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Reality and How it Works

Reality and How it Works

  "...With the kinds of training that Russell Targ [developer of remote viewing] as well as other disciplines related to non ordinary states of consciousness offers, it is possible that many individuals (and perhaps most children) can learn to use their mind-brain systems in such ways as to open the doors of their perceptions and receive the news from the universe.

So we have access not only to things occurring in distant places but in other time zones, like the future. In Targ' s experimental work, the viewer as he or she is called can focus their attention to any point on the planet as well as off it and describe what is to be found there with considerable accuracy.

Further in remote viewing the perceiver can answer any question about any events in the past, present or future and be accurate about two thirds of he time. Why is this so? Well as we have been saying and as David Bohm's writes in his textbook, the undivided Universe, "Like a hologram, each region of space-time contains information about every other point in space-time."

In our time, in our very years, is coming to be experienced a formula for new ways of being. What we are now coming to suspect about the way reality works grants a perspective on our humanity which up till now would have seemed more mythic than real.

This it does within a sturdy background of scientific research and years of conclusive studies by physicists, biologists, anthropologists, parapsychologists, spiritual seekers and just about anyone interested in opening themselves to the deeper reaches of human nature.

Many have long suspected that the very concepts of "near" and "far" may have been a stratagem of our local minds, more habit and cultural dictum than the way things really are. But now we discover what poets and mystics have always suspected: our minds are stargates, our bodies celled of mysteries, and what was taken to be remote is actually near neighbor in the all reaching compass of the mind.

A friend of mine, Russell Targ has spent a lifetime in the science of consciousness and human possibilities. His research methods are both rigorous and resourceful, as they must be in such pioneering fields. In a new book to be published later this year to which I have written the foreword he offers us in elegant and lucid prose us the other side of the moon of ourselves.

The descriptions of the work he and his associates have done in remote viewing are as compelling, as they are key to our understanding of once and future attributes of the human capacity.

He gives us insight into why it is that you sometimes get information about a place, an object, a person that is not available through normal, local, sensory mechanisms, nor classical space/time information. Where does this apparently intuitive information come from?

Why is it that we sometimes learn with a rapidity that is more like remembering then any learning process? In exploring these questions Dr. Targ is one of the new group of brilliant and courageous scientists who are changing our views of the nature of reality.

In this company we would include the English biologist, Rupert Sheldrake and his theory of morphic resonance. Sheldrake states the very basis of paradigm shift: things are as they are because they were as they were. The laws of nature are not absolutes; rather, they are accumulations of habits.

A law like gravitation, for example, is a pretty well fixed habit, probably owing to the trillions of beings throughout the universe who give it general assent. Yet yogis, swamis, and more than a few Catholic saints report that in deep meditation or spiritual rapture, they have been known to bump their heads on the ceiling, for rapture is nothing if not a paradigm shift. Laws change, habits dissolve, new forms and functions emerge whenever an individual or a society learns a new behavior.

This is because we are all connected through what Sheldrake calls "morphogenetic fields," organizing templates weaving through time and space, which hold the patterns for all structures, but which can be changed according to our changing thoughts and actions. Thus the more an event, pattern of behavior, or skill is duplicated, the more powerful its morphogenetic field becomes.

We know, for example, that people in the twentieth century learned to ride bicycles and to use machines more quickly and effectively than people in the nineteenth century. Similarly, today's children and adolescents learn to use computers and to write programs in ways that seem beyond the competence of their parents--or as an adult friend once said when he couldn't get a computer program to work, "Let's call in an expert. Get the kid next door."

Discuss the articles in the September Scientific American about what happens in the brain when one images doing a particular task. Relate this to morphogenetic fields.

Children, some autistic people, idiot savants, people in life threatening situations, animals knowing just when their masters have gotten on the bus to come home --all are participating in this phenomenon. But where is the resonance and how is it morphing? Recent cutting edge, state of the art physics is now saying that it comes from the quantum hologram.

In each case I've mentioned, the individuals have gone beyond the bandwidth of local perception and memory and entered a field of knowing that is direct apprehension of much larger information to be found in the quantum hologram. It has been advanced that this quantum hologram that holds all knowledge and information is made of a higher light vibration.

It may be that the lower light vibration--the one that is in thee electro-magnetic spectrum and therefore guides our perception is what serves to decode the higher vibration of the quantum hologram in ways that are analogous to the way holograms work:

Light from the laser goes through a maze of mirrors and "beam-splitters" to form two beams of light to make the hologram. A beam-splitter is a half-silvered mirror that allows part of the light (the reference beam) to pass through directly to the film while reflecting part of the light (the illuminating beam) toward the object from which it is reflected again onto the film.

When the two beams meet, what is recorded onto the film is the result of the interference patterns between the two beams. If the beams coincide, or are "in phase" there will be enough light to expose the film because the light energy is reinforced at the points of interference. If the beams are out of phase, they will cancel each other's energy and leave a dark place on the film.

The picture of the object in this resulting film hologram can be seen when laser or coherent light decodes it and gives us the picture.

Now amplify this to universal means and think of the film as the non-local simultaneous-everywhere and everything matrix--the quantum hologram itself. It is not a film but a great field of being--the order of the metaverse itself. (Alfred North Whitehead in 1929 described it as the great expanding nexus of occurrences beyond sense perception, with all minds, all things interlocking.

More recently, physicist David Bohm referred to it as the primary order of the universe which is implicate, enfolded, harboring our reality in much the same way as the DNA in the nucleus of a cell harbors potential life and directs its unfolding.) So the quantum hologram is an order of pure Beingness, pure frequency, perhaps the essential Light itself, which transcends any specifications and knows neither here nor there.

It is the place from which pattern and archetypes arise. It is the realm of Love and organicity, the lure of evolution and the Mind that is minding. It is the place from which the forms of reality are engendered pervading everything, and potentially totally available at any particular part of our reality. Do you realize what I am saying? Everything that was and is and will be is not only available to you, it is part of your very being.

However you have been entrained to live in the secondary order of reality which is second-generation reality. It is explicate, unfolded, manifest in space and time, the decoded hologramatic image of reality. All apparent movement and substance then, are of the secondary order. How does it get decoded?

Well, think of the incoming electromagnetic (space/time) information (visual, acoustic, etc), as that which decodes the information of the quantum hologram, this implicate order, and establishes the condition so that accurate three-dimensional perception is possible. That is to say, both quantum information and space/time information are used in the act of perception by organisms having sensory perceptors.

These perceptors or lenses of our brain-mind-body system serve as the somewhat fuzzy coherent light, which then interprets the frequencies from the primary order. But of course, this lensing system narrows its bandwidth through cultural and other conditioning.

By reorchestrating psychospiritual and neural functioning to bypass the cerebral and psychological reducing valves, we discover that we are naturally attuned to this source, this matrix of reality, this metaverse that includes all and everything, which we call the quantum hologram.

It is then that we can see the higher order of reality, the higher vibration of light behind the dimmer veiling of our ordinary perceptions. Put it another way, we have a core system within ourselves that can access primary reality. It is this system that engages a world long known to indigenous people as well as our distant ancestors.

Because consciousness grows and releases innate potentials according to the needs and even the stresses of a particular era, more and more people are looking for this primary reality for what it contains and ways in which it can address the messes we make in the secondary reality.
I'll put it another way.

The eternal part of our consciousness is forever contained in this implicate order or quantum hologram; but the greater part of our awareness is caught up in Bohm's second-generation reality, that which is explicate, unfolded, manifest in space and time, filled with kittens and quasars, and the need to connect with others.

We all have it in us to travel back and forth between the two orders, for our brains seem to serve both as gates into God as well as hologramatic reducing valves which render God-stuff into structure and form. What scientists like Russell Targ's and Hal Putoff's work at SRI work, and to another extent our own work is about is training human reality to be very fluid, moving back and forth between ordinary and extraordinary realities, local and archetypal worlds, implicate and explicate domains.

Let me add that it is likely that most if not all, subtle, ephemeral and unexplained phenomena associated with subjective experience are connected, directly or indirectly, with the phenomenon of the non-locality of the quantum hologram. This runs the gamut from telepathy to clairvoyance to remote viewing to creative insights to mystical experience.

In this regard what we call psychic phenomena are only by-products of this simultaneous-everywhere-matrix. And synchronicity-those coincidental occurrences that seem to have some higher design or connectedness--would seem to derive from the purposeful, patterning, nature of the primary order, wherein everything, regardless how distant in space or time is interconnected through the primary reality.

In fact, there is no such thing as coincidence in the usual sense for everything is co-insiding. What so many are observing and speculating about now is that the phenomenon that hitherto has seemed extraordinary is really just a fascinating subset of reality in general. Or rather, to be more exact, ordinary reality is but a subset of extraordinary reality.

The brain then can be described in part as a quantum computer. Consciousness emerges from quantum processes in the brain--that is the inter-reaction between your perception on the electromagnetic spectrum and the quantum, more ultimate, spectrum of light.

Targ's research not only implies what quantum physics affirms: the fundamental transformation of the scientific worldview. It also demonstrates the quantum aspects inherent in our human nature. This has tremendous implications for philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. Think of local consciousness on the electromagnetic spectrum of light as the foreground and quantum mind as the background.

Since it is rare that most of attend to background or non-local during the course of our everyday affairs, we perceive things without the subtle awareness that would bring the full grandeur of reality into play. And yet, as Targ shows so effectively, we all have these capacities for enlarged perception, although they have been stunted by habit, conditioning and the cultural trance.

With the kinds of training that Targ as well as other disciplines related to non ordinary states of consciousness offers, it is possible that many individuals (and perhaps most children) can learn to use their mind-brain systems in such ways as to open the doors of their perceptions and receive the news from the universe. So we have access not only to things occurring in distant places but in other time zones, like the future.

In Targ' s experimental work, the viewer as he or she is called can focus their attention to any point on the planet as well as off it and describe what is to be found there with considerable accuracy. Further in remote viewing the perceiver can answer any question about any events in the past, present or future and be accurate about two thirds of he time. Why is this so?

Well as we have been saying and as David Bohm's writes in his textbook, the undivided Universe, "Like a hologram, each region of space-time contains information about every other point in space-time." In the holographic universe, there is a unity of consciousness with no boundaries of space or time. Let me put it another way. One is not a body.

One has a body. If you really feel for this idea, it makes expanded awareness all that more realizable.
In Targ's work in remote viewing there were the standard tests-of his partner going to someplace in the area and having the perceiver state what he or she was receiving of the place. These kinds of experiments met with remarkable success.

But then there were the out of the way - or further reaches of human nature experiments wherein the healer can reach into a person's past and heal them then with the result that the present illness heals up very quickly. So your healing intention will reach back into the past to affect a critical seed moment in alternate future pathways of he development of the illness.

Remember again that modern physics seems to indicate that we live in a spider web of space and time wherein both past and future are tugging on the present. Another mind-quaking aspect of this that comes from quantum physics as well as ancient eastern philosophy concerns the illusion that there is any separation in space and time.

Buddhism for example teaches that consciousness is the ground of all being. Therefore consciousness pre-dates and is independent of both space and time as we think we know it. Given the quantum interconnectedness of all things, we would have to say that although it is as if events do occurring in time, they just are.

Another finding, which is corroborated by Robert Jahn's and Brenda Dunne's work at Princeton is that in a total of 411 published remote viewing trials over twenty five years, they showed that without question that remote viewing accuracy does not decline with increasing distance form the viewer - whether in space or time-the past or the future.

It is a question of inflow of information about a person followed by an outflow of prayers and healing intentions (possible exercise in which in partners one holds the name written and in their hand of a person who has some kind of physical disturbance...while the other descries this person.)

It is probably likely that Einstein and other high creatives who testified to making huge creative leaps --and then spending years proving steps that would lead to their conclusion, -were actually accessing quantum information from the matrix reality or primary reality rather than extrapolating from factual data.

They then used their secondary reality to work out the details.

Given our quantum hologram essence, our minds may well be omni-dimensional. I believe that consciousness has the innate capacity to tune and modulate to different domains. Implied here is the notion that there are within these resonant quantum fields of consciousness availability to different universes.

Does this mean that the mind has the means to travel in time, to visit the time and place in ancient Palestine when Christ delivered the Sermon on the Mount, to be present in consciousness at the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Is the past still present, nested in the many frequencies that make up the Quantum Mind of the Maker?

What seems to be true, however, is that by changing consciousness, we can experience more profound patterns of the universe. I find, for example, that when we alter awareness on the continuum of states of consciousness towards more meditative or spiritual states, we become citizens of a larger universe with regard to perception, time, space, dimensionality, and possibility. We are operating at larger frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum of the light domain.

This is because we are operating from the higher patterns themselves--what I am calling the archetypal domain. It is then, too, that our psychological makeup has more source hooks in it, is less traumatized by past experience, is more capacious and capricious, and we feel extended into a mutli-dimensional universe.

Thus, among many other things, we are able to cause action at a distance. There have been millennia of observations of these phenomena. Were not prayer to have produced some positive results, religion would have been abandoned centuries ago. That we ascribed these results to a supernatural agency rather than non-locality is simply, again, another mode of description.

Look at all the work that has been done in recent years to document the efficacy of prayer, particularly healing prayer. The results in most cases are very suggestive of non-local effects.

What does all of this have to say about spirituality? God is ever present in all aspects of existence in and beyond time, in and beyond space, in and beyond ourselves. Ultimately it is about the transcendent and yet ever present truth of the heart and the opening to this exquisite feeling of the divine flow of loving awareness that is everywhere all the time and most intimately in and of you.

Discourse on Love as spaciousness, timelessness and Goddedness.

I can think of no fitting conclusion to this talk then to offer the great perennial Buddhist metta prayer of loving kindness. To my mind, it says it all.

May you be in peace.

May your heart remain open.

May you be healed from all separation.

May you be a source of healing for all beings.

May you awaken to the light of your true nature.

May you never feel separate from the source of loving-kindness.

May you be happy.

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