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December 14, 2007
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Love without End... Jesus Speaks

By Glenda Green

Love without End

Summary by Sylvia Moran

( Spirits Publishing )

Glenda Green is a professional artist, a painter. She is not a theologian and her book is not about religion. She shares with us how the Master Jesus originated dialog while she painted the Master himself. Her personal growth of awareness and expanding consciousness is revealed as these conversations with the Master occur.

Some four years had passed until she was able to share their conversations with proper detachment. She and Jesus spoke on issues small and large, practical and marvelous for nearly four months. Her copious notes were to preserve the wisdom for her own use, not intending to publicly share the conversations.

His words were about the potential for Heaven that is in each of us and about life as we live it. Her work is not a result of channeling or automatic writing; rather she could see and hear him. She too spoke in full consciousness. Her view is simply that a miracle occurred and that an enlightened woman found herself within the Master's truth.

She and her husband, Brian, jumped out of their second story window with only a few clothes and Gunner, the cat, while all their possessions and most of her artwork had gone up in flames. Barely a day had passed when Brian woke her with his excitement of a dream that she should paint a picture of Jesus.

Still worn out and disparaged from the ordeal of the fire, his words seemed absurd. An amazing year and a half passed with all the components that came together by which The Lamb and the Lion came to be painted. The painting itself took several months, and to her own astonishment it is holographic.

A few days after its completion, His presence graced their home once again and as He instructed they began showing the painting. Not certain just how to go about this, first they showed it in their home. The locals came, then distant folk. Then they toured it to churches of many denominations.

A tear in the canvas occurred when a ceiling light fell on it. There are written testimonies from those who witnessed the damage and the result of the miraculous healing the next day. The painting healed with no evidence of damage, not even under close scrutiny. Without denomination and without doctrine the painting is compelling to all.

Sharing the painting was exhausting, yet she longed to paint again. Painting anything else would fall short of the passion and peace that the Lion and the Lamb had provided. In a country church the answer came as to what to paint. That special fragrance from before arrived and she saw Him.

He regressed in age until be was a baby in Mary's arms. From this miracle came to be painted The Flame of Love, exactly nine months after The Lamb and the Lion.

Jesus first spoke to her that love is who you are. What is meant by this, how is love a beingness, what keeps man away from this state of being, and how to get back to this state of perfection are many of the conversations and explanations that occurred during the four months of painting The Lamb and The Lion.

Returning is inevitable and unavoidable. We cannot evolve to perfection since that is our original state. However, we return to perfection. Humanity has an awareness of its existence where it perceives a natural correlation with beingness, doingness, havingness.

The world of structure counters this and leads us to believe that we must have before we can do, and we must do before we can be. This is an inversion of priorities and gives a false image of glory which depletes our well being.

When we have in our lives a priority of havingness there is no way to have peace among ourselves and we are better off developing a simplicity of being.

Mankind used to live a heart-centered life, the innocent heart. Wanting more control he left this and chose to conduct himself with mind-centered judgment. This judgment mindset has created an over-structuredness in the world where structure is commonly internalized.

Structures that dominate the lives of man carry seeds of oppression, states of disconnection and unconsciousness. Jesus explained that there will be a collapse and retaliation of that which seeks to survive against the good of man. There will be suffering, not for the sake of suffering but so mankind will benefit with the result of this human transfiguration.

Judgment has an evitable course to self-consumption and iresults in self-imposed separation from the One Spirit. That is why it is the original error of man. Two mistakes of knowledge are activated by judgment. One is knowing wrongly and the other is assuming that reality is limited to what you know.

Jesus instructs that each of us have a concept of our self beyond our biologic origin and beyond our social contexts. We are not part of the time stream. It only seems so due to involvement with structure. We have one life and it is forever. It is a meaningful place in existence and we are immortal.

Each person is here for a purpose and no one else can fulfill our own purpose. Many structures often create control agents that can have the effect of suppressing the growth of human consciousness. Structure is an organizational factor in the universe. It is also an illusion that blocks attainment of ultimate wealth.

Practical knowledge and responsibility are an appropriate part of structure, yet these are not meant to block mystical truths. We can attract blessings into our life instead of struggles. These blessings or Beatitudes constitute the Sermon on the Mount.

The Sermon is not meant to show the inevitability  of struggles, sufferings, etc., but rather how to overcome, eliminate and/or avoid them. Jesus' recitation of The Sermon was explained with today's words of understanding. For example in the phrase that blessed are the poor in spirit, poor means simple.

We are instructed how to not complicate our life. To mourn is to purge and release. We must let go and release rather than turn our sorrow inward. The meek inheriting the earth is an instruction to live in balance and not hoard.

To hunger and thirst for righteousness is how the Sacred Heart awakens to its purity and innocence. This is the heart's power and it is the love that we are. The blessing that the merciful shall receive mercy is all about forgiveness.

The sixth blessing of the pure in heart seeing God relates to purity of perception which is a Sacred Heart function rather than letting the mind invent what it doesn't understand. The blessing regarding that peacemakers are the sons of God is about ending duality. Jesus used the concept of the thinking of light and dark as opposites as an example of a falseness of duality.

Instead there is only the power of light with varying intensities. In the blessing that those persecuted for righteousness sake enter the kingdom of heaven, it is a calling to be a loving person even when experiencing a hardship. The biblical Job is referenced as an example of the concept in this blessing.

The internalizing of structure is what happened to Judas. As boys, he and Jesus were best friends. He was of a well-to-do influential family with all its advantages and so he was resigned to structure. He was impatient with Jesus' non-political teachings. Jesus did not know exactly what Judas would do.

At Jesus' capture Judas expected Him to either denounce Rome or perform a miracle in front of all. The surrender was a shock to Judas because the controlling mind regards surrender as defeat. Control is a by-product of separation. Surrender with love and you command.

Jesus' surrender was an example of knowledge and power within the Sacred Heart. He knew his immortality, and so retained mastery over structure. He regards this act as his finest miracle and his purpose for having been here. Further proof of the heart's supremacy over structure is shown in the miracle of the resurrection. Jesus showed us to died to structure, and live in the heart to live immortally.

We are invited to accept the heart's supremacy by accepting its power and applying it in our own life. Jesus explains also that in this universe there will be a shattering effect on the tyranny of structure when Judas awakens to God, and so we are invited to pray for his soul.

The higher intelligence belongs to the heart. It has a zero point that is the true source of human power where there is a magnetic vortex. This Sacred Heart is indigenous power and we can access it. The seven higher dimensions of intelligence are within the heart. They are unity, love, life, respect, honesty, justice and kindness.

Each of these is reflected in the first seven commandments and is explained. A daily practice to make the mind a servant to the heart is by strengthening positive emotions with gratitude and admiration; by disempowering negative emotions through forgiveness; and by practicing innocent perception, which means to perceive and respond without preconception.

The mind can only have surrogate power. It uses logic and depends on structural concepts to produce a reality that is merely mind-generated structure. One of the two parts of the mind is an electromagnetic field. The mind encodes data with plus and minus impulses and so it will perform dualistically without the heart's supervision.

It is no longer useful to have a dualistic approach to living. Love ends this polarity. Let the mind be a servant to the heart since the mind is a fatal master. Being mind-dominated destroys the immune system, the inevitable result of a mind-dominated world. Reverse this by following the heart.

There will be new Earth bodies which are directed by our consciousness of love. The mind seeks to control however it is love that commands. Man is misdirected in spending years making connections with structure, which is mind-domination. It is better to make connections with his own nature, life, and God, which is rulership of the heart.

Jesus spoke of the three components of universal existence as love, spirit, and the adamantine particles. Love not as a feeling, not as a commodity, not as an action or an external force, rather love as being. We are love. The scientific discovery of the unified field was a breakthrough in consciousness for mankind.

Soon scientists will discover that the unified field is the physical presence of spirit. Understanding the adamantine particles, which are the irreducible structure of the universe, is a major objective in physics research. Many mysteries of how things work will be revealed when they are discovered.

The particles adhere magnetically and unify infinity. These particles can be perceived. This ancient human perception has gone dormant, yet some can still perceive them. It is love that commands the particles. Jesus made use of these adamantine particles in appearing to the author.

He moved them into her vicinity, and with a beam of light projected to her forehead, he was able to appear to her. The particles are perceived as a brightness. This is how birds know what is edible and what isn't. Another example is how a long-married couple begins to look alike, or how owners and pets come to have a resemblance.

The heart is likened to a magnet and love is the pencil that moves the particles.

In an explanation on energy, humans understand energy as a force. This force-dominated world is causing many of our problems and is another example how inversion of the heart and the mind results in social difficulties.

A critical issue for Earth now is that force and density are the main part of our actions and interactions. Humanity is on the edge of its destiny and needs to rise to a paradigm change about this or experience decline and possible destruction.

We need to believe that life will be more effortless with the diminishing influence of force. Force is in our applications of energy, industry, economy, and human conduct. We will enter a world of advanced technologies not based on high friction, high-resistance engineering on which our current civilization relies.

Technology does not increase consciousness. Instead consciousness causes technology. It is problematic that energy is understood as a scarcity. With this as a basic belief, no system of social democracy on Earth can last. A paradigm shift in humanity will occur when the understanding of energy as force shifts from electrical to magnetic performance.

The shift will be from friction-generated energy to primal magnetism. Then the adamantine particles can be understood and defined. A critical moment of soul development is at hand. Realize there is One Spirit.

Do so by developing a greater awareness by leaving behind three misconceptions:  that the spirit and body are separate; that spirit forms a complementary duality with the body; and belief in many spirits.

It is a fallacy to look for one's purpose outside oneself. We each have preferences and orientations that reflect our individuality. There is One Spirit with no separation, yet there is no collective anonymity. Individuals can understand where spirit and matter join. With this awakening to Spirit's unbroken essence, more people will have the gift of prophecy, vision, telecommunication, empathy.

Spirit resonates to love and connects substance. Science will be launched into the next millennium when understanding where spirit and matter join as a point where indivisibility transitions to divisibility.

Science has misapplied concepts and truths which have hindered its own progress. One of these is in the faulty procedure of postulating a theory and then extracting from reality the bits and pieces of evidence that substantiate the theory. There is such vastness to reality that you can always match the theory if you leave out enough evidence.

Science would be better off confirming reality than theory. Reality cannot be changed nor created. God is inseparable from reality. Jesus invites us to shape reality to suit our needs and purposes, rather than invent reality. We are wise to learn the difference and not create a fictional self which will undo us.

The Master gave an explanation that there is a technical function of love as primary magnetism and compression. Compression yields new energy, expansion releases it. Humans are part of that energy and don't have to generate it. Stabilize your connection with it through acknowledgment and self-awareness.

A new formula that understands energy as comprised of quantity, a constant, and a quality will be developed. Conditions of infinity will be comprehensible from this formula. He spoke on many issues of  science and physics without separating science from theology as there is only one reality.

This technical function of love relates to the need that his birth be a virgin birth. DNA conducts the functions of love in organic life. He never knew separation from God and He had always known himself as love. So DNA produced in this state of separation would have prevented his joining into a body.

The Master likened this to putting rocket fuel in a Volkswagen. He states that he was not essentially different in potential and the pregnancy, his childhood and adolescence were as usual. His sacrifice to humanity was not so much that he died on the cross since death meant nothing to him, being well aware of his immortality.

His gift to us was that he chose to separate to be among us. He states that many people have died for humanity's good, but he is the only one who separated for us. This separation was his most extreme grief. The resurrection shows our inevitable return. The crucifixion shows that death is only death from structure.

Their conversations flowed gently, naturally. Throughout the book, Jesus loving guidance and empathy for humanity's plight is made known. The Master provides a number of guidelines and practices for individuals to undertake for personal development.

As the conversations occurred, the author shares her life experiences that generated and/or incorporated the talk at hand. She shares her expanding awareness and enlightenment, her gratitude for His visit which at first she considered a personal gift. She describes the emotion of this experience as having a sound, a fragrance.

A feeling she best describes as adoration. She considers it a privilege of knowing His holy name as The Beloved. As inevitable, the thread connecting His vision to her was no more and his vision gradually faded into sparkling light. She shares her realization that His parting words were meant for all mankind when He said to her that you are my Beloved.

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