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October 6, 2008
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Healing Lost Souls:

Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body


William J. Baldwin PH.D.

Hampton Roads Publishing Company

Summary by Christine Mackey, Atlantic University


Chapter 1: Spirit Attachment

Spirit attachment is the idea that spirits could be the cause of physical and mental illnesses. William Baldwin, an avid Spiritualist, extensively studied past life therapy and clinical approaches to relieve spirit possession. Through this study, he developed methods of his own practice. He came to the conclusion that by releasing a spirit into the Light, symptoms will disappear. During these sessions, spirits are guided to the awareness of its own death. Then helpers from the other side help them into the Light.

Non-physical entities and energies appear in many different forms. Some are shapeless black blobs, crystal like, imps, trolls and gnomes. Non-human spirits are the classic demon. They differ from human spirits that were actual human beings. Dark force entities are beings that have never been alive in a human body and they are hostile. Alien entities are not human or demonic but alive aliens. They are intelligent and often on a mission from far away. Earthbound souls are actual human beings that have passed and not aware that they have died. Earthbound entities are the most common discarnate entity. The soul of an organ donor can even follow the transplanted organ into a new body.

There are several reasons that an entity is attracted to a particular person such as mental, physical and emotional conditions. Sometimes it is just random. Spirits of the Light do not get involved in spirit possession. Spirit guides and angels do not try to control or manipulate humans in any way and only here to help those on earth. Only those entities or spirits that have not found the Light attach to human beings.

A powerful defense against spirits that attach to human beings is to strengthen ones own spiritual immune system. A person can do this through positive thoughts, words and actions. Attached entities become like a parasite on human. It drains them and thwarts its own problems from their past life upon the host. This stems from strong ties of love, overwhelming grief or some other traumatic event that keeps them from moving toward the Light. Usually, the host is unaware of this invasion but the most common side effect of attached entities is chronic fatigue.

Chapter 2: Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a clinical treatment for those individuals infected with attached entities. The first step in this process is to discover all the attached entities by discussing current personal problems. This usually opens the dialogue with the entity for it can hear and respond. The second step is to identify what type of entity it is by asking many questions. It is important to know the type of entity for different entities react differently to the methods.

Then we must engage in dialogue directly with the entity through the client to find out why and how the entity attached. This is important. It reveals the hosts weaknesses and will provide valuable information on how to prevent future attacks. The fourth step is to release the being into the Light with the help of spirit guides, family or friends on the other side. The final step is to do a guided imagery meditation to seal the Light for protection.

Dr. Baldwin first began this field of work when he experimented with a channeling group. Overtime, he started a past life regression therapy practice and developed many techniques of spirit releasement during actual sessions. In 1988, he earned a Ph.D. in a doctoral psychology program. He expanded his dissertation into a book and continued to study spirit attachment. Through these studies, he believes spirit attachment and past life trauma are main causes of mental and physical illness.

Chapter 3: Spirit of the Unborn

When a pregnancy ends, the spirit usually goes directly into the Light. But spirits that do not move on sometimes stay with the mother by attaching to the next fetus if the mother becomes pregnant again. It is also common for a spirit to attach itself to a new born that would have been its sibling. Releasing these types of entities requires special attention since the incoming soul perceives it is very helpless. It must be gently persuaded to return to the Light for the normal reincarnation cycle or remain earthbound.

When a woman chooses to end a pregnancy, the spirit may be confused, angry or sad and attach to the mother for several reasons. In its fight for survival, an entity can attach to anyone for any reason if they find an open door. The entity may even attach to a nurse or a doctor that aided in the procedure. In a case of a spirit with a strong desire to live, the spirit attached to the daughter of the doctor.

When a woman is pregnant with twins and one of the twins dies early in the pregnancy, the entity may attach to the surviving baby. Since the entity experiences the birth with the twin, it may insist that it was born. These cases require special attention. The unborn twin must acknowledge the truth to move into the Light. Therapists report after a successful Releasement therapy, the surviving twin is emotional and pain free at last.

Chapter 4: Fragments of Consciousness

Counseling can uncover that feelings of emptiness and depression may be the result of soul fragmentation. The cause of fragmentation is a dramatic or even minor trauma anytime in ones life. During a painful situation the mind can separate from the body and personality and refuse to return. It will remain separated. These soul fragments can carry over through several lifetimes. With help, these soul fragments can be released and no longer interfere wit h the individual’s quality of life.

The dynamics of the inner family is important in healing. The inner family is a team inside us with specific jobs to do. They are the protector, the pleaser, the perfectionist, the pusher, the critic and the disowned selves. Healing the inner child is a type of mind fragment. This mind fragment can cause emotional problems. Traditional and nontraditional healing methods are used to discover and release these conflicts.

Another type of soul fragmentation is sub personalities. Sub personalities are a structured constellation of habits, patterns, attitudes and belief systems. Sub personalities can lead to a breakdown of the personality. When this happens, sometimes multiple personalities form called Dissociation Identity Disorder (DID). DID is a disorder that has a history of childhood abuse, torture or incest. There are many nontraditional practices to treat DID. Therapy may require several years of treatment for each personality has its own complex interpersonal behavior patterns. Although the American Psychological Association recognizes this disorder, many health professions do not accept it and many people are not properly diagnosed.   

Chapter 5: Dark Force Entities

Dark Force Entities (DFE) are defiant, disruptive and hostile. They interfere with every form of love or human advancement to improve their own existence. These entities work off the energy in the lower three chakras. They can work alone or in a group. DFE thrive on human suffering and feed off of pain and anguish. DFE are easy to identify by this hostile behavior and attitude. DFE fear the Light because they are told by superiors that the Light is harmful. They believe that by entering the Light, they will cease to exist. Avoiding the Light is a means of survival for DFE. It is very difficult to convince them the Light will release them from their pain. Spirit Releasement Techniques are used to approach DFE, educate them and release them to the Light.

DFE are demonic and have never been human. Upon attachment, they do not bring with them human symptoms of illness or emotional issues as the earthbound spirits. The best protection is awareness. There are many questions we should ask a DFE in order to release them into the Light. The goal is return as many DFE to the Light as possible to relieve suffering in the world. Intervention is the best way for those of us who bargained with DFE to take back control of their life. Even if this pact was made in this lifetime or a past lifetime, you can take back control.

Chapter 6: Spirit Releasement Therapy and the Dark Force Entities

Spirit Releasement Therapy is not based on a religious belief system. Spirit Releasement Therapy uses imagination, visual imagery and invocation of spiritual beings of Light. When these techniques were developed over the years, it was a trail and error technique. Successful methods were chosen for continued use. The most successful technique used was Light Binding. Light Binding allows Dark Force Entities (DFE) to see that the Light is a safe place. They have no reason to fear the Light and anything otherwise is untrue. When a DFE accepts the truth, the therapist can help them go in the Light. The DFE will be released from its pain as well as the client.

One case of a successful Spirit Releasement Therapy is of a teenager, Tommy. Tommy was an excellent football but had very low self esteem. A DFE had prompted his suicide in a reckless auto accident. Tommy was held in an Earth bound state with the DFE. The DFE and Tommy attached to another student named Bennett. Tommy selected Bennett out of revenge since Bennett used to harass him. Later in life, Bennett suffered from seizures. With Spirit Releasement Therapy, the entities were released into the Light.

During Spirit Releasement Therapy sessions, audio tapes are used. Reasons vary, such as the client may want to listen to them later to clearly recall some of the information or to share them with friends. Often odd things happen with the electronic devices. Tapes disappear or are later blank or faulty.

Chapter 7: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind

Another type of entity that attaches to humans is an intelligent alien force. These living aliens are celestial beings that desire to exist in a body on earth. Not usually aggressive or hostile, they are secretive and will communicate briefly when discovered by a therapist. Some are lost or on an expedition. They do not mind violating human’s space and conduct experiments with specialized equipment. The aliens place undetectable devices on various parts of the human body.

During sessions, therapists try to communicate with alien that is in charge of these experiments through a kind of channeling with the client. Often, when acknowledged, the alien will agree to move and on and even ask forgiveness for the intrusion. There are many types of alien groups, such as Colonists who have outposts on other planets and Wanderers who are lone and lost aliens. When Spirit Releasement Therapy sessions fail to release the entity, past life regression is often successful. Dark Force Entities can also control aliens, much like humans on Earth. Fortunately these DFE are recognized by their aggressive characteristics. This allows for a quick diagnosis and release of the entity into the Light.

Chapter 8: Birth Regression

Contrary to Sigmund Freud’s claim that the birth experience is forgotten, Birth Regression Therapy is a common practice today for non-traditional therapists. In an altered state of consciousness you can recall the birth experience and speak of these memories. The validly of the events are often confirmed by family members after the session. Some medical cases trace back to a traumatic birth process such as spinal problems, migraine headaches, dyslexia, anorexia, claustrophobia and other conditions. Often these symptoms are signals that something is wrong. By participating in birth regression, a client can understand the root of the problem.

During a birth regression, a client discovers past lifetime patterns that trigger recall of birth related trauma. This can be sounds, odors, attitudes or spoken words to name a few. Morris Netherton is a well known past life regression therapist. He suggests past life therapy is complete only when used with exploration of the pre-birth and birth experiences.

A successful example of Birth Regression occurred with a dental patient of Dr. Baldwins purley by accident. The patient was afraid of the dental chair. During the dental procedure, the fear was linked to a painful birth delivery where she simply wanted to escape. After the session of Birth Regression Therapy, she was no longer afraid. This episode prompted Dr. Baldwin to learn more about Birth Regression as well.

Chapter 9: Past-Life Therapy in Practice

Reincarnation is a cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. Reincarnation is common in about eighty- percent of religions across the world. Like all theories of religion, reincarnation cannot be proven but many people can recall memories of past lives. They believe in this principle of a continuous cycle of birth and death along with balancing their karma. Karma is important to the many people who believe in reincarnation because it carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

During Past Life Regression therapy, the client uncovers memories that may be the cause of problems in the present life. These past life symptoms that are affecting the present life can be resolved.  Past Life Regression therapy is used for phobias, such as drowning, public speaking or other unexplained fears. Patterns of abuse often appear when the client describes feelings and recalls the chain of events. In doing so, it releases the suffering and opens a door to healing through forgiveness, the key element in healing. This will bring immediate relief.

Dual regression is when couples participate in this therapy to solve marital problems. Group regression guides the participants to locate a specific time in a past life. During the session cited, clients were to locate their first moment on plant earth. More than 70 percent of the group recalled coming from other dimensions or plants. Future life procession is possible as well since in the non-physical realm time is not a sequence of events. This therapy allows participants to use parallel lives and locate another aspect of the own self.

Chapter 10: Spiritualism and the American Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was founded in 1882 in England to study Spiritualism and all it encompasses. The American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) was established in Boston 1885. Dr. James Hyslop studied multiple personality disorders. He gave creditability to the existence of spirit obsession and possession in cases of mental disorders.

In the 1900s Spiritualist Dr. Carl Wickland founded the National Psychological Institute. At this Institute, he wrote several books on the treatment of spirit possession. He built a machine called the “Wimhurst” that generated static electricity. He applied it the clients head while a circle of mediums in another room went in a trance. The mediums encouraged the entity to leave the patient and enter in Mrs. Wickland. Mrs. Wickland and the mediums would send the being it the Light after convincing the spirit they no longer belonged with the patient.

Many people can recall Near Death Experiences and describe a bright light or travel outside of their body. They also describe meeting relatives or friends or a voice telling them to return to their body. Skeptics claim these accounts are from a drug reaction during resuscitation. A notable example of this unexplainable phenomenon is a Near Death Experience from a blind patient. This patient accurately described the events of the surgeon’s team that revived her.

Chapter 11: Spirit Releasement Therapy and Past Life Therapy:  Complementary Aspects

The connection between Spirit Releasement Therapy and Past Life Therapy is complementary. These therapies complement one another because the work is not complete until the being returns to the Light. There are several examples, like the case of thirty-six years old Diana. Diana had tightness and painful irritation her throat when she spoke the truth. During past life regression session she revealed she was an Egyptian stone carver. After completing work on a special tomb, his throat was slit to prevent him from telling anyone about the carvings. At first this past life appeared to be the source of the problem, but it provided no relief. Further therapy discovered that the stone carver was actually an Earthbound entity, not a past life. The therapist was then able to help the entity into the Light.

Psychologist Carl Jung describes synchronicity as a “meaningful coincidence.” Coincidence and synchronicity is a fascinating field in this study when trying to understand why an entity attached to a particular person. There is also simple randomness of entity attachment that further complicates the connection to a host.

The Holocaust is a recurring theme in the Past Life Regression. Dark Force Entities and Earth bound entities attached to many victims during this traumatic event. Many of the clients described in detail the ovens and showers at the Death Camps. They say the Dark Force Entities are attracted to the evil of the Third Reich. These entities made a choice to stay away from the Light and are responsible for the violence. Spirit Releasement Therapy and Past Life Therapy combined have done much work to guide these beings into the Light.

Chapter 12: Spirit Attachment or Past Life?

Often, the use of Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Releasement Therapy is rejected because of it connection to reincarnation and karma. Despite traditional therapist rejection, Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Releasement Therapy are widely used and very effective. Many of these cases have diagnosed underlying causes of sleep disorders, sexual preferences, bulimic and anorexic patterns, gender disphoria and chronic fatigue syndrome. All cases cited used these techniques and healed through the power of unconditional love.

Couples are often targets for spirit attachment and these unwanted entities can cause many problems unless released. A happily married couple, Maria and Talbolt had problems. Maria was having an affair with Brian though she loved her husband. She felt she was doing this compulsively and the couple agreed to try anything, even past life therapy. The sessions revealed that Maria’s deceased grandmother had attached to her and was pursing Brian. Brain was the reincarnate of her grandfather. Spirit Releasement Therapy helped the entities into the Light and all parties were able to go on with their individual journeys.

Val and Tom were also having martial problems and decided to undergo past life therapy. Through Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Releasement Therapy, Tom discovered an attached Earthbound entity of a young boy. The boy was murdered in Japan and attached to Tom because he was strong and made him feel safe. After ongoing several sessions, the spirit was released and Val and Tom saved their marriage.

Chapter 13: Remote Spirit Releasement: Long Distance healing

Spiritual release can be done at a distance when a client stands in for another person who needs Spirit Releasement work. The client finds a safe boundary to prevent spiritual attachment attempts and a connection is made with the entity. The Spiritual Releasement Therapy session begins and proceeds as usual. Practiced for centuries, another type of spirit release is done by a rescue group. When a disaster strikes and affects a large group of people, a team of people with psychic abilities work together to rescue these spirits and release them into the Light.

Remote Spirit Releasement helps many tortured people who remain earthbound after death for any number of reasons. This includes sunken ships, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, battlefields and Nazis who worked at death camps. Often German soldiers did what they did out of fear fro their own families and remained earthbound out of guilt.

Remote Spirit Releasement Therapy was done for the victims of the September 11th tragedy. Work was also done for the Dark Force Entities that controlled the terrorist. There is a Posthumous Remote Releasement therapy that is similar to the baptism of Christianity. Similarly, the Mormon faith baptizes the deceased to help them clear their sins. Nonlocal connection is a form of channeling. It sparks more questions that it can answer but it provides insight to the communication link through time and space.

Chapter 14: Who Am I?

Exploring past lives can change life long problems by releasing attached entities. This enables the individual to end and understand specific behaviors. An extraordinary case is of Ansel Bourne who experienced a total change of personality and life circumstances. Neighbors declared Ansel was crazy because he led two lives and recalled nothing of it during the episodes as the other personality. Hypnotic sessions were given to help the personalities in merging without success. His dual selves show an attached entity.

Duane, a World War II veteran, began having unexplainable episodes after leaving the Navy. He heard a voice that was telling him to commit suicide. Duane did not drink or use drugs and no history of mental illness. Doctors diagnosed him with a multiple personality disorder. Under hypnosis the personality of Max appeared. Max blamed Duane for his death in World War II and attached to Duane. This is typical of spirit attachment because there was not a history of multiple personality disorder prior with this client. The two were friends and Duane was present at the death, felt guilt for the death as Max felt blame.

Very often are accounts of inmates in prison with entity attachment. Several inmates had knowledge of these entities and several claimed they saw apparitions. Others revealed personal stories of crimes where the entities may have planned the crimes. Since many people today do not acknowledge the existence of entities and energies or accept the practice of past life memories recall, they write all of this issues off. They blame mental illness and use drugs as the primary medical treatment. On the other hand, more and more well educated people are investigating the phenomenon and are seeking unconventional treatment methods as well.

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