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Messengers of Love, Light and Grace

Messengers of Love, Light and Grace

(H.J. Kramer & New World Library)

Book Summary by Linda Brown

     The definition of angel is messenger. Often these messengers come to us through intuition, to warn or guide us. Every person has a guardian angel that is with him or her all the time. This companion angel was with us as far back as when we decided to come into life as the person we are today.

Most people primarily think of their guardian angel as a protector. This does not mean, however, that we can go through our life journey with no bumps in the road. There are certain things we are meant to experience in order to learn the lessons those experiences teach us.

     Angels bring us into harmony with our higher selves. They serve as muses who help us transform our talent into genius. They offer inspiration. Angels give us new insights, new creativity. In Catholic school, children in the first grade are taught about their guardian angels.

One way that angels communicate to human beings is through synchronisms. Since synchronisms are personal, we must figure out the meaning of each synchronicity for ourselves. Angels bring new friends and people into our lives who become kindred spirits in our journey here on earth. Angels can manage miracles. Angels can remove anxiety. Sometimes angels even appear in human form.

     Other roles which angels play in our lives are spiritual guide, soul guide, healer, humor transformer, happiness trainer, mirth maker and prosperity broker. In other words, angels act as our life coaches.

     We can create angel consciousness within ourselves when we initiate an angel mindset and invite the angels into our lives. We can get to know our personal angels by heart. There are several indications of the presence of angels - tinkling bells, an unexpected fragrant scent (especially rose and jasmine), the feeling of a strong presence of someone when no one is near.

Angel consciousness occurs when we go beyond focusing on the power of angels and choose to use the gift of life to love God and do his works. To have an angelic mind-set involves focusing on faith, not fear.

     Inspiration and imagination are highly responsive to angelic guidance. Love vibrates rapidly and angels vibrate at a high frequency. Therefore, if we develop qualities that resonate with a high frequency (such as love, peace, gratitude, humor, joy and compassion), we attract the angels. In order to receive divine qualities, we must give out divine qualities. "Angels are here to lead us to our higher selves and to God."

     We put ourselves in a better position to be present both for grace and for angels when we realize that a special consciousness is connected with the state of grace. Grace is a gift from God and the angels. Our response to grace should be gratitude. Gratitude comes when we appreciate the gift of life instead of feeling entitled to it.

     There are training steps to happiness and some of these are journaling, meditation, gratitude, love, humility, happiness and harmony. One way of removing worry and negative thoughts from ones life is to keep a trash bag page in the journal for putting them in. Other steps to happiness include waking up and experiencing your senses, bringing humor into every situation, not letting other people affect your happiness and spreading love throughout the universe.

     Harmony can be achieved through a life that includes prayer, contemplation, meditation, spiritual study, self-awareness, kindness, compassion and service. If we learn patience, which is a way of "letting go and letting God", we will certainly experience more peace than if we are impatient and feel we must be in control of everything in our life.

The Dalai Lama said that mental stability and mental peace is the main source of happiness and joy. Practicing compassion is a way to develop this inner stability. Since we are consciousness, it isn't other people or events that are enemies to our peace of mind; it is our internal states and how we react to things. When our minds are at peace, we are able to draw upon an unlimited energy source.

     Nurturing angel practices help us establish ways to interact with the angels. Wonderful things will begin to happen in our lives if we spend one hour a day focusing on spiritual growth. The hour doesn't have to occur in a 60-minute segment, but can be split into small segments.

     Angel consciousness starts when we establish a personal connection with the angels - allowing ourselves to be open to them and aware of the possibilities they bring into our lives. Their language mostly consists of symbols, colors, sounds and feelings. Often we receive their messages through dreams, intuitive flashes and fantasies. Angels also instill ideas into our thought processes.

     We can also communicate with the angels through angel mail. Angel mail involves writing your request on a piece of paper and mailing it to the angels. When you ask for something, always be sure to add, "for the highest good of all concerned." Then express gratitude.

Act as though the request has already been granted. Address your request to your angel and the angels of those involved in your request. Your angel mail can be "sent" by placing it in a Bible, jewelry box, wallet, journal or altar - someplace you consider special or sacred.

     You can even call an angel conference, bringing to it specific people - God, Jesus, goddesses or famous people who have died. It's fun to do these conferences with a good friend or small group.

     If you are worried about another person's health, etc. write to their highest angels, asking that they be given what they most need. Keep in mind, however, that people have free will and you cannot "make" a person behave in a certain way.

     Since dreamtime is a time when our spiritual lives flourish, if you clear your mind and gather your angels around you, you can go to sleep in a higher state of consciousness.

     With the angels as our guides, we can restore balance to our lives. One way to do this is through ritual. Some things that might be registered with the angels are goals, dreams, images, and noble thoughts, among others. These can be registered with the angels through prayer, song, dance, painting, walking, writing, mediation, building an altar and trance-inducing practices.

     We can awaken our prayer voice through an earnest appeal, a gesture of thanksgiving or an expression of hopes and needs. There are three kinds of prayer which are (1) confession, (2) asking for blessings for self or others and (3) giving ourselves over to God, expressing gratitude and trust in the universe.

Praying connects our light to the Divine Source and is one way we seek divine wisdom. It is a way to tap into the source of all pure love. The four basics of prayer are greeting, praise, request and giving thanks.

     Our prayers are an expression of our own relationship to God; therefore, everyone's prayers will be different.

     Just as the angels are in the world but not of it, the same holds true for us when we are spiritual beings who are guided by the angels. The angels want us to embrace life, but with consciousness and nonattachment to worldly things, including our own lives. We need to get past the idea that death is a punishment.

     When we separate ourselves from God and the angels, from what is right and true, the results are war, injustice and hatred. The angels request that we stay connected to God and the light and to our fellow humans.

     Remember that there is no power greater than God and that He shines in every person. Know that with God all things are possible. We entertain God when we free our spirit and are true to ourselves. Our angels are always near. It is up to each of us as to how important we let them be in our life.

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