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March 24, 2008
The Intuitive-Connections Network

To See the Unseen

Leena Rose Miller

Leena Rose Miller


As a medical intuitive with a practice in Asheville, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee, I offered a workshop for the monthly IONS Community Group that meets at the Oasis Institute in Knoxville, Tennessee. At this workshop, I invited the participants to engage in several intuitive development exercises.

First I asked them to identify how they themselves personally "see," or receive information. Are they more claircognitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient? They then had an opportunity to determine the contents within a large brown envelope; the image within they were to get an impression of, as well as to welcome a personal message from.

Many of the IONS members were able to identify colors, shapes, and metaphors of their own personal image, and, interestingly enough, several also 'saw' the image of their adjoining neighbor in the chair either next to them or directly across from them.

Two ladies sitting side by side drew exact copies of one another’s tree, in different sizes, but same colore and very much representative of one of the images in the other’s envelope.

For a remote viewing exercise, I contacted Edgar Mitchell and invited him to 'hold' a remote target for the group from his home, which he readily agreed to do.

He chose his favorite piece of memorabilia from the Apollo mission – the hand controller or joy stick that he used to land the lunar module, attached to a wooden box and displayed in a case in Edgar’s home office/study.

I initially provided the group with only the coordinates, Mitchell's street address, city and state, with no information on whose object they would be "viewing. " In this exercise, instead of word impressions, I asked the group to sketch or render a line drawing of their impressions (the favored method of famous remote viewers such as Joe McMonagle) in an attempt to further remove the mind or thinking process.

Several members of the group drew a cigar or banana shape or bar (which when turned 90 degrees was a very close representation of the shape of the joystick.)

Other drawings included a spoked wheel, which several in the group drew and all interpreted as a bicycle, though when probed more deeply or viewed from a different perspective, could have been interpreted as the wheel of a ship, thus being a spot-on image, spaceship, thus also offering a fine example of how we interpret through our own filters and language that which we 'see.'

One gentleman also rendered a boat, which if explored further perhaps would perhaps have taken him to using the word 'ship' instead of 'boat'; this same gentleman also drew a dimensional cross, which had many aspects of the shape of the hand controller. Many other aspects of the joystick emerged, such as the finger groves, the push button, etc.

After the completion of their drawings, I shared with the group that it was Edgar Mitchell who was holding the remote target for the group, and then encouraged them to have another round of impressions, this time noting words, impressions, colors, materials, shapes, etc.

The result of the second round was interesting, as many recorded impressions from their own memories, as well as space images, the color blue, etc., but again, many aspects of the joystick emerged, its shape, texture, material temperature (cool), the 'chair' or the spaceship seat, as well as hobbies or activities its owner had enjoyed.

The youngest person in the room who had the least exposure and experience with this monument us event (most of the other participants were of the generation who experienced the Apollo mission as a personally significant event in their lives) and who did not have knowledge of the history of the founding of IONS, had the most accurate image in the group, proving, perhaps, the less we 'know' the better we are able to 'see.'

Leena Rose Miller is a free lance writer and medical intuitive and VisionCoach with a practice in energy medicine and can be contacted through her website, www.leenarosesite.com or 828-552-0799 or leena@leenarosesite.com

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