moves you flip-flopping through chaos back into the light, as you allow these dualities to be part of your life, mirroring both sides receiving energy and information from all aspects of yourself.

4 You Retrench, Refortify, Resist and Resuppress

As soon as you think you've healed the emotional wounds, your ego fights back.  You feel trapped in conflict and may pretend there's no problem,  or you escape into a fantasy world.  On the positive side, you may experience a breakthrough, seeing the chaos of others and clarifying your own way.

5 Old Structures Break Down and Dissolve

Resisting can only last so long. As the ego dies, you sense the letting go of the fear-based past, old co-dependent relationships, old habits, worn-out ideas and situations. You're tired of reciting your old story of lack and limitation. You may become disillusioned and susceptible to physical ills.  Once the dissolution takes place, you become an inner-directed person, guided to your highest wisdom.

6 You Stop, Let Go, and Relax Into Your Truest Self

You stop fighting.  You begin to experience your soul's vibration with its inherent qualities of peace and freedom and serenity. Sometimes you panic and go back to the old behaviors, but eventually find the grace and joy of your being. You feel rewired. Now is the time to feel into your home frequency, your personal vibration, so that you may get back to it at any time. You immerse yourself in topics of the soul prayer, vision quests, spiritual practices and you choose them intentionally. These choices turn you around.

7 You Re-emerge Into the World Like a Phoenix

It's all up from now on. You become a healer and teacher to help others navigate the shift. You are full of hope and inspiration.  Developing your intuition becomes of highest priority. You work with your heart-centered spirit to discover new pathways and you find yourself supported in achieving your goals  and having fun along the way.

8 Relationship, Family and Group Experience are Revolutionized

Your relationships are vastly improved, as you feel how our individual and collective consciousness is interconnected. You take responsibility for your actions. Practicing the Golden Rule becomes a way of life. You feel empowered, as you know that people will help you as you help them. You finally become your authentic self, while at the same time working in a broader realm of networks and organizations.

9 Enlightenment is Ground in Every Bit of Matter

Through the power of the unified field, you find childlike joy and freedom  creating your vision and destiny collaboratively within the fluid dynamic of your soul's wisdom and your interconnectedness with the destinies of others.



Living Among the Frequencies


If you think of the waves and vibrations whirling in space around you invisible broadcasting and transmitting information, you begin to notice such things as coherence with certain electromagnetic fields in your vicinity.

Sensing Waves and Sorting Vibrations is the Next Big Skill Set.

You begin to start feeling these fields and receiving information from the frequencies,  sensing their subtle influence. Your body will tell you, guide you to sort these vibrations. Working intentionally with the principles of waves, spectrums, cycles, and fields is a new skill set you'll learn to master.  You'll need to learn the variables to play your best game.

Outside You, the World is Vibrating.

As Albert Einstein's E=mc2 describes the nature of matter as stored energy, and the two being versions of each other, we realize that everything every object is a vibrating world of particles and waves, and that these states of energy can become each other. Also, matter and energy exist in a state of probability in the quantum world, so that there are multiple possible realities or superpositions, with any given moment, and your reality is determined by your perception. An amazing theory is the many-worlds theory at the quantum level there are an infinite number of real worlds existing simultaneously, giving rise to the notion of past and parallel lives.

We Live in a World of Waves.

In our oscillating world of wave energies, the electromagnetic spectrum carries 81 octaves from low frequency radio waves to microwaves, terahertz radiation (T-rays), infrared radiation, visible light (rainbow) spectrum, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays. Sound waves are compression waves traveling through matter. Temperature is also determined by energy vibration.

The Earth Itself is Vibrating.

The natural vibrational patterns of the earth affect your body. Examples: fertility coordinating with the cycles of seasons, tides, light and darkness. Magnetite crystals in brain tissue of animals, and even humans, respond to earth's magnetic fields, acting as internal compasses. Author Gregg Braden researched earth's geophysical cycles, which repeat throughout history. The earth's base resonant frequency, or Schumann Resonance (SR) has been 7.8 cycles per second, but recently it's been noted that this resonance is not constant, but is at 8.6 and rising. While this "pulse rate" is climbing, the strength of the magnetic field is declining, losing half its intensity in 4,000 years, which could mean a shift of the magnetic pole. He links these frequency changes to our cellular vibration and even DNA changes. This weaker field, coupled with faster base frequency could mean we can access higher levels of awareness.

Inside You, There is a World of Vibration, Too.

While the world outside oscillates with simultaneous potential realities, your inner world is vibrating as well breathing, your heart pumping blood, electrical buzzing of  your brain, nerves transmitting charges across synapses. Even deeper are the neurotransmitters and biochemical processes and deeper yet, the cells themselves. Even beyond the cellular level, molecules, atoms and ‘quantum entities' vibrate. At the highest frequency of the atom and particle, you may experience a wave of energy as it becomes awareness.

Your Brain Has Waves.

Brain waves have four categories: Beta (13-40 Hz or cycles per second, characteristic of  alertness); Alpha (8-13 Hz, characteristic of relaxed, but alert, as in meditation, daydreaming, artistic expression, being in nature); Theta (4-8 Hz, characteristic  of drowsiness); Delta (1/2-4 Hz, characteristic of deep sleep).

Your Brain Waves Correlate with Your Awareness Levels.

Although science has not made the leap, biofeedback training shows a correlation between brain waves and levels of knowing.  Fast beta = daily reality of the busy 'linear' thinking mind hyper and contracted. Alpha = openness, accessing deeper memory, symbolism, insight. Theta = soul awareness as the mind turns inward and reflects feeling unity with all things. Delta = out of body, with a sense of expanded self. Time and space have no meaning, as you shift into other dimensions.

Consciousness, Like Energy, Has its Own Spectrum.

Christopher Lenz of the Monroe Institute in Virginia researches sound patterns and the effect of brain waves and states of consciousness. Lenz maintains that a nonphysical, channeled entity, known as Miranon, divided consciousness into 49 levels and seven octaves. Miranon's system describes the Levels 1-7 as being of the plant world, 8-14 the animal kingdom, 15-21 human realm. This  realm seems to correspond to the seven chakras, or energy vortices in our body.

There are Awarenesses Beyond the Human Realm.

Levels 22-28 are beyond normal human awareness, such as after-death experiences and realms that mystics and clairvoyants travel to in altered states. Level 27 is known as "The Park," a kind of reception center after death, where we reconnect with loved one and guides help us navigate the possibilities for the future. Level 28 is sometimes called "seventh heaven," where people come into contact with teachers, saviors and prophets. Within the levels of 35 and 35, 'the area of the Gathering,' we meet intelligent beings said to witness two events to occur simultaneously on earth at some point. Level 49 has to do with astronomy and the cosmos. These are some of the notions about spectrums of energy and awareness.

What State of Awareness Corresponds with 214?

Numbers correspond to states of awareness and life lessons. Since numbers are frequencies, they carry knowledge and information.  By tuning into numbers, or traversing the scales, you will find yourself accessing new worlds of information.

Your Body, Emotions, and Thoughts Influence Your Frequency.

Personal vibrations change, up and down the scales, during the course of a day, as you experience a range of events and emotions.

You Have Your Own Personal Vibration.

Because of our wave-like nature, our own personal vibration changes, but it's important to know that you can influence it and determine how you want to feel. When you tune in to the frequency of your soul, you then are at your home frequency. Knowing how to intentionally focus into it, promotes your clarity. Your personal vibration is what you radiate in any given moment, and naturally fluctuates. One aspect affects the others. By being aware of this, you can do things to improve your overall vibration. Your vibration is affected by vibrations in the world and in other people. We're like tuning forks and we're affected by the energies of others. We generate our personal vibration from within ourselves. We choose how we want to feel. Settling at our home frequency or soul frequency can be a conscious choice, where we allow the soul to be in charge of our life, and not other people, places or events. As we move through the transformation process, we can see more clearly our own soul's loving, expansive wisdom and allow it to shine.



Becoming Aware of Your Feeling Habit

You were Born, and Still Are, Vibrationally Sensitive.
You came into the world trusting and expecting joy and love empathic, sensitive to vibrations, of the mother's heartbeat and the father's as well. We learn the heart-to-heart skill of feeling into from our experience of interaction of mother and child. Highly sensitive people (HSP) make up 15-20 percent of the population. They are easily over stimulated and may be more influenced by the unconscious mind.
Are Women More Sensitive Than Men?
While there's no gender difference in empathic feelings, women are assumed to be more intuitive due to having more fibers connecting the halves of the brain. They tend to see both sides at once, whereas men tend to compartmentalize, perceiving one thing at a time, and they must make a conscious shift into intuitive mode.
How Sensitive Are You?
We are all sensitive, but often unaware of it. Some of us pick up subliminal information but this can cause feelings of being overwhelmed, or irritable. If we are conscious sensitives we can use this subtle data, sensing right information and timing. Highly conscious people can feel into the spiritual dimension for insight and wisdom. Sometimes we're a mix of all three states.

You Have Both Healthy and Unhealthy Feeling Habits.

Our bodies learned early on to be open and radiant or contracted for survival. Healthy feeling habits include going within to figure what feels right in a situation, or learning to copy patterns of people you wish to learn from. Unhealthy feeling habits include "leaving your body" to desensitize the pain of a situation, or becoming ultrasensitive and merging with another person's situation. Healthy feelings help you discover right information; unhealthy habits help point you to wounds and blocked energy flows that need healing. 

How Your Feeling Habits Develop. 

You were born an empathic creature, like a dolphin merged in its environment, sending out your sonar of light, love and joy. In a healthy childhood this unconditional love is validated and returned. If your joy hits a wall of strictness, rigid beliefs and emotions, you become disoriented and unable to express your true self.  Your expansive creativity slows. You become silent. You flow energy where it can, resigning yourself to whatever crumbs of validation you can get to survive.

Now It's Time to Undo the Damage.

If you are one who adapted to limited circumstances, receiving partial acceptance and conditional love, you're likely to be  overwhelmed by this speeded up vibrational stimulation. These stimuli seem foreign and you feel you're on system overload. You wonder if you're up to the task of patiently, compassionately reassembling your true soul-self.

Unhealthy Feeling Habits Based on the ‘Flight' Decision.

In this case, you simply get out of the room or your job, relationships, even your body. You split. Distracting yourself and numbing yourself, you may wallow in addictive behaviors, live in other realities, or glamorize other places, time periods or heroes and celebrities and even your past lives. Moreover, you develop codependent relationships with the very people you've come to glorify, not wishing to displease, losing your identity in their life. Some larger-than life situation takes up your time, giving you an excuse to feel helpless, with no sense of self. You become exhausted. Paralysis and anxiety set in, wearing down your health. If you're fighting back, then you project blame onto others. You try to fix the problem in accordance to your preferences, perhaps becoming a rescuer or healer again projecting your ideas on others. You may use the tactics of charm, manipulation or force to influence others. You constantly study to know more, work longer and eventually become stubborn and immovable.

In Contrast, Here Are Some Healthy Feeling Habits.

To develop healthy feeling habits, you may begin to act without judgment, allowing yourself and others to be and do as they feel. You take note of the frequencies in your environment--people, places, situations--without lowering your own, merging with those that can activate new information, yet coming back to yourself. Since you want to be yourself, you trust information to come when you need it. You understand the oscillations of life, and have a tolerance for polarities in both yourself and others. You become fully engaged in connecting with the world in all its dimensions.

How to Turn Unhealthy Feeling Habits into Conscious Sensitivity.

You may set your own sensitivity goals by becoming aware of and identifying the things that aren't working. You forgive yourself and others when you get stuck in dysfunctional patterns. You catch yourself in the act, observe it, re-center, and substitute a healthy habit.

Developing Conscious Sensitivity Doesn't Take a Crisis.

If you feel yourself being invalidated and contracted, begin to take notice of what's happening in your body, and centering in your heart space, opening it and blooming like a flower in springtime.

It Helps to Find the Hidden Misperceptions.

If you can feel into the misperception that underlies an unhealthy habit, you can compassionately let it fade.


Freeing Yourself From Negative Vibrations

Sometimes we get stuck, rewinding our old tapes. Without knowing what to do, we dig ourselves in deeper.

How Do You Get Stuck? Let Us Count the Ways!
When we feel ourselves getting caught in a downward spiral, recoiling and contracting, paralyzed, the low personal vibration gets you stuck. Here are the ways.

1.      You haven't let go of a cycle of growth, even when it has been completed. You're in the trough of the wave, but you don't recognize it, and go along with it spiraling down.

2.      It's common to not use what you've been given, or to want more and force something before its time, or hanging on to something that should dissolve.  You stop your life-wave.  So you need to concentrate on what you love and how you want to feel. When you focus on everything that's not happening, or that you're not doing, you can't materialize anything. You're abandoning your own life flow. Protesting and complaining invalidates the process of materialization and stops your life-wave.

3.      If something triggers  a painful memory, you get out of flow and transport back to the past. You may become paralyzed, indulging in all sorts of negative fight or flight behaviors.

4.      When your self-talk becomes about what hasn't happened, or will never be, or you don't do, or aren't, you're talking about empty realities. You must re-center in your body, perceive through its filter, help it understand what it's supposed to do fill in the gaps in yourself that give the illusion of impossibility.

5.      You also remove yourself from your body when you project mind and energy into other's lives, other places and realities. It's like no one's home to receive the guidance, so your subconscious mind reacts with the same old scenarios.

6.      You find yourself in a holding pattern of things or beliefs or possessions. You hold yourself back from your truth. When you contract your energy, your wave motion stops and your frequency lowers. By remaining in a holding pattern, you miss opportunities and your wear yourself down.

7.      It becomes a vicious circle of being drained, dissipated, less and less motivated. You paint yourself into a corner and can't move.

Getting Unstuck Has Never Been Easier.

If you picture yourself floating down a river on your way to knowing your authentic self, you  realize that the low-frequency fears and unhealthy habits want to surface and dissolve. If you let go of the struggle you'll see signs of the new reality around the bend, motivating you to keep going. Feeling stuck means the wave is about to turn. It helps to relax into the current, sensing that all is flowing with you.

Free Yourself by Cooperating With the Waves.

Waves go where they want. You may as well go along with them. You may as well think of yourself as the wave, blending and changing with the constant flow of energy. We must learn to harness our willpower.  In other words, choose. Choose to be your expanded self at the highest vibration of your soul, or contracted and afraid, stalled in the low frequency of not being yourself. Choose to feel connected to life and synchronicities will flow, taking the place of willpower. If you follow the flow of the river, it knows where to go. Mastering the art of recognizing the crests and troughs, and negotiating the wave turns, helps encourage our fluidity and the letting go of our holding patterns. When our life is balanced in body, mind, emotion and spirit, there are fewer snags and  the waves flow rhythmically.

Raising Your Frequency Frees You from Negative Vibrations.

When you become fragmented because of negative vibrations and lack of unity with life, raising your frequency frees you. But first, clear away the mental and emotional clutter blocking  your personal vibration.

Decluttering Your Personal Energy Field Raises Your Frequency.

Picture yourself surrounded by onion-like layers of information, as octaves of awareness, through which your light shines. At the soul level you experience no fear, only compassion. It's a clear, diamond light. But it can only shine through the layers when you heal and release stuck emotions. If you're stuck in negative thought patterns, only one thing can fill these gaps. That is the healing presence, found by centering yourself and being present in the moment.



Feeling Your Home Frequency

Your home frequency is your own resonance expressing itself, being itself, bubbling up from your soul, acting as a compass. Tuning into it daily, actually inviting it in and merging with it, you find joy and right answers.


You've Reached a Magical Turning Point.
Clearing your unhealthy feeling habits, you may find yourself reaching a crescendo in this phase that feels chaotic. Hopelessness may settle in about old ways of doing things, yet you can't feel yourself shifting forward. It's then that you may need to let go of things, people, possessions that don't fit. You feel you're losing aspects of yourself. It's important not to backtrack into fight or flight habits. You will find your unique identity. It's in your home frequency. Uncurl it like a leaf and watch yourself magically recreate, rebuild and renew.

It's Time to Relax and Let Go.

Like a ship going through locks, you can change gradually from lower to higher levels, if you relax and stop pushing. Let go, center, and return to your Being your home frequency.

When You Stop and Let Go, It Doesn't Mean Loss.

Breakthroughs can happen in the midst of striving for action and results. Even though the ego wants a definite plan, you need to put it on pause to give yourself more time to allow your soul's magic to surface. Pay attention to what's vibrating in harmony with your childlike, joyful self.

When and How to Drop into Your Home Frequency.

When panic peaks, stop the internal dialogue and shift into even the tiniest place of feeling good in your body, focusing on feelings of playfulness and creativity and of enjoying your own being. Grasp that tone and imagine striking it as a tuning fork, feeling it ripple throughout the field around you. Enjoy the reprogramming and engage with your new ideas. Imagine the possibilities and go for it.

Sometimes You Have to Make Space Again, and Again.

Sometimes the sequence must be repeated many times before you "get it."  But if you learn to shift into being spacious, and not cluttered, you can clear rapidly  and peacefully past these setbacks.

You Ripen Naturally Like Fruit on a Tree.

In your home frequency you experience feeling uncluttered, allowing a deeper part of you to explore all options. It may take a moment, days, months or even years of wandering, but eventually you find the fruit ripening on the tree. You ride with the wave flow, with the joy of a child, losing track of time, anticipating new possibilities being born. When you least expect it, the fruit falls, granting you a surprising new idea, an opportunity or person.

Discover What It's Like to Be In Your Body.

Your mind must be in your body to feel what's real to your soul self. Because of the body's tendency to resonate with things in the environment, your home frequency may become camouflaged. You're not "at home."

When you're fully present in your body, you're fully convincing and engaged with life.

Calm Your Body to Feel Your Home Frequency.

Anxious feelings can be calmed  and tuned into a happy, healthy balanced tone, shifting you out of left-brain thinking mode into your right brain, intuitive, beauty-oriented mode. Continuous, smooth movement helps walking, swimming, biking, tai chi. Repetitive actions like rocking, conscious breathing, tapping on your body or repeating mantras helps calm you.

Your Heart is the Key to Your Home Frequency.

Activating your heart awareness is the most calming thing you can do. Be open, welcoming allowing that all is in divine order in your world and your purpose will be revealed. Opening your heart to positive emotions bring a smooth, coherent pattern. You're in harmony in your home frequency.

Your Home Frequency is Not So Much 'High' as It is Real.

The more you use your will to try to match your home frequency, the shriller the vibration. You don't generate it, it freely radiates if you relax into it. Take a snaphot in your mind's eye of your home frequency and describe it in a feeling sensation. Then you can recapture it when you get knocked off track.

What's Your Worst Possible Scenario?

Try to call up the state of mind when you are surrounded by problematic issues and people. From this state, project a worst case scenario and what it might feel like.

What's Your Best Possible Scenario?

Then imagine your best case scenario. Connect to happy memories of making a fabulous decision, landing a great opportunity, meeting special people who felt like soul friends, you experienced synchronicities and everything flowed. Sense your feelings when everything falls into place. Paint picture of this reality. You feel energy bubbling up, ready to rocket forth, like a racehorse at the starting gate.

It's Up to You to Choose How You Want to Heal.

Don't wait to feel good. Make the choice every day. Simply decide to do it. And enjoy the moment. Be brutally honest with yourself. Admit your mistakes. Be willing to let go and move on. Take special note of what has robbed you of your home frequency. Determine to return to it as the only  reality. Take back its power to catalyze your own enlightenment and that of others.

Your Diamond Light Body is At the Wheel.

Remember who you are, whenever you feel out of your element. You are light and love. Feel this truth and attune to it. View it as diamond light pure, clear, brilliant soul energy. Learn to activate it on moment's notice.

Strike the tuning fork and allow the waves of light to emit through your body out into the field around you. While others go through the transformation process, you'll be knocked off center at times, but then choose once again to shift back into your home frequency. Others, you'll find, are coming to you now to discover what you know as you receive and give waves of heart-light and heart-love out in the heart-field.



Feeling Into' Life with Conscious Sensitivity

Now that you are the risen phoenix, your task is to reenter the world, knowing the ebbs and flows of reality, but being aware of harnessing this power of awareness or conscious sensitivity, and retrieving information that will guide you.

'Feeling Into' Is the New Rule of Engagement.

Engaging in the world is sharing direct experiences with the people, things and events in your life being consciously sensitive, knowing and empathic. You notice you're feeling into your environment. This becomes your baseline for comparing frequencies and vibrations. You check in with yourself often, sort and download the information you are receiving. Then you clear your screen and reboot.

Conscious Sensitivity Helps You Know Things Firsthand.

Knowledge reveals itself directly  to you when you feel into the people, places, things around you. Layers of data begin to unfold as you build and tune up your sensitivity skills.

Feeling Into Life Creates Intimacy and Caring.

When you do so, you'll find a reciprocating kind of empathy with whatever comes into your personal field. Consciously doing so broadens your perception and your connection with other people.

What I Learned from Drawing in Japan.

In Japan I felt this kind of feeling into me in the midst of a crowd of people. I wasn't used to this feeling of "invasion" and felt as if I were drowning. I envisioned myself stretching up like a cresting wave and relaxed into this energy ocean. Then I understood their cultural reality from within it and they became like family. 

Trust Your Inner Perceiver and Follow the Path of Greatest Resonance.

There's a force within you (the Revealer, the Holy Spirit) powering your soul to direct attention to the life lessons needing to be learned and expressing your authentic self.  Trust this inner perceiver to guide you helping you to make decisions that feel comfortable and harmonious in synch with your home frequency.

Update Your Reality to Match Your Home Frequency.

As you go out into the world, you'll need to work to maintain your personal vibration. When you feel out of synch, it's time to sort out your frequencies, choosing new opportunities that resonate with yours.

Fill Your World With Your Home Frequency.

Once you've experienced the magic of being in tune with your home frequency, and how you want to feel, you begin to sense your expanded capacity. By sending out your vibration into the world, you'll begin to see the situations in your life coming into resonance with you. Life vastly improves.

Use All Three Levels of Your Brain to Refine Your Sensitivity.

Using the three levels of your brain (reptile brain--early recognition; midbrain--senses and feelings; neocortex--refined sensitivity) you can move up through your body (going up the spine) to connect with the reptile brain's gut instinct (attraction/repulsion), to the mid brain (smell/taste/touch/hearing/vision/empathy), to the neo-cortex (flashes of insight, recognizing patterns, mysticism). You can move up and down the ladder attuning your senses to pick up perceptions.

The Sooner You Know, the Better Your Sensitivity Serves You.

The sooner you are able to register and discern an impression, the more sensitive you become. So if you've made a commitment to your soul growth, for example, you may notice things showing up to support that growth. It helps to notice what you're noticing. If you're in your left brain too much, or out of your body, your soul still won't let up. It wants you to get the message. It helps to pick up subtle information early on, saving you much anxiety later.

The Subtle Vibration of your Truth and Anxiety Signals.

Truth and danger signals register in your reptile brain. You can recognize these signals as expansion or contraction. Don't dismiss them as in consequential. If a choice is true, you'll feel expanded, that energy is rising. The opposite experience is the anxiety signal – getting a sinking feeling, repulsion, coldness, feel gray, blue or nauseous.

You Can Apply Sensitivity to Business.

In the business arena, you can visualize the people you connect with as points of light light clusters tuning into them and picking up nonverbal information  that will help attract the right people and create the best plans.

Your Body is a Barometer of What's Happening Around You.

Notice if you are feeling sensations of frustration or relief. Feel what your body is feeling about the event, or relationship. Tune in to  its barometer.

Your Body Can Know in Other Times and Spaces.

Often we realize that we've seen something coming on the horizon, because our body has registered information about the environment. Waves of information come in. Neither time nor distance matters. Your body is like a lens, focusing the universe for  you like gazing into a crystal ball.

You Can Receive Impressions Easily from Resonant Realities.

Sharing a common energy field, we find that we overlap with other people's resonant realities who are in our environment. We can imagine a future realty. We can imagine it unfolding and read its blueprint along the way.

Here Are Some More Tips for Becoming More Consciously Sensitive.

When you expand into the field around you, remain open and curious. See what wants to be known. Relax and be receptive.  Notice the difference between "going over to" feel another person or event (whether you're crossing a gap, which takes willpower and is a linear way of thinking) versus inclusion, merging with what it is you want to understand. All things are messengers. You'll get the information as needed, integrate it into your perceptions and then attract a new idea and experience. If you commit to trusting your body and your soul to give you the necessary information, you'll begin to notice cues toward your next direcion, your soul purpose and life lessons.



Mastering Relationship Resonance

We've been moving through some phases of the transformation process. One important area of life in which we can apply these concepts is relationships. What greater joy can there be than to help others in need or participate in their healing? Learning how to work with these principles can also transform a troubled relationship into a gift of spirit.

Who's Populating Your World?

Check out your friends and the people with whom you work. You hope they're thoughtful and trustworthy, reciprocally engaging with you remaining adaptive and communicative in your relationship. What if you're surrounded by the opposite circumstances? Everyone in your life is there for a reason. Even difficult relationships can be gifts to your soul and assist you in finding your own true pathway. Often they are catalysts, bumping you along life's road giving you new insights. Or they may be in your life simply for the joy of it, as kindred spirits.

Relationships are a Path to Transformation.

Relationships help accelerate your transformation process, as they will intensify issues you may be dealing with, making it easier to test what is working or not. Relationships help you realize that you're not alone in the things you are experiencing. The common resonance for all of us is love. Merging fields of awareness brings the understanding of vibrational intimacy and with it the realization of a relationship field that encompasses both persons. From this you may draw valuable information for life lessons and value its destiny as part of yours from the individual level to the world.

The People in Your Life Frequency-Match with You.
You share a common frequency. Your worlds match. Your fields merge, and you may know things about them by osmosis. Whether at the conscious or unconscious level we attract others of similar vibration into our realities, even if seemingly dissimilar. One theme or truth is addressed for both people at any given moment in the relationship, whether we realize it or not. Finding these messages in the field is pivotal in working with relationships to help in the transformation process.
Discover How and Why You Connect With Others.
To evolve a relationship to its highest level, find the love energy that lies at its core. Your personal field frequency, low or high, attracts people in and out of it through mutual concern. Souls appear to each other when they have a natural resonance. The dynamics of any relationship are always changing. People come and go. But if your soul wants it, it will happen. Attracting someone into your field can be to clear blockages or validate your commonalities. In order to transform a relationship, both persons must rest in a pattern of internal balance and open hearts.

When Your Relationships Resonate to Fear.

Troublesome people in your life give you the opportunity to speedily transform yourself. Fear can put a relationship out of harmony and shake it up. You may project what you don't want to happen onto the other person. Both may project the nonverbal patterns from childhood and your soul brings you people with a similar pattern. Someone may show up who challenges your perspective, yet be instrumental in fulfilling your soul expression. You may both have unfinished business form a past life. In a karmic relationship, even though you chose it, you often don't know what hit you.

When Your Relationships Change and End.

If the vibration of one person's field changes, the relationship often ends. Maybe you've had a spiritual breakthrough. They may not frequency match with you. The relationship can suddenly shift in form when a karmic period concludes. You can feel the difference in the wave frequency. It's easier to evolve together if you've both been in the habit of  remaining in your home frequency. You're able to discuss the misalignment. Perhaps you can radiate a higher vibration together in a new field. This can happen if both reside in open-hearted honesty and fluidity.

When You Resist Being Alone.

If you find yourself in a place of rejection or have left a relationship, you may be alone and need this time to quiet down and get back to your home frequency. You're still in a relationship with yourself, and is of the most value of all.

Relationships Have a Home Frequency, Too.

When two people are operating from their home frequencies, their relationship field expands proportionately in openheartedness, love, understanding and joy. Differences don't matter because you share a common ground. You're like notes in a chord. And you will remain in attunement through being openhearted. You feel safe at home, wanting to support each other in reaching your highest potential. You feel the frequency-matching process and the intention of both of you radiates through an expanded field, revealing the wider wisdom and the best of both of you.

Giving and Receiving from Your Home Frequency.

Living in your home frequency brings a magical quality to your life. Giving and receiving becomes more than tit for tat. You give because of the pleasure of it. You receive what you need. There is something in the field for both people. You realize the power of being both giver and receiver. You are aspects of the giver, the gift, and the receiver.

A Relationship's Home Frequency Reveals Its Purpose.

Centering into the home frequency of any relationship, no matter how casual, serves as a base indicator for any future connection. Look for themes in your shared field and then that field will provide information about the relationship's purpose. The people that inhabit your world – even actors or characters in books – provide themes giving you clues to what you are ready to pay attention to.

You Heal Others by Healing Yourself.

You can learn from your relationships about serving, helping, healing others as well as yourself. The more people you integrate as aspects of you, the more empathic you'll become. If you want to heal and fix their wounds, it's your pain you feel. Hence, you must heal your own wounds. You must heal yourself in the laboratory of your own body: Physician, heal thyself.  When you resonate in love, your healed wound offers a pattern of transference for them. It's up to them to choose healing. 

You Can ‘Read' People With Conscious Sensitivity.

When you meet a new person, you'll notice your body responding to their personal vibration. You can feel the waves whether damned up, overamplified or polarized. Or you can feel if the waves are in harmony, and in congruence. When they're around, you feel more real. Sometimes the signals don't compute. You can feel the difference, for example, between openhearted energy and frigidity.

How You Can Move from Conflict to Energy Flow.

The first thing to understand is the cyclic nature of relationships always oscillating between states. The more fluid and balanced you are, the more you can ride the wave of frequency and energy flow, navigating the troughs (the inflowing, centering phase) and the crests (the outflowing, creative phase).

How a Relationship Can Oscillate Harmoniously.

A relationship can be in flow when we become comfortable with the paradox of both being together and being apart as good. A balanced relationship between two people who are resting in their home frequency can be a dance of beauty and harmony. It can be a relationship of mutual support, where you both remain openhearted during the cyclical phases, allowing you to access the greatest potential of the relationship.


Finding Upscale Solutions, Choices and Plans

When solving problems and outlining plans, it helps to be open to synchronistic happenings and impulses. The process seems to have an intelligence of its own.

A New Kind of Vibrational Problem Solving Can Make Your Life Easier.

Once you begin to view yourself working with the principles of personal vibration, you'll notice changes in the way you plan, set goals and arrive at decisions. The soul speaks, rather than the ego. We follow steps we envision in our goal-setting, but we see ourselves as connected to a divine process, where solutions and people appear exactly when we need them. You sense yourself on a constant path to something better, and always a new view. You consult with the collective consciousness and see what resonates with your home frequency and that of your relationships and organizations.  You stay in tune with your own holographic movie. Upscale solutions resonate at higher vibrations and benefit everyone involved.

Finding Your Destiny Solves the Soul's only ‘Problem'

The soul's main issue is to move from the perception of separation to that of unity. Once your destiny is revealed (your highest frequency life), you live it fully and enjoy the gifts of your unlimited potential. Energy flows, timing is perfect. Oneness guides you and problems are merely soul messages for your life, as it must be lived through your unique lens. You lighten up and do what you're meant to do.

You Can Transform the Way You See Problems.

You find your destiny by looking for the soul motive in solving each problem.  Find what's been stopping the energy flow. Relax into the situation. See the problems as being helpful stepping-stones along the way. Ask yourself a question about the problem and what you might learn from the experience. Fix the problem in your imagination and inside yourself, then it will most likely resolve quickly. Perhaps you're just going in a wrong direction, and the problem was meant to get your attention, so that you open yourself to new possibilities. Many problems often indicate a theme. You realize you're off frequency and need to solve the issue that's surfacing. Even little problems are capable of giving you guidance (water your plants, attend to your computer) about yourself.

What solutions Feel Like in the Intuition Age.

When you live in the Intuition Age, amazing solutions are revealed, bubbling up from the soul that you might never have imagined. Perhaps a latent ability comes to the forefront in a surprising manner.  Problems become merely navigational devices. Solutions weave together, combining in unusually creative ways.

How do You Decide?

Making decisions in a linear fashion of A,B,C or nothing can confound and paralyze us. But in our home frequency, life is simple. We can center there and look for insights. Our inner blueprint may be shifting, and the new pattern becomes visible once we can settle into our home frequency and suspend our thoughts of failing or letting people down. Solutions may surface spontaneously.

Take Time to Adjust Your Inner Blueprint.

If you take time to consider that a frequency change can change your world in a parallel fashion, you'll find hidden purposes and opportunities. You can start up a new energy flow and get moving again. Perhaps there's a dream you've forgotten, or thought you'd never fulfill. What curiosities call for your attention? If you had unlimited resources and benefactors came to your side, what kind of world would you explore?

Weigh Your Options Using Conscious Sensitivity.

When barriers come down, enabling you to seek a higher frequency, you'll be amazed at the choices before you. Remember the power of being present in the moment, to allow your Inner Perceiver to bring you the options in the exact order, following the steps one at a time. It helps to practice knowing at a gut level, bringing that knowledge to consciousness.

You Can Plan and Set Goals Using Natural Wave Motion.

Change is happening so rapidly now that, in order to play the game of choices in an upscale manner,  we need to remain focused within the present moment, because it expands like an elastic ball, breathing with you. You inhale, stretch your mind, see the vision the blueprint. You exhale with single lens focus toward an action. You expand the lens to a wide-angle vision, then contract to your current reality for a close-up view. You're zooming in and out. Since it's difficult to contain both personal reality and collective consciousness in your mind at once, you oscillate back and forth as a wave catching your vision, then returning to what is your updated situation, making your happiest decisions that match the blueprint of everyone's needs. Your inner blueprint now seems perfectly natural and aligned, without holding to a particular vision or, as they used to say, five-year plan. You won't be so apt to become derailed if you check in often with your dreams.

Your Experience of Time and Timelines is Changing.

Time in the Intuition Age becomes more fluid. At first it seems that it's moving so fast, you don't have enough hours in the day to accomplish what you wish, nor to relish your triumphs, or bask in your own creativity or that of others. The ‘good old days' seem long gone. You hardly live in the present, as you dip into the past for comfort and then rush into the future to plan. With all the pressures, your home frequency eludes you, and so does your energy.  In the Intuition Age, however, past and present become fluid expressions of the present moment. Everything is in the now that contains all you need. Gaps and lagtime between action and results no longer depend on a linear timeline. You have to factor this in, because things happen more quickly. You experience the Now and your home frequency as life modulates according to your energy and emotions. Everything gets done. Life cooperates in the sense of people, events coming into play synchronistically, as the timeline flows like a river.

You can Notice Problems Before They Occur.

Our minds like stability, so we often ignore our energy direction shifting. If we become more alert, we can avert problems. Pay attention to early warning signs, as clogs and snags are not fun when your life suddenly sputters or stalls. Watch for feelings of contraction, energy in knots, your health goes haywire, or joy disappears.

How Do You Recognize Upscale Solutions?

Solving problems in an upscale manner focuses on the greatest soul expression for all involved. Life is an interconnected system. Healing and truth facilitates an upscale solution, where creative ideas can flow and the spiritual impact is magnified for all.


Creating a High-Frequency Life

The idea of the Law of Attraction, or manifesting things in our life through force of intention, is a radical thought history-wise.  Now these metaphysical ideas are coming into the mainstream and people want to understand how like attracts like.

There's More to Creating than the Law of Attraction.

Current application of the Law of Attraction, which is a spiritual growth principle, seems to focus on manifesting material success and relationships, and mainly in a manner of fear. To advance in your transformation, you'll need to delve further into the frequency principles.  After stage six (stop, let go, recenter in love and reprogram your vibration), you find the world is based on unity, with you as energy within a unified field of vibration. Things exist in your present moment experience as a superposition with the potential to materialize in cooperation with the highest vision for all.  Rather than linear models, we now use holographic models based on that unified field  and its higher truth. In this model you already have what you want to attract in the same moment. No effort required, you just keep paying attention to it. Willfulness of ego causes a setback, because you've stopped trusting that all will be revealed by your soul. 

Here's How Materialization Begins.
Your soul causes situations to materialize that you need for your growth with other souls and it always self-corrects, so what you need keeps appearing. You learn your life lessons by clearing the problems, the shadows. For a higher frequency live, you must stop materializing negative situations. When the desire of your personality matches the intent of your soul, willpower is no longer needed. What you need just shows up.
Attention Causes Energy to Materialize.
You notice something you want to experience as already existing in the field and you call it to you as an image. It works its way down through your frequency levels, until it comes into existence --  after merging in all octaves of your awareness --  in three-dimensional reality.

You Do Not Create Alone.

You co-create with other souls. Things you want affect what everyone else wants. Souls will appear, ready to help you materialize, because it's for their benefit, as well. If one of us holds back and refuses to grow, it might stall everyone's growth.

How to Work Intentionally with Materializing and Dematerializing.

First, look at and appreciate what you have and what you've created. Clear your unhealthy feeling habits and let go of blockages. You can dematerialize by pulling your energy out of a situation so it becomes lighter and eventually disappears. Tune into your home frequency often, as to how you want to feel and notice a vision that matches. Grow toward that. Feel into an idea until it becomes part of your life down to the greatest sensory reality. In your home frequency you strike your own tone and reverberate into the larger unified field.  All beings can help in the materializing process as you imagine them being there for you, tuned to your vibration, patterning to your vision.

What Goes Into Being Lucky?

Trusting the soul and the way the universe meets your needs may bring you a lucky or optimal experience. Notice how a day can flow beautifully with synchronicity, as you stay in your home frequency.

You Can Materialize a New Life Direction.

If you wish to rejuvenate your happy adventurous self, follow your inner guidance system to notice things beyond your current reality and follow the synchronistic events and information that match your vibration. Persevere and remain open and enthusiastic, ready to choose the right action at the right time.

When What You Want Doesn't Happen.

Sometimes you don't get what you think you want because your soul's plan doesn't need it. Sometime you come up against the frequency differences it two realities. Or it might not be the best solution for you at the time, because the soul knows something about your future path. Maybe you're using too much willpower to get what you want or forcing your life energy. Both mean you're out of harmony or missing information. You might be overextending yourself and taking too much ownership of a project.

You Can Interfere with Materialization in Several Ways.

You might be motivated by greed or negative emotions like fear and you feed the fear and sabotage yourself, short circuiting the flow of materialization.  Maybe your body can't feel it being real, so you block it. You may not feel as though you're entitled to having something or the changes it would bring.  Especially, you may block an expanded life, if you think it will overwhelm you.

What Does Success Look Like in a High-Frequency Life?

In the Intuition Age, our frequency mirrors the frequency of our world. You want to live your purpose, so you choose to materialize whatever aligns with that higher purpose and the benefit of others. You begin to shape-shift to whatever life requires of you. You respond to the law of correlation knowing if something occurs in your thoughts it will soon be occurring in your world. Everything you notice educates you about the pattern of your reality. If you need help, it will arrive. No longer immobilized by your thoughts, your become fascinated with life in the moment as it meshes with the collective unconscious.

Survival of the Fittest? The End Justifies the Means?
In contrast to ‘survival of the fittest,' living life in the home frequency requires less energy. You don't need to go down with the ship. Clearing unhealthy feeling habits, looking beyond surface appearance, validating the way people create things rather than what they have, and responding to the joy in your soul and the way an experience benefits others, are motivating factors in the Intuition Age. 

Imagine How Your Life Might Shift.

Taking stock of your current life circumstances, imagine the waves and frequencies within it. Where do you feel problems and contractions? Are you holding on to something too tightly? Does something seem old or dull and you're just going through the motions? Do your feel restless, exhausted, drained? Where is there easy flow and you look forward to being involved? Where would you find yourself stretching to, out of your comfort zone or head off into the unknown?


Accelerating Toward Transparency

In the last stages of the transformation process, you can't believe how far you've traveled. You've finally uncovered the real you, your inner diamond of light and love, your soul expression, vibrating at its own frequency. You live life with an open heart, expansive and dreaming of new possibilities. Your core principle, the Golden Rule, is now understood at an even more sensitive level. You're nearing self-realization, enjoying  simply being you.

Spiritual Growth Unfolds in Staggered Waves.
Because growth takes time, you'll still experience both breakthroughs and confusion. You remember how you want to feel and you recenter in that truth. It becomes second nature to shift back into your home frequency. The process unfolds in waves and ripples. Your natural inclination is to help others navigate the journey.

It's Okay to Lighten Up and Laugh About it all.

That doesn't mean you're not being compassionate about the pain that people suffer. Moments of laughter can be shared with others and you can be of help in shifting their reality with your open heart. 

Just What Is Enlightenment, Anyway?

Even though the world is at a point of negative emotion and low frequency, and the whole concept of enlightenment seems at times ridiculous, it's the first thing that matters to your heart. In the words of Dogen, a Buddhist teacher, "Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment." Enlightenment is not an endpoint.  The concepts of salvation  in the West, nirvana in the East and the peaceful soul of Islam may not be clearly grasped, either, as to what it should feel like. Living in your body's highest frequency, for mystics, probably feels like you are merging with the Divine. You are waking up  to your inner divinity and you have a concept of your authentic self. Duality recedes from your consciousness and you experience the peace that passes understanding. Rather than identifying with your mind, you step back and observe it, taking responsibility for your life. Enlightenment may be confused with ascension (when the body disappears because the frequency is so high), as Christian doctrine indicates of Jesus or in the East , the ascended master."  When we become enlightened, we become transparent,  as diamond light, and can travel through the realms. Perhaps ascension might not be that far off.

How Might Enlightenment Feel to Us ‘Regular Folks'?

Being transparent, or experiencing spiritual clarity, will become common. People will travel through the transformation process faster. Living in your home frequency and tuning in to its tone is a powerful way to experience a bit of heaven on earth.

There are Yang and Yin Paths to Enlightenment.

A new balance between masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies is occurring as we move into the Intuition Age. The experiences of men and women differ in the process of spiritual growth. With this more comprehensive perspective occurring, the experience will be enhanced, more unified, for all. Empathy and compassion will be the bywords as we experience ourselves as miniholograms of the Divine. One path, the path of the heart, works well for all, because our hearts are the same.

You Discover an Expanded Understanding of Empathy and Heart.

Empathic resonance becomes your preferred mode, as you operate from within your home frequency .directly knowing the essence of people and things as filtered through your heart. The heart becomes the brain center. The intuitive heart knows things before the brain does. Its capacity for empathy keeps open the energy flow for healing.

Compassion Is the New Evolutionary Force.

Empathy is about being sensitive and feeling oneness, whereas compassion paints a broader stroke of understanding about love being at the core of everything. Empathy and compassion together can change our bodily makeup, strengthening our immune system, and thus will become a force of our evolution on this planet.

Knowing Others as Souls and Finding Your Soul Group.

Through empathy we can know and connect with people more deeply. We can recognize our soul group who share a common frequency and feel like kindred spirits at a deep level. It feels like you've found your own spiritual family or tribe. You feel solace just incorporating the idea of a spiritual family, knowing you're not alone. As you imagine your soul group, you'll find them popping into your life.

Soon You Embrace Fellowship and Your Role in the Mind.
It's inspiring to experience the power of collaboration among souls. You no longer have to feel separate. You know that your mutual growth and connection benefits all. Co-creating destinies is an astounding aspect  of spiritual engineering. You discover the art of blessing someone or something in the spirit of fellowship and empathy. In fellowship, the frequency of the group tunes into answers and creative solutions spring forth through the unique filters the group represents.

Try Communicating Through Time, Space, and Dimensions.

You can shift frequencies to higher dimensions, learning through dreams and meditation receiving information from angels or spirit guides. Practicing such three-dimensional meetings helps you tune into higher frequency bands of awareness.

What Does ‘Normal' Look Like in the Intuition Age?

Normal' in the Intuition Age consists of our identity being greatly extended to include new dimensions. Information flows from both outer and inner space, since they're not separate. Various disciplines, once viewed as separate, blend.  Abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, teleportation become more common. Creativity becomes boundless. Society transforms itself at an accelerated rate eventually working with beings from other dimensions of time and space and parallel realities.

Recognize the Mind's View and the Soul's View.

You grow to be cognizant of the lower vibrational quality of world problems, economics and environmental ills. You wonder if your point of view is real or contrived. Yet, you've discovered your ability to stabilize yourself in your home frequency, and not give in to fear. It works. You choose to continue . Striving to keep your body, mind and emotions in harmony with your soul. Creative ideas come to you, showing how you can contribute to the transformation process. You do what feels good to you in that regard. While the mind looks at problems and their complexity, the Soul looks for unity, compassion and simplicity. Taking the long view, it knows nothing is hopeless, and that living in frequency can work its magic.

Be a Love Teacher.

"If not me, who then will lead?" said John Denver in his autobiography. We can show the way by being our own best example choosing to remain in our home frequency, taking care of our personal energy field, letting go of what isn't vibrating at our frequency, being the diamond light of the soul shining through to the world. We can become a Love Teacher. We can be our ideal self. The potential is there, and as in the Rainer Maria Rilke sonnet, we've made space for it.


“How wonderful that we have met with a paradox.

Now we have some hope of making progress.”

Niels Bohr


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