Edited by HENRY REED, Ph.D.
September 6, 2008
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What’s Up With 2012?

Susan & Milt Sanderford

A Tele-Conference Channeling Transcript*

SUSAN: Up until about 3 or 4 months ago Milt and I had not given much thought about what may, or may not, happen in the future. Although we HAVE heard the stories of the "end of the world," "Armageddon," and "Judgment Day" versions of what was getting ready to take place on Planet Earth.

Like most folks, our lives have been filled with making a living, buying groceries, balancing the checkbook, doing readings, and oh yes, creating the Casa de Santa Maria in the high desert country of Colorado. Like you, we have enough on our plates to deal with, without adding more things to overload our sometimes, weary minds.

I must admit — Milt and I come from a place that refuses to see life-challenges through the eyes of "Gloom-and-Doom!" We’ve always promoted, you keep your nose down and focused on your own spiritual journey and the rest of the world will take care of itself – and YOU will be taken care of!

Like most of you, we knew earth changes were happening, and have recognized even more changes to come… Knowing difficult challenges can and will take place, we totally believe every one of us is exactly where they need to be on their journey and — if something dramatic takes place in our lives, our work with spirit has taught us – it is always a gift from God to help our soul to grow.

Having this belief in knowing all is in Divine Order, we had pretty much put the whole "end of the world" drama on the back burner… until now.

Something shifted about 3 months ago when I woke up with an insatiable desire to know what all the hype around 2012 was about. I don’t know if that desire was coming from my sub-conscious curiosity, or from a deeper urging from Spirit.

In either case I began an exploration of the 2012 subject, and I’m so happy I did because I made discoveries that woke me up to an incredible and exciting hope for humanity and planet earth.

So let’s briefly take a step back in time and explore for a few minutes where this whole idea came from that the "end of the world" will take place ending on or about the date December 21, 2012.

We begin with Mayan Prophecy relative to the year 2012:

Many of us are aware of the Mayan calendar, but most of us (including me) would have a hard time understanding what it means and how it works.

There are several respected scholars who have completed an in depth study of the Mayan Calendar — a few being: José Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, and Carl Johan Calleman.

According to their research most of these scholars believe the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. So the question then becomes… if there is truth to the Mayan’s understanding of the end of time — what does that mean to us today?

The Ancient Mayans had a very precise understanding of our solar system’s cycles and a belief that these cycles coincided with our spiritual and collective consciousness. The most significant of which has much to do with the 2012 prophecies.

The Mayans prophesied that from 1999 we had 13 years to realize and change our conscious attitude and stray from the path of self-destruction. If we, as a collective people choose to change our current mindset of negativity and self-destruction, we would move onto a path that opens our human consciousness to integrate us with universal consciousness.

Meaning, Divine Spirit would eventually merge with matter and transform this world into a place of peace and harmony.

If we look closely enough, we find that glimmers of this promise of a world of peace and harmony that is to come, has been in our subconscious throughout history. A good example is the old gospel song written by Willie Dixon called: Study War No More!


Won’t that be one mighty day

When we hear world leaders say

"We don’t have to cry no more"

"We’re givin’ it up, we gonna let it all go"

No more starving in the nation

Everybody gets an education

Every time a baby is born

We know he’ll have him a happy home


Ain’t gonna study, study war no more

Ain’t gonna think, think war no more

Ain’t gonna fight, fight war no more

We’re givin’ it up, we gonna let it go

We’re givin’ it up, we gonna let it go


Another glimpse of this new world of harmony and peace was also portended in Martin Luther King Jr’s famous "I have a dream" speech.


"Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.


And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in faith in the Divine Love of God for Mankind.

I have a dream that one day this world will rise up and live out the true meaning of these biblical words:

"The Lion will lie down with the Lamb.

The young Wolf and Leopard will play with the kid.

All creatures on this green earth will live in Harmony.

All Mankind will be taken as Brethren.

All Mankind will be determined not by what they look like,

or where they came from, but By the Content of their Soul."


Perhaps this dream of a new world has been set in our subconscious since the beginning of time… a day when man will rise to a new consciousness, — leaving the earth school of pain and suffering behind. Perhaps the Mayans were given the clues to pass on to humanity, clues of what we would be experiencing during these current times.

The Mayans somehow knew that our Sun, every so often synchronizes with the enormous central galaxy. And from this central galaxy receives a ‘spark’ of light, (which I like to call a spark of enlightenment.)

The Mayans say that this burst of energy from the Sun’s magnetic field happens every 5,125 years. But also that this activity causes a displacement in the earth’s rotation, and because of this movement — great catastrophes would be produced. The Mayans believed this universal process was like the ‘breathing’ of the galaxy and that these cycles never change.

But what does change during this process, is the consciousness of man, and always in a move toward more perfection. Based on their observations, the Mayans predicted in their calendar, the final world cycle will be completed, December 21st, 2012.

As they predicted, at this point in our history — the Sun will be in exact alignment with the center of the GALAXY and will receive a pulse of light from the center of the galaxy, which will produce a great cosmic event that would propel human kind to be ready to cross into a new era, THE GOLDEN AGE.

Today, scientists confirm that process will take place in 2012!

It is after this, that the Mayans say we will be ready to go through the door that will transform our civilization currently based on fear — to a vibration much higher in harmony. WHAT A GREAT AND POSITIVE CHANGE WE ARE IN FOR!

The scholars Arquelles, Jenkins, and Calleman are main proponents of the concept that the Mayan calendar is fundamentally a time-schedule for the evolution of consciousness.

For a clearer perspective, let’s now take another brief step back into history and look at the spiritual evolution of human consciousness.

Evolution of Spirituality:

At the beginning of our world history, mankind began it’s spiritual consciousness journey with the Age of Pantheism.

Pantheism is the belief that all of creation or nature is GOD.

This belief was most evident in the Meso-American Religions such as the Mayans, Aztec, Incas. These early civilizations held a focus on worshiping the Sun Gods and held an astute connection with the cycles of the sun/moon/stars and seasons. They also worshiped the spirits that lived within the sun, storms, trees, mountains, animals, and other facets of nature. This to them was God.

Then the evolutionary process moved into The Age of Polytheism: Polytheism is the belief in the worship of multiple gods and goddesses, spirits or other supernatural beings.

The Celtic Druids were a blending from pantheism into polytheism. They had a deep reverence for various aspects of the natural world, such as the land, sea and sky, and their veneration of other aspects of nature, such as sacred trees and groves, tops of hills, streams, lakes and plants. But the Druids were mainly polytheists, and worshipped a number of goddesses and gods. Ancient Egypt was another blending of Pantheism and Polytheism. Religion guided every aspect of Egyptian life. Egyptian religion was based on the worship of many deities. The Egyptians had as many as 2000 gods and goddesses. Often gods and goddesses were represented as part human and part animal.

Where Pantheism began to come to an ending, Polytheism started fully taking hold in the era of Greek Mythology and Ancient Rome. In Greek Mythology there was no single truth about the gods. The Greek peoples all recognized the 13 major gods such as: Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite and Athena, etc. In Ancient Rome, the Romans originally followed a prior belief in "spirit in everything" tradition, in which many spirits were each responsible for specific, limited aspects of the cosmos and human activities. When they took over Greece, they inherited the Greek gods but fused them with their Roman counterparts. Based heavily in Greek and Roman mythology, Roman religion came to encompass and absorb hundreds of other religions, developing a rich and complex mythology.

Next came the Age of Monotheism: The age of monotheism was born out of the Abrahamic faiths, which include Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Monotheistic belief is there is "One God." Currently most Monotheistic, or "one god" religions are subscribed to by the vast majority of today’s world population.

Except for Catholicism… Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in only worshiping the one true God of Abraham and believe that to worship any other God is Idolatry. I like to make an exception here for Catholic Christians because Catholics venerate and pray to the Saints. Among them Mother Mary who have remarkable qualities, have lived their faith in God to the extreme and continue to assist in the process of salvation for others. So in a muted way, Catholicism had blended a bit of polytheism into their belief system.

In the midst of mankind’s spiritual evolution also rose several Non-theistic religions and philosophies. Non-theistic religions do not have a belief in God or gods. Some consider the existence of God to be unknown or irrelevant, while (strong) Atheism is the belief that there is no God or gods.

Buddhism is sometimes regarded as a religion (or a spiritual philosophy) without an Absolute Creator God. This separation between a creator and creation are absent in Buddhism as every being’s true essence resides in the timeless Dharma (religious living). With constant practice of meditation and moral perfections beings cause the dispelling of ignorance by which all beings become inheritors of righteous living.

We’ll throw Secular, Religious and Scientific Humanism in as non-theistic philosophies. The humanist philosophy upholds reason, ethics, and justice, and specifically rejects the supernatural and the spiritual. Humanism is a life-stance focusing on the way human beings can lead good and happy lives.

So what is the next step in our evolving Spirituality? What is the Golden Age all about? We believe the next leap in Spiritual consciousness is The Age of the Mystic The Mystic’s belief is there is "Only God." It is the spirituality of the direct experience of God. The direct experience of God is a kind of knowing, which goes beyond intellectual understanding. God is within me, not separate from me. I can learn directly from God. God is my inner teacher.

Mysticism is not focused on "experiences" (which come and go) but with the lasting experience of God, leading to the transformation of the believer into union with God. It is the merging of God with the Spirit of Man. Its Goal: Divine Union, Becoming Divine Love, Becoming Christ (the full love of God). We are becoming one with Divine Spirit, and a clear vessel for Christ Consciousness. (Unconditional Love) to Flow through us to the World. Literally bringing Heaven down into the Earth. Jesus proclaimed "I and the Father are one," (John. 10:30) showing the world what the union of God and man can be. Christian mysticism is about nothing else but this transforming union. A mystic is one who wants to love unconditionally, is willing to go on an adventure of divine transformation and discovery.

There was mysticism long before Jesus was born… God "strolled in the Garden" with man; Jacob saw heaven open;. God spoke to Joseph through dreams; Moses communed with God on Sinai; David lost himself in dancing for the Lord; Moses saw the burning bush. But very few have followed it’s path and those who have been put on a pedestal and worshiped as God… someone who could do what we could not.

2012 is about the energy of Divine Love that is coming into our lives that is transforming us into the Mystics we were created to be, and the earth into harmony and peace.

How can we make this happen because most of us would agree the current world is a total mess? We are in the middle of wars. Hatred for different religions and beliefs are causing genocide and Civil Wars We are using up the natural resources of Mother Earth, where soon our planet could and is dying. The potential for economic collapse, seems on the horizon. Many nations are running out of food. AIDS is running rampant in Africa leaving thousands of children homeless. Earthquakes, and changing weather patterns are beginning to be the norm. Before we answer that question, let go back to the Mayans.

The Mayans say, in 1999, we would enter a time of darkness, which would force us to confront our own conduct. We are now in the time where we will look at ourselves and analyze our behaviors with ourselves, with others, with nature and with the planet in which we live. A time in which all of humanity, by individual conscious decisions, decides to change and eliminate fear and lack of respect from all of our relationships. The Mayans prophesied that the start of this period would be marked by a solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, and would coincide with an unprecedented planetary alignment, the ‘Grand Cross’ alignment in 2012. This would be the last 13 years of the 20-year period. The last opportunity for our civilization to realize the changes that are coming and the moment of our spiritual regeneration.

(Interestingly, it was in 1999 that spirit told Milt and I to move to Sedona, Arizona. There seems to be a correlation with being in Sacred-Site energies and accelerated spiritual growth. Perhaps that is why we have been asked by Spirit to visit so many sacred places on planet earth.)

The Mayan civilization was in the fifth cycle of the Sun, and there were four other great civilizations before them that were destroyed by great natural disasters. They believed that each cycle was just one stage in the collective consciousness of humanity. According to Carl Johan Calleman’s study of the Mayan Knowledge system, within each cycle there are cyclical pulsations of light and dark energies, which he calls "Days" and "Nights". Calleman believes the crucial forward step in the evolution of consciousness takes place during the "Fifth Day" of each cycle. The previous form of consciousness will assert itself through final acts of destruction during the Fifth Night that follows.

So the Mayan cycle that started with the Industrial Revolution reached its darkest point during the Fifth Night of 1932 to 1952, the period of Nazism, the Second World War, the Holocaust and the dropping of the atomic bombs. The preceding cycle the Fifth Night corresponded to the collapse of the Roman Empire. The current Mayan cycle, which began in 1999, has reached it Fifth Night… and that year is 2008. Interestingly enough, years ago Calleman proposed that this period would see a global financial and ecological collapse, accompanied by nightmarish misuses of power on the part of the ruling elite. (We’ll let you be the judge if you think this has been and is now taking place.) Right now we are witnessing the misuse of technology, biospheric destruction and corrupt geopolitics based on entrenched egotism and greed. (Right on schedule!). Just as these are foreshadowing’s of the Golden Age to come, in the recent past there have been foreshadowing’s of the darkness that lay before us. Perhaps one of these major foreshadowing’s was in President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell address in 1961.


Lifelong military man, President Ike Eisenhower warned; "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. To all the peoples of the world, I once more give expression to America’s prayerful and continuing inspiration: We pray that peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations, may have their great human needs satisfied; that those now denied opportunity shall come to enjoy it to the full; that all who yearn for freedom may experience its spiritual blessings; that those who have freedom will understand, also, its heavy responsibilities; that all who are insensitive to the needs of others will learn charity; that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth, and that, in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love."


We fully believe we are in the thick of things right now in the year 2008. Rising to the surface we are now seeing the worst of our out-of-balance human consciousness. We are in the moment of standing face-to-face with the darkest parts of ourselves and now have the choice to change ourselves, and the collective whole. We are in the midst of the "Apocalypse" AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Now before you get too unnerved about the word "Apocalypse" understand that it’s meaning is "the revealing." Each of us are standing face-to-face with our shadow selves, and the energies that are supporting us to make this quantum leap of human consciousness are in full effect.

The Harmonic Convergence initiated on August 16, 1987 by Jose Arguelles was according to his interpretation of the Maya Calendar the end of a Mayan cycle which began in 1519. Groups of people gathered in various sacred sites and "mystical" places all over the world to usher in a global awakening to love and unity through divine transformation. According to Arguelles and others, the Harmonic Convergence also began the final countdown to the end of the Mayan Long Count in 2012, which would be the "end of history" and the beginning of a new 5,125-year cycle. All the evils of the modern world—war, materialism, violence, abuses, injustice, governmental abusive of power, etc.—would end with the birth of the 6th Sun and the 5th Earth on December 21, 2012. Now I don’t know about you, but this sounds like an incredible concept, and something each of us would welcome and want to experience.

Now the question arises: "How do we know that the Mayan Calendar is true or just some musing of an Ancient Civilization." So now we share with you as to why the Sanderford’s believe what is happening on planet earth, is and will be, one of the most amazingly incredible experiences in the history of mankind, and why Milt and I are so excited to be living at this time. Several months ago, before I embarked on my research of 2012 — I had an impromptu visit from our dear spirit friend Dr. James Martin Peebles, who I channel on occasion. Without realizing it at the time, this dear friend in spirit was sharing his two cents worth on the 2012 subject. In his very Scottish brogue he announced:

"There will soon come a time, my dear friends, when you will be able to travel out of your body at will, and meet together, and receive your instructions telepathically. You will be able to travel out of your bodies and visit with your loved ones who are presently disembodied. You will be able to think a question to your guides and masters and the answer will zip right back to your mind faster than e-mail. It is a grand and glorious transition in which you are embarking. You as human beings are evolving into Grand Spiritual Beings. God Bless You Indeed!"

Wow! I thought, won’t that be really cool. Then I neatly tucked away the information in the back of my mind. Our dear friend, associate and mentor, Dr. Henry Reed, has been doing extensive research on 2012. He periodically sends emails on the subject. If you would like to receive his Consciousness Newsletter, go to http://mail.ls.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/consciousness Shortly after I had received the transmission from Dr. Peebles, Henry sent an email link for an article written by John Van Auken on 2012 from the Edgar Cayce Foundation. The article had a quote from one of Edgar Cayce’s readings on the subject of the New Age. When asked what the New Age means to humanity, Edgar Cayce replied:

"The full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs. This awareness during the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness." (1602-3)

In short Edgar Cayce was basically saying the same thing Dr. Peebles announced, that we are getting ready to fully open up to our communication abilities with Spirit, and we are in the age when this is going to happen. We are moving into the age of the Mystic. Shortly after this discovery I began to ponder how my own spiritual journey had paralleled with this idea of the 20-year period of time that was allowing us to make this spiritual shift in consciousness. My own Spiritual awakening began in October of 1993, with a major icing on the cake awakening on January 16th 1995. (Was it coincidental that that was the day I discovered that God sent Milt into my life to show me what unconditional love was? I think not!) We don’t have time in this session to go into those life changing dramatic details, however, as I thought about my own journey I realized my spiritual awakening had happened well within this last Mayan cycle and approximately 6 years after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 celebrating the coming of the new consciousness. My Spiritual Journey began with a simple request for "God/the Holy Spirit to become my teacher". I was born and raised as a Fundamentalist Christian, but decided that that was not working for me because I was miserable, even though I felt had done everything right according to the church. God according to man had not served me well! Prior to that, I had never had any metaphysical or mystical experiences in my life. Soon after I decided to let go of my old belief system and ask GOD to teach me truth, THAT began my introduction to the mystical and metaphysical experiences. Amazing dreams began… having a literal experience of hearing God’s voice… hearing an inner voice of guidance that led me to peace. Within a year after asking God to show me what Love was, a transformative experience came into my life that totally shifted my reality of Love. Within months the ability to communicate with Spirits on the other side of the veil opened. At the same time my third eye opened and I began seeing images with my inner sight. None of these things had ever happened to me before in this life. The trigger that opened my heart and mind seemed to be that moment when I decided that, there must be a better way to figure out my miserable life, and I opened the door to God to show me that other way. That’s not to say that the journey was not without it’s traumas. When I surrendered to the process a lot of emotions and old beliefs had to be shifted and changed. Yes, there were very painful experiences along the way, but I truly believed that my life was in God’s hands and that it would lead to somewhere wonderful.

Why do I share that personal experience with you? Two reasons. I feel that surrender to God’s involvement as your direct and unfiltered teacher, and ASKING for that 1) help – is a vital step you should take. 2) To impress you that, If I can do it, this lost, unhappy and floundering wimp of a being — can do it – so can you!

As I continued my research on 2012 I also discovered the predictions about the return of the Spiritual Mother. I had known that the coming shift was bringing into the planet the energies of the Divine Feminine, but had never researched the prophecies. The R.S.V. Christian Bible, Revelation, chapter 12, verse 1, tells us prophetically of a marvelous event to come, of a sign, of a woman. "And a great portent appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars." In the Prophecies of John of Jerusalem, an 11th century knight, we read the following regarding ‘The Mother’ and the coming Millennium time. "She will be a great Master of the future times....." "She will be the Mother of the Millennium that comes after the Millennium." "After the days of the evil, She will make the softness of a Mother flow." In the Christian Gnostic Gospel of Thomas this mysterious divine feminine power is alluded to in verse 101 as:- "My mother gave me birth. My true Mother gave me Life" The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1 (Page 7), speaks of this feminine aspect of the divine as being an inner life force, as something to be realized. "Your Mother is in you, and you in her, She gives you life." From the ancient Wisdom of Solomon written some 2500 years back we read: Chapter 6, Verse, 12-17: 6.12- "Wisdom is radiant and unfading and she is easily discerned (recognized) by those who love her, and is found by those who seek her. 6.13-- She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her. ..... and 6.16-- She goes about seeking those worthy of her, and she graciously appears to them in their paths, and meets them in every thought.

As I studied these prophecies I realized again how the prophecies paralleled my own personal spiritual path. I met Mother Mary in August of 2001, or should I say she came to meet me. It took traveling half-way around the world to discover she was looking for me. Little did I know at that time she had already been calling to my heart, but I didn’t know it was her. Perhaps because of my Fundamentalist Christian background, it never occurred that she would be looking for me. As I stared at the white marble statue of Medjugorje’s "Our Lady of Peace" and mumbled to myself, "Why am I here?" Not knowing what else to do I decided to meditate. Sitting in the silence of my mind I waited for the answer to come. "You’ve invited Jesus into your heart, now you are going to invite me!" My eyes popped opened, surprised to hear this audible, firm feminine voice. I giggled out loud realizing "she" had just spoken to "me." Her presence flooded my senses with the immediate knowing "she" indeed was "my" Mother. Even more surprising, her words were a proclamation — as if I had no say in the matter. I accepted the proclamation with no resistance, how could I refuse my Divine Mother’s love? Since that first encounter, she has continued to speak to me. All I need do is put my focus on her, quiet my mind, and she comes with her blessings and love. She had reminded me over and over through the years, I am her child and I am loved. This loving being came into my life to teach me that I was Loved by God. She came to me in incredible loving way during the darkest, painful times to let me know I was loved. She help me heal my feelings of unworthiness. And most important of all she taught me how to love me. When I thought again about the how the Divine Mother came into my life I suddenly had an "Ah HA" Moment. I realized that I had already made the 2012 Shift. I didn’t have to wait until 12/21/2012. If 2012 is about a consciousness shift, then shift is about something that happens within each of us.

The shift is about awakening to Divine Love, and inviting it into your life. It was about inviting the Christ Consciousness into our selves to experience and transform us into Divine Love. The desire to know truth and invite it in to transforms us is what opens the door to our inner transformation and a walk through the veil to discover the divine love we were created to be.

As far as the Divine Mother, those who seek her will find her, and in my case, sometimes she will come whether you have asked or not. She comes in her own time and way. If you invite her in she will come in a way that is perfect for you. Before you hear her loving guidance, she may first take you on a healing journey to find your own heart. If you do not feel her presence, yet, it does not mean she is not there. When you call, she will come to you. Her role as the Divine Mother is to transform our lives into peace and joy.

I asked Mother Mary to weigh in on the subject of 2012 and this is what she said:

My dearest children…We are moving into a moment in time where all things are possible. Where you can dream the world of peace and harmony and love. We are moving into a moment in time where pain and suffering can be but a distant memory, forgotten and unimagined. We are moving into a moment in time where each one of you come to know who you are. Where the unveiling happens in the twinkling of an eye. Where truth is revealed. We are moving into a time where Spirit will merge with matter. We are moving into a time where you will achieve Union with God. My dear children, Open your hearts to receive this moment in time of awakening to your true selves. For in it you will find the home you have been looking for. You will find the love you have been looking for. The peace you have been looking for. That one moment in time is now…You are invited to Make Your Choice!

When I started thinking about this idea that we are now being given a choice, I realized we as individuals we are now making decisions that will affect us all. If we continue on a negative path of hate, an eye for an eye, destruction of nature, of fear and egoism, we will enter straight into the time of destruction and chaos, and we will disappear as the dominant race of this planet.

If we become conscious and realize that we all form part of a great organism, and that we should respect one another and be grateful to our planet, then we will move directly into positive growth, our Golden Age. Our planet, the Sun and the Galaxy are awaiting our decision. It is up to us what will happen in this time of change. Whether we go through a time of suffering and destruction or we find ourselves united in one positive consciousness moving closer to our next stage. I believe there are many on the planet now that have already made the consciousness shift. I cannot tell you how many folks in our work that we have run into that started their spiritual journey’s around the same time I did.

The question now becomes: "Are there enough of us that have already made the consciousness shift to help lift the others into the new age? When we asked Spirit this question, this was their response:

"The earth and its inhabitants are now in a time of balancing. For many years the scale has leaned heavily weighted to the separated state from the Love of the Divine. However, the tides are beginning to turn and you are now at a balance point in the journey. The outcome is unknown and we eagerly watch what you will choose. Do not despair, for this is your birthright… your free will. Will you open to the choice to take your place among the gods, to reawaken your ability to commune with God, or will your wait a while longer? We await your decision to welcome you back into our arms and back to who you were created to be. For you are the breath of God itself. Those that choose to awaken will continue on their path of becoming Love, they will graduate into the New Golden Age. Those that choose not will continue to experience the dimension of pain and suffering a while longer until they choose differently. It is all love at work, no matter which you choose."


I might interject here that Susan and I subscribe to the theory that the 2012 experience might very well involve a splitting off into separate dimensions. That more utopic place for those of us who have decided to search for spiritual truth – realizing the world as we know it cannot flourish in it’s current state — and those who have not quite decided there is a new truth needed to BE found. Those satisfied with the world – as it now is — will require further difficult challenges and experiences to lead them to that choice to search for a change to peace and harmony. A change for giving of self as opposed to taking FOR self. The lessons they will need to experience, might very well eventually evolve into something that feels catastrophic and disastrous. We DO know that everyone will eventually GET IT! (It’s a free-will choice as to how easy or how difficult will be the journey!) How that splitting off will occur, we’re not quite certain. If we learn any more on that subject – you’ll be the second to know! Now, if my statement threw you into a bit of fear, as in – "OH MY, I’m not sure if I’m in the Utopia-Group or the Boy-Have I-Goofed Group, let me assure you – you’ve already made the correct choice. Even though your mind tells you things like, "I’m not advanced enough to be SAFE!" or perhaps "I’m not worthy enough!" Or "I’m not good enough!", just the fact you are listening to this, or reading the transcript, or just plain knowing there is something better in life – and you want to be a part of it – that tells me you have made the choice that puts you on the right side of the fence. NO FEAR!!!! So move beyond it!


SPIRIT continued…

"Those that stay behind will not be left alone. For those of you who have moved on will look back for those that lag behind and will choose to help them in their journey, just as our love for you has chosen to wait and help you. For you see, no one will fully be left behind. Hope will find its way into the hearts of all and they will one day choose to return to the heart of God. This time you call 2012 is our assistance to you to help those of you that desire to rise above pain and suffering into the age of Love. The door is open wide! Come on in and welcome home."

As I pondered these words, I wondered if I should translate their message as literal or figurative. I pondered if there will be a splitting off of the dimensions and a new earth would be created for those that made the consciousness shift, and another world for those that still needed to learn through duality. The more I thought, the more I came to the conclusion that is doesn’t matter how it will all wash out. What mattered was my choice and how it effects humanity as a whole, how my willingness to choose Love helps to raise the consciousness of this planet in this moment. Science is already discovering that consciousness is intertwined with physical reality. Only from our individual efforts can we avoid the path to great cataclysm that our planet will suffer to start a new era, the sixth cycle of the Sun. We’ve learned from Spirit a long time ago that they "Don’t give away the end of the movie." Why, because it is the experience that is necessary to help us grow and evolve.

However, since consciousness is intertwined with physical reality, Milt and I choose to believe that we all make it. That we all wake up! We’ve learned along that way there are stages of Spiritual Growth. Just as in the personal spiritual journey we experiences crises and traumas that cause us to reach out to God and look for another way of being and experiencing life, I believe the Human Collective Consciousness has Wake Up Calls to get us looking at another way of being. These wake up calls become more intense the more we refuse to change. We’ve had quite a few wake up calls in human history, that have caused mass consciousness to unveil its inner shadows. World Wars, Nazism, Nuclear Bombing of cities, even 9/11 was a wake up call to humanity to look within and choose to think differently. There were some that used those opportunities for Spiritual Growth. Others went into revenge, we went to war, we adopted the eye-for-an-eye mentality. There is a verse in the Bible that states: "What man meant for evil, God meant for Good." If we look for God in the midst of our wake-up-calls we will find tremendous Spiritual Growth. We believe we are currently in the Dark Night of the Soul, just as Calleman referred to us being in the Fifth Night. When we don’t choose to shift and use our experience’s as a spiritual wake up call, we then have to experience more dramatic crises to help us choose to make the shift. As individuals we will have to make decisions that will affect us all. If we continue on this negative path of hate, an eye for an eye, destruction of nature, of fear and egoism, we will enter straight into the time of destruction and chaos, and we will disappear as the dominant race of this planet. If we become conscious and realize that we all form part of a great organism, and that we should respect one another and be grateful to our planet, then we will move directly into positive growth, our Golden Age. Our planet, the Sun and the Galaxy are awaiting our decision. It is up to us what will happen in this time of change. Whether we go through a time of suffering and destruction or we find ourselves united in one positive consciousness moving closer to our next stage.

Here’s what "Spirit" has told us about this time: Shifts that are now taking place: There is an increased interest in Spiritual (rather than Religious) growth, Indigo and Crystal Children are arriving on the planet, and we are awakening to the Psychic, and mystical experiences. Consciousness is intertwined with physical reality. Only from our individual efforts could we avoid the path to great cataclysm that our planet will suffer to start a new era, the sixth cycle of the Sun. How do we make this new era come to pass; We choose, we put our focus on what we want. Do we want to continue with pain and suffering as our teachers or do we want peace in our own hearts and in the world?

The Mayans say that coming changes will permit us to make a quantum leap forward in the evolution of our consciousness to create a new civilization that would manifest great harmony and compassion to all humankind. This would be a time of great realization and great change for mankind. And it would be our own lack of preservation and contamination of the planet that would contribute to these changes. According to the Mayans, these changes would happen so that mankind comprehends how the universe works so we could advance to superior levels, leaving behind superficial materialism, dressed in greed and the need to dominate others, thus liberating ourselves from suffering.

1. We DO know this. Humanity and Planet Earth are currently going through a huge change or shift in consciousness and reality perception.

2. The Mayan sixth world is actually blank. This means it is up to us, as co-creators, to start creating the new world and civilization we want now.

3. During the Apocalypse or the time "between worlds" many people will be going through many personal changes. The changes will be many and varied. It is all part of what we came here to learn or experience.

Examples of change could be - relationships coming to an end, change of residence or location, change of job or work, shift in attitude or thinking, and so forth… even the decision to leave planet earth.

SO… What’s Up with 2012?


Being the nuts and bolts guy of the team, I asked Susan that we spend a few minutes asking spirit what they could or would share regarding the 2012 experience. On March 16th Susan and I sat together to ask spirit some questions regarding the events of 2012 – hoping they would share some here-to-fore unrevealed information.

What follows is the unedited transcript of our conversation…

MILT: So you describe the event of 2012 as this planet and inhabitants reaching a higher level?

SPIRIT: Correct. And those that wish to go along with the planet in their consciousness… it is a vibrational consciousness shift more than anything else, which is the first and foremost shift to occur. That shift will filter down through everyone and everyone will make a shift, but they all will not make the same shift. In other words, if you are on conscious level one, you’ll shift to a conscious level 2. If you are on a conscious level 8 you will shift to a conscious level 9. In many ways 2012 is affecting the whole. Everyone makes the shift, but it does not necessarily raise the conscious level one’s to the conscious level 9s because they are not vibrationally ready for it.

MILT: So, my assumption is that the vibrational level consciousness shift is already taking place and it mostly has to do with a gaining of awareness and an actual energy change as well as a physical realignment? DNA changes and the like.

SPIRIT: Correct, and on a much faster level to those who are consciously aware of it and are welcoming of it and are embracing the new thought system. Where the tribulations and distress comes is really for those that are not consciously aware of it. Are not breathing into it, welcoming it, but are perhaps stuck in an old thought pattern. To shake them out of it they will experience discomfort. Now there are folks that are already experiencing discomfort in their own lives by the dramas they have created, and their unwillingness to shift or change. So you see you can breath into this event. You can move with a conscious effort very easily and the transition can be very smooth. And that will be for some, but for many who are not consciously aware and are forced into the shift it will be a very painful event.

MILT: Is that another way of saying that those who can get to the point where they are not fearful of what ever is going to take place, those individual will not experience what you referred to as tribulation?

SPIRIT: Correct. Because it is all a state of mind, in reality it is all a state of mind, in how you view it. And it will be painful for many, not only in the inner world but also the outer world that will have to shift and change along with the inner shift. The outer world they clung to as their peace and safety would be changed in a way that would cause fear and panic until they have adjusted. If we may use the analogy of walking from a dark room into a light room, all of a sudden the light is turned on. When you’ve been in darkness and you have a brilliant light in your eyes, and you wince, and tears come so you shy away from it because it is something you are not used too. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust.

MILT: And you are saying that light could be frightening to some people?

SPIRIT: Correct. Even though the light is loving, and it represents progress and growth — it can be very frightening to folks who were living in the dark. If we may use the analogy of the character of Gollum, from Lord of the Rings. A being who was lost in selfishness and lived in the dark places for a long time in the caves, for him to come out in the light was a very scary place. And he could not make the adjustment. There will be those that can not make the adjustment. However, we do want you to know that the shift will take place whether people are ready for it or not. Everything will sort itself out, and it is an opportunity for great change. It is an opportunity to move to another consciousness level. And it is a much easier time to do it than any other time before. There have been times in the past when the consciousness has not been ready to do make the shift. But there have been many of you that have awakened ahead of time to help this process. Where in ages past the awakening wasn’t strong enough to make the shift.

MILT: Are you saying that by 2012, it’s known now, today, that the awakening of the mass consciousness will be strong enough to support the shift?

SPIRIT: Yes, it is strong enough to support the shift. But it will not be without it’s peril’s, as we spoke of before of the folks who (if we call them the Gollum’s) who are very locked in to their power struggles, their greed, their living in a consciousness that is under ground, which is comfortable to them, they have a fear of rising to the light.

MILT: Can we also call that underground being their dark side?

SPIRIT: Yes, that would be and appropriate analogy. They are lost in their dark side, and there are many who have chosen to move out of that, and there are many who are terrified to move out of the dark because that is all they know. They will, so to speak, say underground even though they may awaken at a level, they are still not ready to leave the underground, or the underground consciousness.

MILT: And is it fair to say that when this shift happens they will be forced out of their darkness, or this underground?

SPIRIT: Not necessarily. They will make a consciousness shift but it will not necessarily be ready to leave the underground. Their consciousness shift will take place, but they may not be ready to move from underground. So they have an opportunity to do that if they choose. Remember, in God’s Kingdom this is free will, and you get to choose and a way or place, or a dimension will be appropriated for those that still need to be in the safety of the underground as their vibration rises, it will not rise to the top. As we spoke of before from a level one to a level 9, it will be from a level 1 to a level 2 and so forth. So it depends on where you are on a spiritual level as to what will take place.


Is it fair then to say then, that those who make the choice to stay in their darkness must pay the consequences of that choice?

SPIRIT: We would not call it consequences of that choice because that would deem that experience as bad, and it is not a bad experience, it is just an experience, they are just choosing to learn and grow from, if we may use the term — conflict.

MILT: When you use the term tribulation, would not their reaction to the trials, would not they experience more fear because of their choice to stay in the darkness rather than to choose to become enlightened?

SPIRIT: True. It is true they will experience it as fear, but we do not necessarily see that as a bad thing, because fear can promote enlightenment, until someone realizes they do not need to learn that way.

MILT: And you realized that earth people anticipate a negative experience when this change comes about.

SPIRIT: If we may say what they consider being a negative experience.

MILT: And is not the goal… some of the more enlightened… to help bring that enlightenment to others so that they won’t experience negativity.

SPIRIT: Correct and that is for those who are ready to hear. There are many who are not ready to hear, many that are not ready to awaken and out of fear, and those lightworkers are ready to make that shift, to make that change in an easy way.

MILT: So can one assume that the lightworkers have a responsibility to bring enlightenment to non-lightworkers?

SPIRIT: "Responsibility" makes it sound like a duty. The lightworkers who are truly awakened are here to share their growth and enlightenment. If we can use the symbology of sowing the seeds out to the soil. Some soil will take the seed some will not. If they are here to share who they are… and be who they are, which effects the world that comes to them, to their open door to learn and grow they will attract them to them, rather than them needing to go out and enlighten the world. They energetically open the door to welcome those that are ready to hear.

MILT: I’m still trying to decide what is bad about the word "responsibility" in that situation.

SPIRIT: It is more a difference in terminology where we prefer the word sharing of themselves and what they know. But as you know "Free Will" there is no "responsibility". There is a choice to do that rather than a necessity to do that.

MILT: But the choice shouldn’t be because somehow you feel it is your responsibility to do it to share?

SPIRIT: Responsibility gives the image of taking on something that is a burden.

MILT: Oh, OK I understand that. So that’s another way of saying it’s not our job as light workers?

SPIRIT: Correct. It’s not your job as lightworkers to go save the world. It’s your job as lightworkers to open your door to the Divine Beings, to awaken your heart to deeper levels, and to be willing to share with those that Spirit leads in your path, who have ears to hear, and eyes to see that are ready to go to those deeper levels with you. So it is not necessary for you to go out and drag them into the hall so to speak, but to send out the invitation. And the invitation is if you are ready to grow, are ready to seek new levels of enlightenment, you are welcome to come and sit with me for a while and I will share with you what I know, and you share with me what you know and we will grow together. That is the cooperative way.

MILT: And the end result should not be the light workers concern.

SPIRIT: Correct. And if we can take it to another level, if you have someone of darkness, as we are using the analogy of level 1, that comes to you, and you assist them and open the door to the light a little way, so that they can lift to level 2, you’ve done your work. It’s not necessarily about bring them all up to your level of understanding, it’s about introducing them to the concepts that they are willing to open the door a little way to let more light in. That is the role, not to bring everyone up to your level or beyond, that is the role of the person themselves to choose to do that. All you are doing is showing your light, and sharing your light with them.

MILT: Now this just might be a matter of semantics but, when you say if you do thus and so, you’ve done your work, to me that implies and goes back to my question before is that not our job?

SPIRIT: Your job is to be you, and to share you with the world. No matter where you are on your journey. And that is easy to do because it doesn’t require you to be anything less or anything more. If you use the word "job", we prefer the word sharing. Not taking on a burden to get something done, or feel under pressure to get something done. It is more an opening your heart’s door to welcoming those who are ready to sit in your light. And there will be those who cannot handle the heat, and aren’t ready (or resist that). There are many that have resisted the light, because it brings up there fear, it makes them have to look at themselves. What light does is it shines on everything, good, bad, right, wrong that is perceived that way in this world and folks have to look at that within themselves, which they have been in denial of. That is a scary process for many, because they have built a need to be something different rather than owning who they are. So the key is about owning who you are, and being who you are, in all of it’s honest forms, all of its rawness and be OK with where that is. Accepting self where one’s self is goes a long way in spiritual enlightenment. If we may call it a step of "Ah Ha", perhaps that is one of the key doors in awakening to the true self, is acceptance of true self where one is in the journey. Whether on is a Gollum or whether one is an angel, or whether one is an enlightened being, it comes to the acceptance of self exactly where you are. Most people are resisting who they are. Most people are not willing to look at who they are because when they look at themselves in the mirror they see ugly and they scare themselves.

MILT: Ugly because of their thoughts, their actions, or inactions.

SPIRIT: Correct, and they’ve spent their lives demonizing others, when the demon that lives within them has not been addressed and loved. It is a bit of a conundrum, but to us the key is being willing to start where they are, and accept where they are, and willing to look at what they are they can change anything. As long as they are in denial, not wanting to shift it.

MILT: The individual going through this process, again I am focusing on whatever this 2012 thing is, those people who you say can not stand the heat, or will not be able to stand the heat. What happens to them?

SPIRIT: Many will leave the planet and go back to Spirit.

MILT: Which is not a bad thing.

SPIRIT: Correct, but as you know as in your own awakening, you can’t skip over a lesson. It can not be shift for them unless they want the shift. Everyone here wants a shift, but it depends on where they are, as the shift is taking place.

MILT: As my new book is titled — "Shift Happens" …(Coming soon to a book store near you! –Well, maybe not YOU, but those we’ll soon be speaking to!)

SPIRIT: Ah – a little earth humor! Yes, correct, it is going to happen. Shift is going to happen and when it does in someone’s life it is going to happen, ready or not. In reality any one who is here has wanted to be here for the shift. It does not mean that they will take that leap, but they will shift at some level. What ever they welcome in and create will happen.

MILT: Would you say at some level, you mean like, if they choose to leave the planet before all this takes place, that’s a shift but they are still going to have to deal with the undone part because of their choice?

SPIRIT: Correct, in other words, if we can give the analogy that everyone is in the washing machine right now, and if we call the energy or enlightened energy that is coming in is the washing powder. And the washing powder is being pored into that which is being cleansed. There are those that are not totally ready to be cleansed, so they jump out of the washing machine, however they have already received the effects of the water and the detergent that has already poured in, even though they have jumped out before the process is completed. And jumping out would mean that they jumped out of the process, because they felt the process was too painful for them. However because they were already in the water, some of their dirt, so to speak, has already been removed, but they didn’t wait it through until the final rinse cycle.

MILT: And they exited to soon or gave up to soon?

SPIRIT: Yes, I guess you could say it that way. They weren’t ready to make the final rinse cycle and therefore they decided they didn’t want to go forward with the process, because it was too uncomfortable. Everyone on the planet has for a while been experiencing the "screws", what you call the pressure, which is not a bad thing. The pressure is very uncomfortable for many because they are clinging to, or hanging on to their old thought patterns. That is what is causing many to choose to leave the planet, by creating disease…

MILT: Either leave the planet, or stay and not shift, not get the lesson.

SPIRIT: Correct, and it will become more and more uncomfortable, until there is a giving up or surrender to the process. So those of you that have surrendered to the process, the process is not quite so uncomfortable, because you understand what it is. So you realize you are being scrubbed in the washing machine, but you are willing to stay there until the final rinse cycle.

MILT: What is the purpose of our being scrubbed, cleaned up, shifted?

SPIRIT: To Recognized Self as God.

MILT: Well that’s cool. Cause I can see a lot of people having trouble with that. It’s anti most of the religious teaching, that I am aware of, accepting oneself as God.

SPIRIT: So you can see that there are many who have a long way to Go.

MILT: But that is a cool answer. Now in all these questions and answers, the focus on this has been on 2012 and what’s ahead of us, but is it not true that what we have just been talking about has been going on for ages.

SPIRIT: It has been going on for ages however, the process has very much speeded up, and things are happening much more quickly. You are moving into a place in the universe where the shift has to happen. Before, you could choose to make it happen, now it has to happen. It is going to happen…

MILT: And that is kind of like the effect of feeling the "screws" being turned.

SPIRIT: Correct, it is like standing at the doorway and being pushed to go through the doorway, some will go through willing, others are terrified to walk through because they are afraid of what’s on the other side of the door. It’s that kind of process of gladly willingly walking through it, or standing there in fear with your feet and heels dug in the ground, and saying "I don’t want to go." So the ones that feel the pressure more deeply are the ones who are comfortable where they are, and are needing to be forced into a change. Now there are many analogies that be made that are taking place on an individual level. Perhaps a change is needing to be made in ones family life and because they are so use to the relationship they are in, they are terrified to leave the relationship out of fear of the unknown

MILT: or of losing something

SPIRIT: Correct, yet they don’t want to stay in the marriage but they are terrified to leave, and they are trying to make up their mind whether to leave or to stay, then all of the sudden their partner comes along and says "Hey, I’m leaving." And the choice was made for them, and they were forced to face their fears of being alone or moving out, where they had been dealing with it, not being able to make that decision. So, it is as if the universe is making the decision for them. If we can use the term "Ready or not here I come!"

MILT: Is that a little Spirit humor?

SPIRIT: Yes, or "Ready or not, here comes the Christ Consciousness" and you will have to deal with it in your own consciousness and will be very disturbing, and it will be very mind-blowing to many that are not ready to handle it. But it is a choice that has been made that this would be the time, the epoch adventure leading up to this point of shift and change, that it is coming. Just like that little baby is coming whether you are ready for it or not. And your world changes when that baby comes. And perhaps that is the greatest analogy, that we can use of the pain and the struggle to birth that new life. You are in the process of birthing that new life and it will come whether you are ready for it or not.

MILT: And is it not true as that with the physical birth of a baby, with this new birth coming some still reject it. I mean that some still turn their back on their earth baby.

SPIRIT: (The Birthing of the God Self) (yes) very very true, because they are not ready to look at the light. Again many will choose to leave. Because they can’t handle it…

MILT: Choosing to leave, meaning the physical departure from the earth plane.

SPIRIT: Correct,

MILT: So their mindset is likely escaping something that is uncomfortable. But in reality they are not escaping anything. They are only putting if off for a while.

SPIRIT: Correct. And this is a grand event, this is an awaited for event, just as the birth of Jesus was an awaited event. In many ways it is like that only, not the birth of one man, but the birth of all souls, and stepping into that new light or consciousness.

MILT: Now when I use the term subtle, I understand this whole concept of these changes, becoming so much more intense, and quick, and causing feelings of uncomfortableness, because of what we are forced to deal with. This still is a subtle process is it not, like this process of 2012, and something happening, whether than if it is on a given day or something like that. Is it safe to say that this change in acceptance of the changes that are in the process of taking place. It’s still really a subtle thing, as opposed to "Oh, here it is December 21st , 2012 and something major or grand is going to happen on that particular date.

SPIRIT: Correct: There is not going to be a big bang of energy during 2012. The energies have already been coming in over the recent years, and increasingly so. The energies — the peak of the energies supporting the consciousness shift of 2012 will take place during that year. The full energies of the birthing of the Christ Consciousness are pouring forth into the planet. Those who align themselves with this occurrence will receive the greatest benefit. However, we do have to understand that once those energies peak, there will be a more peaceful time or settling out afterwards where things start falling into place and the one’s who have aligned themselves with that loving Christ Consciousness — that is when the earth truly begins to change to a more peaceful, loving, harmonious place, where there is more cooperation. War will no longer be the norm of how you settle conflict. You will understand that the old ways no longer work. This consciousness shift will take place in many hearts and many minds, so that it no longer has a place in the way things have been done. Right now, at the moment there is the conflict the pulling of the two. "This is the way we’ve always done it, this is the way we make things happen" and when it is not in harmony it creates tribulation. So that is why you see part of the mass consciousness rising up against war, because they realize that it no longer resonates or harmonizes with who is the person they’ve become.

MILT: What used to be acceptable is no longer acceptable, when it comes to disharmony?

SPIRIT: Correct, have you not seen that in your own life. Have you not seen that certain behaviors that did not bring you peace, you shifted and changed within yourself. That is what is taking place. Another phenomenon that will take place is that which was hidden will come to light. Those things that you did not want others to know, that you were hiding, because of shame, or fear will filter to the top to be dealt with. Perhaps things you have been in denial of, that is not only on a personal level but on a planetary level. The hidden things will come to be known. The pulling the wool over one’s eyes, to manipulate another person, the truths will be known about what is really happening or, what you call the "neocons" who are trying to gain power by hiding. All of those things will come to light.

MILT: Its sounds like the changes that will be brought about by this shift, whether it’s in 2012, or 2011, or 2020 — when ever this happens — it sounds like rather than something to be feared, it will be something to be welcomed, and enjoyed. A shift from unharmonious relationships and thought processes to those in harmony, it almost sounds like a utopia-type of thing which all people should want to welcome.

SPIRIT: It will be growing into that. There will be a mass movement toward that, but not fully realized at that moment. It is something you are growing into. It is something that harmony will be the norm, rather than conflict.

MILT: And my mind goes to our current political approach in campaigns and so forth, where people are always looking for the edge to tear down their counterpart on the other side, whether it is in the primary or general election — to tear down rather than come together, and build together and lift up. and what you are saying is that, that is in the process of changing.

SPIRIT: Correct, the candidates do not realize that if they sat down together and relinquished what they feel is their right, or their turn to become, or perhaps one or the other willing to step aside for the greater good would created the greatest change at this moment, than the butting of heads to push one out of the way, so the other can stand on top of the mountain. That seems to be what is taking place, not necessarily fully in the candidates, but the folks that surround the candidates, which are a projection of rams butting heads to see who’s going to win. If one surrendered the mountain out of love, then the other would say also say "What is the higher good?"

MILT: So it would be fair to say that in this moving forward or ascending, that greed, abuse of power and the like will become less, and less evident in the way we approach these things?

SPIRIT: Correct, it’s the willingness to be giving of one’s self for another, that will take place more after the shift. Being willing to give to another with out any need, what you call Divine Love, that’s the energy that is coming into the planet, that shifts and changes to a cooperation for the greater good, than the individual’s need to fulfill their desires.

MILT: With all these shifts, in the process, in the making, and shifts to the betterment of the masses, as I am hearing it, how does that relate or does it go hand-in-hand with the earth shifts like we talk in terms of climate changes …

SPIRIT: The earth is going to right herself and her biomass, including the atmosphere, the lands the whole biosphere is going to have to shift because of man who is part of it, disuse. And the earth is going to have to right it self. The earth changes more have to do with that, than the consciousness shift. Although it is still one, we do not necessarily equate the earth changes as the 2012 event. The 2012 event is the peak of the Christ Consciousness energy. This peak effects the biosphere, and it will go through it’s shift and change, which will cause turmoil’s because of the misuse as in pollution and disrespect. So it goes with saying that the earth will go through the shift also and will assist in the process, but the event is not the earth changes, it is the Christ Consciousness, the peak of the Christ Consciousness energy pouring forth into the planet.

MILT: So the earth changes and the advance toward Christ Consciousness aren’t necessarily connected?

SPIRIT: They are connected in the fact that the earth is in the washing machine too, and she is being cleansed. And she must go through her tribulations as she is birthed just as each person is going through their tribulation. Therefore, because you live on planet earth her tribulations are your tribulations. If you can keep your eye on the fact of the Christ Consciousness awakening, Mother Earth is just part of that process. So it is connected in that way. In other words, the 2012 shift is not because of earth changes, it is not the event. However, the earth changes are happening because of the 2012 Christ Energies coming into the planet.

MILT: Hummm, you lost me on that one. I was starting to think that these are two separate avenues we were going down and they just happen to be meeting at a coincidental time, but that’s not what I am hearing.

SPIRIT: It’s not coincidental, it is happening because of.

MILT: When we talk in terms of cataclysmic events, what ever those may be… floods, pestilence, famine and so forth are these all going to come to a head in this time frame of what we think of, or conceptualize as 2012?

SPIRIT: No, these things will take place but it will not be one majors catastrophe where 12 major things take place all at once. Let’s take the analogy of a person doing their own personal growth, they usually deal with one issue at a time, where on particular issue is released. It doesn’t necessarily happen all at once. It will be continuing events, not one big event. Not on a grand scale, because that is not necessary anymore.

MILT: Is it safe to say to prepare for what ever is going to take place in 2012, that it would be best to focus on moving ahead with your Spirituality and learning how to come to peace with what ever happens and that would be the best approach.

SPIRIT: Correct, focusing on accepting the self where one is.

MILT: Where does the Mayan Calendar come in to all this? When they set this up did the Mayans just have an awareness that all this was going to take place. Was this like a foretelling, that all this was going to take place or is the Mayan Calendar not even involved in this stuff.

SPIRIT: Yes, the Mayan’s had an awareness that was lost, and many other civilizations had that awareness that has been lost, out of greed and power, their connecting with the Gods. Or the higher realms had been lost, and what is happening now is the reawakening of the connecting with the Gods. The higher evolved beings, it has been lost and that will be reawakened in many.

MILT: Here’s a curve ball. What is the extraterrestrial connection with 2012?

SPIRIT: Are not all things connected. Are not all things one?

MILT: Yes, I believe that. But what is their connection with 2012?

SPIRIT: They are a bit nosey. They want to be part of the grand awakening, and some of them are helping with the grand awakening that is taking place on this planet. They are midwives to the process.

MILT: In order for their involvement, will it be necessary between now and then, for most people to be introduced and more open to the concept and accepting of ET’s and their role?

SPIRIT: No not necessarily, because just like a baby who is being birthed and is moved into the material world, doesn’t necessarily know what a midwife is, or can recognize the role they play, or even care about their involvement. The more spiritually advanced folks will be able to welcome and understand the role of "the midwives", but those that are just awakening may not see or connect with, or need to, or be ready. But there will be some who will have direct contact with the midwives, the birthing partners, the coaches. The reason the ET’s have the ability to coach is because they have been through this before. They’ve been through the spiritual awakening. The ETs that will be in attendance have mastered their spiritual transitions. There are different dimensions and levels even in the ET realm, and there are different beings within the different levels. If you move to the highest level which is what the 2012 event is about, the energetic consciousness shift, those that are in attendance with 2012 have already been through the shift. So what we have now is a bit of a smorgasbord of extra-terrestrials on different levels watching the grand play that is taking place on planet earth, who are interested in their role and not only how it affects us, but how it effects them.

MILT: I brought up the ET’s because I feel it’s a good thing to plant positive seeds with folks that have a fear-inclination toward ET matters – to let them know that while we were writing our book Conversations With Mama – Mom introduced us to the concept of ET’s being protectors and guardians of the planet. That they are looking over our shoulders so to speak to prevent us from blowing this place up, thereby screwing up the entire universe.



SUSAN: So Let’s go over the Highlights of what is happening now and will continue through 2012 – and beyond.

1) We are now seeing and experiencing increasingly rapid spiritual growth.

2) Mystical and psychic experience will become the norm.

3) We’re rapidly moving toward an earth where peace and harmony reigns.

4) SPIRIT and Matter are merging into Divine Union.

5) There is nothing to Fear because YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH.

6) Each of us are the Love of God. The more we invite the transformation the faster we will realize we are "God Itself"

7) To quote Jesus: "OLD THINGS SHALL PASS AWAY, BEHOLD ALL THINGS BECOME NEW!!!" We are blest to be here at this time to experience that prophecy.

8) No need to fear you’re not on the right path. You ARE! Just by being a seeker!

MILT: The changes are rapidly upon us… And from this earth school journey of pain and suffering, we will be able to join Martin Luther King, Jr in shouting the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!³

*For more information on Susan Sanderford and her work, go to www.susansanderford.com



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