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(Editor’s note: This brief article is a summary of Mr. Cox’s Atlantic University Culminating Project. To read the original thesis in its entirety, click here!)

   Radionics, as a named field, had its beginnings in the early 1900’s in the United States. Radionics is a science, sometimes called a spiritual science, which utilizes an instrument to scan a person, animal, crop or nearly anything to determine the well being of the subject.

The instrument can also be used to balance the energy fields of the scanned subject or send energy to correct a particular problem. The use of Radionics is widespread in Europe and Canada but not so in the United States.

In fact, in the United States it is illegal to use Radionics for medical treatment while in Great Britain the Radionics practitioner are trained and licensed to provide medical Radionics treatments and they are supported by a professional organization, The Radionic Association of Oxon, U.K.

   Radionics appears to be related to aboriginal shamanism as well as the more modern practice of Reiki. I speculate along these lines because of the use of symbols in Radionics originating with Malcom Rae and the similar use of symbols in Reiki and some shamanic practices.

It must be kept in mind that Radionics is a spiritual science, not able to be explained by conventional science. The best chance for explanation of how Radionics works seems to come from quantum physics which holds out the possibility of parallel universes and multiple dimensions of existence as well as explaining paired atoms and non-local events.

   Radionics works similarly to the way paired atoms and non-local events are explained by quantum physics. That is, whatever is done to one atom also happens to the other no matter how far apart in time or space.

The same is true in Radionics. Whatever happens to the “witness” happens also the actual subject and whatever is happening to the subject is reflected by the “witness” no matter where in the world either is located. Time and space are not limits when using Radionics.

   The specific procedure to use a Radionics instrument is quite simple, although the operator must possess some unidentified quality, which allows him/her to be successful. A “witness,” such as a photograph, is first placed in the well of the instrument.

Next a dial is turned while simultaneously rubbing the “stick plate” until the surface of the “stick plate” is felt to warp or the fingertips stick to it. A reading is taken from the dial and recorded as the “general vitality.” That scan is done on a particular setting of two other dials which are set to reflect “general vitality” or any other energy which needs to be scanned.

All other scans will then be relative to the “general vitality.” Energy centers, charkas, and potential negative energies can be scanned and compared to “general vitality.” Those, which are out of balance, can then be “treated” or balanced to bring them more into line with “general vitality.”

   Most equipment available today utilizes the operator as an integral part of the circuit. There is however work being done in Germany utilizing a white noise diode which takes the human factor out of the circuit completely. This equipment can be set to scan and rebalance automatically as it is computer controlled. It is also quite expensive at 11,000 euros or about $13,750.

   There is Radionics work being done in India utilizing cards with symbols and no instrumentation whatever. The Chinese practice a form of Radionics using nothing but chanting and unity of purpose. The Chinese method seems demonstrative of quantum physics theories regarding parallel universes as well as Edgar Cayce’s words “mind is the builder.”

   Radionics has its detractors and Radionics practitioners have been fined and jailed. Some of the argument against Radionics says that the circuitry in the instrument serves no electrical or electronic purpose so the equipment could not possibly be useful or effective.

The flaw in that argument is that the Radioniocs instruments are not electric or electronic and the fields they measure and influence are also, as far as is known, not electric or electronic.

Most of the conventional medical community is opposed to Radionics as it encourages practitioners to practice medicine without a license and causes patients to forego medical attention they might otherwise seek.

I suspect this will change as more work is done linking Radionics to quantum theory thereby more fully explaining the science of Radionics.

   Regardless of any official recognition in the United States I have found Radionics to be a useful tool for analyzing and balancing energy centers for all manner of subjects. On one notable occasion I formulated a nutritional spray for my garden using the Radionics instrument.

The result of using the formulation was that all my tomato plants bloomed within a 24-hour period. I have also been able to use Radionics to influence negative energy associated with excessive drinking of alcohol, smoking and excessive weight.

Radionics may also be used to uncover suitable Bach remedies that will mitigate the negative energies associated with emotional upsets.

   If Radionics is to strengthen its position in the United States it will take efforts by all of us to focus on our inner life, take responsibility for our physical, spiritual and emotional; well being and actively work to change the conventional wisdom regarding the efficacy of Radionics.

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