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July 19, 2007
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Connecting with the Divine Matrix

By Gregg Braden

Connecting with the Divine Matrix

Book summary by Joanne Aaronson

How do you know if you are connected to a higher power? First, let’s agree on what to call this higher power often called God, but many words could be substituted. One such term is the Cosmic Consciousness, as Edgar Cayce suggests or The Oneness as Buddhists reference.

I grew up with the Star Wars Epic and the use of the term May the Force be with you, referring to this same higher power.  Most recently, I heard Gregg Braden speak on the “Divine Matrix”, which is my current favorite. I’m a left brained person by nature and his scientific approach to the elements of spirituality is appealing.

Why is it that many of our current speakers on spirituality come from a scientific background? Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light, was an aerospace engineer in a prior career. Gregg Braden, author of The God Code, The Divine Matrix and other books, comes from a geology and aerospace background.

It’s interesting to note that I come from a scientific background having studied physics for my undergraduate work and later technology management in my graduate program. Perhaps this scientific background has helped me to understand the new quantum explanations of religion and spirituality.

When I went on to study intuitive development, one of my early mentors was Roslyn Bruyere, a contemporary of Barbara Brennan’s who was also an engineer prior to becoming a minister and founder of the Healing Light Church. These are just a few examples that I personal knowledge of since the actual list is too numerous to provide.

My current profession is that of project manager making use of my prior studies in an interesting way; that of applying the intuitive abilities to the skill areas of the corporate world and contributed significantly to a successful project management career. Said in a slightly different way, my understanding of right brain access to intuition and creativity helps me to work in a rather left brained corporate environment. I also find that the Universe has a way of teaching me so that I can teach others. Here’s an example of my experience and what I learned:

As the day of my briefing drew near, the fear intensified. Would I be accepted? Would I deliver the message well? Would the audience be receptive? These were my inner thoughts of fear. Then there were the inner thoughts that were supportive: The industry association sponsoring my presentation wouldn’t have scheduled the program if they had had doubts about my abilities to prepare an awesome briefing.

Why was I so afraid? The words rang in my head, fear and love cannot fill the same space! I had to transmute this fear and turn it into love. Could I do it? I was told that fear and love are opposites, so if there’s no fear, there has to be love in its place. Ok, but how does one transmute fear?

I knew in my heart that the Universe was supporting me. The message came through loud and clear. The program was scheduled on the New Moon, the best time for any new ventures, new projects or anything new. I was venturing into uncharted waters in my attempt to bring spiritual ideas into a corporate environment, so it was certainly a new venture.

This was probably the only third Tuesday of a month in the entire year that was a New Moon and yet, it was THE DAY of my presentation. How did that happen? I decided on a date for the program date six months before, in October. When asked, when would you like to do your program? April, I answered without much thought. It would give me a chance to get through the winter and spring seemed like a good time of year.

For sure I hadn’t checked the lunar calendar; however, when I did check the calendar a few weeks before my program and discovered that it was the New Moon I did a jump for joy! Yes, a New Moon! The actual day of the New Moon! To me, this was a message that the Universe was supporting me in this new venture. So, why was I afraid? And what could I do about it?

Two weeks prior to my presentation, I went to the ARE in Virginia Beach for the Easter Conference to see Gregg Braden speak on his new book, The Divine Matrix.

Besides being a fabulous speaker and presenter, I learned a lot about his concept of universal oneness which he termed, the Divine Matrix. Watching a real pro in action was a great opportunity for me to learn about voice projection, audience interaction and his sense of humor.

His presence and connection to the audience were very special….I took copious notes but I learned the most from just feeling how he interacted with the audience. His main message is that we’re all connected and what happens to one impacts all others.

When I was practicing my presentation, even with no one in front of me, I was getting nervous, especially in the pit of my stomach. From studying Reiki and energy work, I knew this was a second charka problem. The second charka is also the seat of where the fear vs. love polarity resides.

Expressions of my creativity had been locked away for so long that I had pockets of energy that clogged up the works, so to speak. (I had two bouts of abdominal surgery in just a year and a half). Fear and love cannot exist at the same time. I needed to unlock this creative energy since it was keeping me from fulfilling my life mission – to foster spiritual concepts in the workplace.

This presentation would be a good start on accomplishing that – IF, it was well received. That’s what the fear was about – the possibility of being successful and that I would then have to act on the results. I would have to start my business in earnest. I’d have to move into action! These were exciting thoughts, but also scary to me.

There was a shift in my own consciousness required and I knew that. From my studies and work with clients, I know that our thoughts create our world. Change our thoughts and the rest follows. I had to change my thought pattern.

I began to think of the Divine Matrix and how I was connected to the grid of all people and things on the earth. Many words could be used to describe the Oneness, but I felt comfortable with this one, that of the Divine Matrix, having just heard Gregg’s dynamic presentation a few weeks earlier.

I meditated for about 30 minutes while including this changed thought pattern using the paradigm shift that the Divine Matrix represented. A remarkable thing happened. Not only was I connected to the Divine Matrix but I sensed that all the people in my expected audience were also connected.

In other words, in my being part of the One, all those in the audience, even those not yet in attendance but were expected to be, were also part of the One. We were already connected even though I hadn’t started my presentation yet.

If we were all One, and part of the same whole, then I was essentially briefing to myself and to the same energy. There was nothing to be afraid of… the fear left me. When I meditated on this idea, even for a few minutes prior to a run through, it went extremely well, I felt quiet, at peace and I was in the zone and connected. If I tried to go over the briefing without this preparation, I found myself stumbling over my own words, confusing concepts and not remembering the connections between ideas!

The night of the presentation finally arrived. Several of my work associates attended for morale support. I meditated for about 20 minutes before the program. I cleared the room of negative energy using Reiki techniques; but, most importantly, I connected to the Divine Matrix using the paradigm shift explained earlier.

“We are all one and I am connected. This is the right thing for me to do. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is only love in the room.

I felt totally calm. The walking microphone was placed on my lapel and I began. While on the podium, looking out over the approximately 200 people in attendance, I felt a connection – as if there was a grid spread over the audience including myself.

I was relaxed, calm and delivered my content flawlessly. I was excited and emphasized my points appropriately. When I finished I looked at my watch. Forty minutes had zipped by. Time passed by without notice. I just smiled at the audience as they clapped. There had been very little moving about.

Only a few people came in or went out of the room which was quick unusual. They were connected to me and wanted to hear what I had to say. I had been One with the audience and they were part of it. They were engaged, enjoyed it, but most important, they felt the connection to me.

I accomplished my purpose. I demonstrated what I had briefed. I walked the talk. It felt good. Now I know what to do. Anyone can do it, as long as you really connect.

*Author’s note: I studied at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies for 3 years with Carol Anne Liaros and Henry Reed to receive the personal certificates in psychic competency. I then became a 3rd level Reiki practitioner.

I currently have a part-time business as an intuitive life coach called, Life Transformations which I’m aiming to become a full-time retirement business. For more information see www.empowerchangenow.com

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