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How can I trust Spirit?

How can I trust Spirit?

  (Editorís note: Learning to become a channel of our higher powers is becoming as much a necessity in this uncertain world, as is learning to become who we really are.

Becoming a channel of blessings to others by being all we can be is a wondrous thing and our potential destiny.

Connie Russertís efforts to develop the channel of her higher powers and all its relations is motivated by the desire to help each of us fulfill that destiny.

What follows is a some material from her book, both channeled messages from "Paularyo," and some more information about how to develop your intuition.

Read her book with your heart awake and pay attention as your intuition responds affirmatively.)


  When it comes to trusting Spirit, it's like trusting doubt surfaces. How can I trust Spirit?

  Response from Paularyo:

  Dear One, doubting Spirit is part of the human search for truth...a truth you can depend on...a truth which will remain constant.

No human truths remain constant. Your truths evolve as your soul evolves. Allow it to be your truth in the moment.


  What can I do when I can't even find the truth of the moment? When I feel lost and alone?

  Response from Paularyo:

  Oh my dear, you are doubting yourself and your purpose for being when you reach this level of doubt. In these moments you escape to your long-held stress response. That is, you escape to your head - it is where your culture has taught you the answers to solving your stress lie.

Your schools teach you to store scientific truths in your head and then use them to solve the mysteries of science. You followed their instructions, and received praise. You felt as if you knew something. You solved a problem using your head, and life was good. You began to believe that you can solve all of life's mysteries in your head.

This was your escape from the stress of school. You would go to your head, the home of the temporary truth.

As your scientists have begun to discover, there is more to your life, your world, your universe than can be explained in the 2 + 2 = 4 theory. Quantum physicists are opening their minds...discovering their intuition, and uncovering new "truths" daily. These new truths disprove the temporary truths of yesterday.

My dear, you learned to trust the truths of your childhood. One such truth: "When you are in stress and want to solve a problem, go to your head. All the answers are stored there."

As a child this was your truth. When a question was asked of you, you felt stressed. You went to your head and solved the problem. You were highly praised. You were happy. You were successful.

When you could not find the solution to the problem in your head, you felt a failure. You were un-happy...un-successful.

You developed a long-held habit, "When I am stressed, I can go to my head to find the solution. Then I will be happy. If I cannot find the solution there, I will be unhappy."

This was your temporary truth, my dear. The most important truths in your life are stored in your heart. But heart-truths were often not praised when you were a child, and did not bring the external gratification you sought.

Today it is the truths of your heart that you seek. It is with these truths that you discover internal happiness...true, lasting happiness. Not the temporary lift of external validation...praise, a raise or promotion at work, a new home, new car, or new clothes...these are all temporary.

Some people are addicted to external sources of happiness. These people cannot receive enough. Whatever they get is a temporary fix...but they soon need more and are dissatisfied and tend to blame external sources such as people, places, or things for their unhappiness. They do not understand that they are enough.

Are you enough?

If you go to your head for the answer, your thinking goes in circles. Circular thinking is your marker that you are in your head seeking an answer that lies in your heart.

The easiest way to return to your heart is with your energy bubble. Imagine a bubble of energy around is your energy field...think ONLY of your bubble...allow your mind to clear...imagine your bubble expanding. Allow it to find it's most comfortable size...perhaps as large as the universe. BE in this energy for a few moments. FEEL this energy. FEEL your energy.

Then, open your third eye of compassion. Imagine you are with the important people in your life. Look with the eye of your Soul, with the eye of compassion at those around you.

You will recognize those who are in their head trying to solve a life mystery, and are thus in circular thinking, leading to pain. Have compassion for them, and see a reflection of yourself.

Trust that Spirit will bring to your path the exact right people to reflect your own pain, your own truths. When you expand your bubble and open your third eye, you will recognize them.

As you have compassion for them, allow your Heart, the earthly home of your Soul, to have compassion for YOU...for that part of you who has been enculturated to believe:

  * there must be more,

  * external praise and/or material possessions bring me happiness,

  * the answers to life's challenges are in my head,

  * I will be happy when other people, places, and things line up perfectly for me,

  * true happiness is just beyond my reach, and

  * when (fill-in-the-blank) happens, I will finally be happy.

My dear, external sources of love, peace, and joy are temporary. Know that and know that you are enough in this moment. You are enough. All answers to life's stresses are temporary except for internal peace, love, and joy.

"How do I find internal peace, love, and joy?" you ask.

By allowing yourself to trust YOU. To know that the answers are in your heart. To develop new habits:

  * Instead of escaping to your head when you are in stress, be fully present to your life and in your heart. The truth will bubble up from your heart. Allow it.

  * Instead of waiting for external validation, know that you are enough. Allow peace, love, and joy to eliminate from your heart.

  * Allow yourself to know this truth: "There is only the moment. In this moment I have enough. I am enough."

Allow it to be easy. And it is so.

Allowing It to Be Easy

Heart Consciousness

  Your heart is the home of your soul's energy, your Ka. Your heart is your source of ease and spiritual truth.

Heart consciousness is one of the most powerful tools you can incorporate into your life. It's one of the basic building blocks available for your spiritual transformation; for any spiritual evolution you wish to experience; for the true connections you want to form with your master spirit guides and with others along your life path.

How would your life be if you lived in heart consciousness? You wouldn't need guarantees. You'd trust there's a divine plan. You'd have faith that everything happens for a reason (even though your head may not understand the reason). You'd know absolutely that everything works out for the best.

Imagine moving forward knowing that every event in life is an opportunity for soul growth. During times of challenge you'd allow your focus to shift from your head to your heart. You'd be able to access your Ka and to connect with your guides.

You could carve your life path, one moment at a time, in the peace of the present. Think of how your body would feel . . . peaceful. Your mind . . . clear. Your emotions . . . calm. Your connection to spirit . . . strong. Your heart . . . open and trusting. You'd be free to be you. All this is available . . . one moment at a time.

"I'm afraid to be in my heart. What if someone takes advantage of me?" Clients often pose this question and I invite them - and you - to consider this more closely. You can live in your head, on guard, making sure that no one will take advantage of you. Will this work? No, because there are people who will take advantage of you.

Or, you can live in your heart . . . trusting . . . loving . . . filled with compassion. And then if someone takes advantage of you? Oh well. You control your responses to life. Since this is the only thing you can control, why not allow yourself to live in faith and trust? Will this guarantee that no one will take advantage of you? No. Will this guarantee a life of peace? Yes. It's your choice.

Another question I often hear is, "When I 'allow it to be easy,' does that mean I'll have no more pain in my life? That's what I want! When will that happen?"

My response, "Are you alive?"


"Then your life purpose has not been completed. You will continue to experience pain. When you pass over you'll have no more pain. It's not the pain you can avoid, it's the suffering. You can learn how not to be a victim."

"Why must there be pain?"

"We learn through opposites. We learn through our mistakes."

"But, what if the pain lingers and stops me in my tracks?"

"If you're in your head trying to control the universe that's exactly what will happen!"

"Then, how can I 'allow it to be easy'?"

"Allowing it to be easy is created through your perspective in the moment. Imagine that instead of suffering the pain, you perceive it differently. What if you allow yourself to feel the pain? Yes, you allow the pain while recognizing that it's a gateway to inner knowing. Allow the pain to help you discover your unique perceptions, your beliefs, and your behaviors. Instead of lingering in pain and feeling victimized, simply watch it. Imagine you're looking at a child in pain, recognizing how her perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors keep her in pain. Soon, you'll move forward on your path with a new awareness; transforming that pain into peace and fear into faith. Returning to your heart, the pain does not linger."

"OK, I'm game. What's the first step?"

Awaken Your Childhood Imagination

If your childhood imagination has been taking a nap, now's the time to wake it up. In the upcoming exercise you'll be asked to tap your innate childhood imagination. Imagination helps stretch our boundaries and allows us to experience new realities - a parallel universe. Your subconscious speaks to you through your imagination. Outside of nature, there's nothing in this world that did not originate first in someone's imagination. As you go through the exercises offered by Paularyo, allow yourself to reclaim your childhood gift of imagination and open to new possibilities.

P.S. - Don't Expect Yourself to be Perfect

If you were perfect, if you could live in your Ka 24/7, you'd be a saint. Perhaps Mother Theresa lived in her Ka continually, maybe Mahatma Gandhi. I know I can't. So please accept your humanness and move forward on your life path with compassion for yourself. At the same time, accept others' humanness and allow them to make mistakes.

Please don't expect these tools to turn you into a saint. There will be times when you'll get deep into your "stuff." This is when old perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors surface. You feel insecure. You take things personally.

When an old button is pushed and you find yourself in anger or judgment; or you find yourself struggling to please; or find yourself deep in worry, unable to transform the energy into compassion for yourself or others . . . know that in these moments you've taken a step backwards to a "safety zone." This place, or state of being, is known to you. It's comfortable because it's familiar. Allow it.

Then, when you're ready, have compassion for yourself and others as you move forward into the unknown. This is a place you have not yet been and where your personal and spiritual growth takes hold.

My wish for you is patience. Remind yourself to be patient as you incorporate these tools for transformation into your life "one day at a time."

"A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty . . . We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

Albert Einstein

Channeled Message Directly from Paularyo

  Dear Ones, for you to easily receive messages from a parallel universe, create a strong connection to the God Source, a strong connection to Mother Earth, and a strong connection to your own soul's energy. We would like for this process to be easy for you. The tools we are about to present are given so that you can build these strong connections and allow this process to be easy.

Imagine that you are in an energy bubble.Take a moment. Close your eyes.

Take a deep relaxing breath and feel a bubble around you. This is your energy field.

Allow yourself to imagine this bubble. Allow your childhood imagination to assist you in this process. Allow yourself to imagine the size and the color (or colors) that appear to you. Take a moment now. Allow it to be easy, my dear.

With your energy field brought to your conscious level, notice what you feel in your body. Notice how your energy bubble feels to you. This is the energy, my dear, that other people feel when they are in your presence. Once more, please stop and feel your energy field.

We ask you now to expand your bubble. Allow it to be easy. Use your imagination. Expand your bubble to twice its original size. Take a moment to notice how you feel.

If you have trouble expanding your bubble, you are in fear. Allow the fear. How has this fear served you in the past? Honor the fear . . . then allow the energy of fear to transform into faith. Faith in the process. Faith in you. Faith in spirit. Faith in the universe. Now, allow your bubble to expand.

You will notice that as you expand your bubble, your physical being becomes more peaceful, your mental being becomes more clear, your emotional being becomes more balanced, and your spiritual being becomes more open.

Expand your bubble to twice its present size. Notice an even deeper peace in your physical being, clarity in your mental being, balance in your emotional being, and receptivity in your spiritual being.

Allow your bubble to expand once more to at least twice its size. Allow it to become as large as is comfortable for you. Perhaps as large as the universe. Just be in this energy for a few moments. Notice the effects on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Allow yourself to be fully peaceful, clear, balanced, and open to spirit.

We ask you to be aware that while you are within your expanded energy bubble, you automatically drop from your head into your heart. Imagine you think from your heart, hear from your heart, and speak from your heart. Allow it to be easy. Be in this present moment.

Be in the present. Be in your heart. It may help, my dear, to visualize yourself in the presence of someone or a pet you dearly love and trust. You'll automatically be in the energy of love and drop into your heart.

If any fears for your future or pains of your past appear that take you back into your head, notice that your bubble shrinks. Spend a few moments recognizing and allowing the fears and pains. Know that these pains and these fears have served you in some way. They are simply energy. How have these energies served you in the past?

Allow the energy of fear to transform into the energy of faith, and the energy of pain to transform into the energy of peace of the present while expanding your bubble, allowing yourself to drop once more into your heart.

Feel what it is like to be in this present moment, to be in your heart chakra, in your heart center. This, my dear, is the center of your spiritual being. It is where your soul energy resides. It contains the loving and gentle qualities of your soul self, your Ka. It is from this center that you allow your master spirit guides to speak to and through you. Be in your core. Feel your innate soul being.

How to Live From Your Heart

You have just experienced that expanding your bubble automatically drops you into your heart. In this state you create a sacred space of safety and trust. When you speak from your heart, others more easily feel safe to be in their hearts. This heart-to-heart connection is one of the most powerful of life's experiences.

Allow your heart to create your future, moment-to- moment. Live in your heart knowing that your logical, organized left-brain is still available to you as a tool. It stores information for you to retrieve at any time. Go to your head for facts you have filed there, and present them from your heart. Living in your heart allows you to create a life of love, joy, peace, healing, passion, and compassion.

Bubble Meditation

Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Place your hands on your lap, palms facing up. Close your eyes as you take a deep relaxing breath into your heart. Insist that any energies or entities from anywhere other than the highest God Source of light and love leave immediately.

Thank your Guides for bringing you the energy and information that's for your best and highest good from the highest God Source of light and love.

Take another relaxing breath. As you exhale, imagine that your bubble doubles in size. Allow your body to become more relaxed with each exhale. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, imagine that your bubble doubles. Allow your bubble to become as large as is comfortable for you.

Allow the universe to breathe you. Begin repeating the "God cares" mantra. Be in your heart and allow yourself to remain in this state as long as is comfortable for you. Allow yourself to know this state so you can return to it at any time during your day.

Allow it to be easy. As you follow your unique and individual life path, you'll discover opportunities for personal transformation. You'll have opportunities to choose the path that brings energies of love, joy, peace, healing, and passion to your life. Invite and allow us to assist you along your path of personal transformation toward ease and balance.


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