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March 24, 2008
The Intuitive-Connections Network

A Whispering of Angels

A Message From The Novenian Masters of Sixth Dimensional Earth

Channeled by Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings! It is our pleasure to be here with you this day and to be among you, who are the forbearers, those who carry the beacon for those who will follow. It is a great service that you do for your fellow humanity. For you see, you will be able through your own experience to make the path easier for those who will follow. You will find that there are areas where you will stumble. You will have to pick yourself up and go again as you journey in your return to the source that is within you, to that which you are a part of, that Love Vibration which you call All That Is, the Mother-Father, The God-Goddess, The Divine Life Force that flows over your blood stream. You are floating within this Force. This you will prepare for those who will follow in your footsteps. Yet remember that each individual has their own unique way in which they will arrive at the realization of who they are. It is truly when you open yourself to the realization that you are a Divine Being, that you are expressing your Divinity in your individual physical bodies, that you begin to open yourself to new possibilities and to creating a new world. You will be among those who will be the first to step into this realization. You will know when you are there. You will know when you have attained this state of understanding when you no longer see your fellow man as separate from you. There will be a merging from which you will emerge with a new understanding, a new perception of your world. You will know that you are one with all that exists in your reality. Indeed, you will know that you are one with all realities that exist throughout all time and space. You will know that you are the Energy That Is. And you will feel that- if you treat another as you would treat yourself. For truly in your new understanding, you are one! So how else would you treat another in Oneness, but as yourself? There will be no reason to harm another, for we say to you, if you harm another, you will have the understanding that you indeed harm yourself.

Therefore, as you move into this new understanding of your true identity, you will see peace begin to reign upon your planet. You will take hold of your magnificence, of the Divinity of your being. You will love another as yourself. You will not want what another has, for truly there is nothing that another has that you too do not possess. You will be able to live in joy, for everything that you need is already yours. It is within you. You will understand that through your mental capacity, through the mental discipline of the workings of your mind and your imagination, you create all that you need in each moment. When you fully come to this understanding, dear ones, you will be in grace. You will live as you had originally intended. Your understanding that you are Divine will empower you.

So you see, it is a perception. For you already possess that which you seek, but you do not realize that you have within your possession this great gift. You have clouded this understanding and hidden it from yourself. All you have to do is believe in your power. Believe in your Divine nature and remember: in each moment, that which you think, that which you know yourself to be, is that which is.

If you want to create peace on Earth, if you want to spread joy and love, if you want to feel the connection that you have with your fellow beings that journey with you; then believe! Use the capacities of your mind and hold steady in your belief that it is so and it will be. If you believe in the Light and the Love and the beauty, it will manifest for you in your world.

You must learn to focus your attention on that which you choose to express. For that which you choose, that which you think yourself to be, you become. Indeed you do create your reality through your belief. So, dear ones take hold of your attention. Listen to your heart. Allow yourself to express through your heart all that you know yourself to be. Express not that which you have been conditioned to believe yourself to be, but express that Divine Energy which is your knowingness. Celebrate the expression that is your own unique way. Celebrate the expression of your Divine nature and rejoice at the recognition of the Divine nature in others and you will know true communion. You will know brotherhood. Let it speak to you. Let it express through you.

Always choose the highest expression of Love. When you are in the presence of one who has not yet reached the awareness of who they truly are and of the Divine presence within them, allow your knowingness of the Divine presence within them to fill them with love. Allow your compassion to surround them. For truly we say to you that you are eternal in your essence. So there is nothing that can stop you from being, for you are eternal in your being. You are without beginning or end. And yes, that expression that you call your life can come to an end. But we say to you that you as a Divine expression will never end, for your energy is infinite. It can be transformed, but it continues. You do not have to fear that which another can do to you, for you are eternal and without end.

We say to you, seek that which brings you closer to your Divine essence. Seek to express always your Divinity. Seek to express the love that is God-Goddess, All That Is, in all the experiences of your life. There are none more worthy of your love than those who are before you in your present moment, and in each moment. You will find that as you consciously choose to express love in each of your moments that an abundance of joy will naturally be yours. You will be filled with light and energy and a calm will come over you that goes beyond your present understanding.

As you begin to express that which you know to be your true identity, the conditioning of the past may cause you to stumble and to fall. But do not be dismayed by this. Simply understand that you are learning and with forgiveness, pick yourself up and begin to express again that which you know yourself to be, that which is love and compassion. Extend this compassion to all your fellow travelers in their various stages of development. You are all returning to the Divine Love Consciousness. So assist them and help them when they stumble and fall, as you would help yourself. Do not condemn them when they fall but lovingly assist them to their feet. Through your love you will enable yourself and others to express this more fully and completely. As you move through the obstacles of your life, you will find that each time you falter and then regain your footing, the way will become easier and easier. You will be able, by using the focus of your mind, to hold the Love vibration moving from your heart more consistently. And soon, with practice, it will become part of your nature. You will have a complete and full understanding of your true self, of that love which is individually expressed through you and your life.

It is the Great Work, the beauty of your life experience. For your experience here on your Earth is glorious. It is a glorious opportunity for you to be fully conscious in your present moment. Realize that your life expression is made up of many moments, each significant. Express them fully conscious of your Divinity and you will be a great blessing to those who you touch along your path. You are the light bearers. Let your truth be your life expressed!

When you are confronted with a problem or an individual that seems to be in opposition with you, ask yourself to fill your heart with the loving presence of the Divine. And before you speak or move or make any action, move from this place within your heart that contains the love of the Divine and you will be of service to yourself and to those who you find around yourself.

We say to you, no matter what you have believed in the past, no matter what you have been told about yourself or about your world; you are a Divine Being expressing in your physical world through a physical body. But that is not who you are. You are not your body. You are much more. Begin in this moment to celebrate the magic of who you are as a Divine expression of the One Energy that is All There Is. And so it shall be given unto you. Many Blessings!


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Troutdale, VA. 24378




Nanci Paluzzi has been channeling a group consciousness, The Novenian Masters, since 2001. The Novenians reside on sixth dimensional Earth, which they call Nova. Nanci has been a certified massage therapist for twenty years, is a Reiki Master, and has developed Interdimensional Healing sessions in which The Novenians and other master healers offer their energies through Nanci to balance the human energy field and chakras of the recipient. 


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