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The Conscious Universe

The Conscious Universe

(Author's note: A young writer is working on a fictional treatment of a character who lives the most self-conscious life she knows how to, on the basis of current science. I prepared for her a summary of the insights into the complexity of human consciousness as I had synthesized it in two books.

This email shares with you that brief overview of the kind of being I believe humans are at this point in our evolutionary development.

Read the attached article if you want to gain some inspiration and a sense of an alternative to the egocentric, short-term orientation of today's materialistic, blood-thirsty society.

Take a few minutes to consider a longer-term, more expansive picture of what Homo sapiens could be. The article identifies some sections of my books Gods, Genes, & Consciousness and Our Solarian Legacy: Multidimensional humans in a self-learning universe that support this vision.

A very good, short fictional story published by friend and colleague Joyce Shafer does an excellent job of making real the cosmology set forth in Our Solarian Legacy. Her excellent book I Don't Want to be Your Guru, But I Have Something to Say can be purchased at: )

    Imagine a cosmos animated by an invisible force that connects and envelops every ray of light, every vibration of sound, every particle of matter, and all life forms in an ongoing dance of conscious creation and experimentation.

See your core Self as a being of light and consciousness improvising on an already well-established stage with only a skeleton of a script. You try on different roles, honing your craft as you go. You engage with various casts, wearing different costumes. You are both the actor and director of a series of scenarios in a larger than life screenplay.

Did you know that frontier science and ancient traditions suggest that the real you is more than a one life-time, physical being? What would you think if someone offered you evidence that you have lived one or more lifetimes prior to this one? And that you'll live again in a new body after the death of your current one?

Perhaps you've already felt that your consciousness was more expansive than the array of thoughts you're holding at this moment. Perhaps you've had moments of memory from the lives of other individuals.

Maybe as a child you felt you knew something of the reason for being in the family into which you were born. Or you may have had the opposite feeling, that you didn't belong there.

Have you ever met a new person whom you had never had the opportunity to see before, but felt you knew already? Have you ever walked around a corner in a strange country and specifically recognized parts of the scene before you? Have you been able to tell others about people or places you've never seen before?

Are you disturbed by the sense of some suppressed knowledge about a person or event that you have been unable to recall? Have you seen a portrait or photograph of an historical person who seems familiar to you on some unarticulated level? Do your dreams often place you in situations that could have been in a history book?

If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative or found drawn to the possibilities suggested, then you are among the increasing percentages of people who see themselves as aspects of a multidimensional universe where individuated conscious beings exist beyond the limits of our physical bodies and one lifetime.

This new, and yet ancient, vision includes a number of principles or attributes that apply to all humans (and perhaps many other species). All of the postulates below have been documented through systematic research and/or collections of credible human experiences.

This evidence overwhelming suggests that such descriptions fairly represent an objective reality; they are not just someone's beliefs. Even where we do not have theories that explain how they happen, we do know they occur.

1. Humans are primarily conscious beings whose existence extends beyond their current life-time. In some form of consciousness or the other, we live before we're physically born and continue to do so after physical death. (OSL pp. 208-13)

2. The individual consciousness and the person's physical body carry DNA traces or memories of one or more previous individual lifetimes. (Many traditions call this reincarnation.) Young children are often able to recall them before they are taught not to believe their memories. Scientific research has confirmed numerous cases of such knowledge. (OSL pp. 186, 267-70)

3. Each individual consciousness can know things about and communicate with other individuals and dimensions through ways not explained by the five physical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, or tasting). These inner senses have been documented and labeled in various ways. some of the more common are:

- Telepathy: where a person sends or receives information to/from another without any physical sense or connection being involved. (OSL pp. 156-7, 212)

- Remote viewing: a person is able to accurately describe a situation at a long distance that he or she has never seen before and has no prior information of.
(OSL pp. 138-42)

- Precognition: someone perceives an image of a future event that subsequently manifests. (Not all such predictions occur as probabilities change due to actions taken subsequent to the initial image. About 66% is the average accuracy rate.)
(OSL pp. 66-7, 150)

- Energy sensing: the individual can sense, from a distance and out of sight of another, some of the emotional intentions of that person toward the sensor. We often call it a gut feeling or intuition, but regardless of the label, we have evidence that this is a real human subtle sense. (OSL pp. 144-50)

4. Advanced non-human beings occupy the same universal field of consciousness as humans. These beings, like humans, can exist in 3-D reality and other as-yet-unexplained dimensions. (I call them ABs, for advanced beings, because they can decide when to communicate with incarnated humans, not because they are necessarily any more advanced than humans in other ways.)

These beings help humans with useful knowledge or information from other dimensions. They can also do damage, even unintentionally, to humans. (OSL pp. 176-78 and GG&C)

5. The expanded human awareness can see things happening in 3-D reality even when we are not awake or the brain is not functioning. The first is called OBE for out-of-body-experience and the latter is called NDE for near-death-experience.

In both cases the awakened or resuscitated person can describe things that happened to her or in a particular situation that could not be known unless the person's consciousness was still at work while seemingly absent or dead. Dreams also provide access to this realm of information. (OSL pp. 143-44, 1831, 183-84)

6. People who have died often report back to family members or someone else. The information they give can be verified as something only the dead person could have known. The message can come as a disembodied voice, through a trance channel, or even recorded on an electronic device. (OSL p. 186, 208-09)

7. Many human channels open their consciousness to permit another being to speak through it to pass on information to other humans. Sometimes these messages deal with health problems, historical situations, advice on Earth events, etc.

The information received that way is not from a divine source or any repository of ultimate truth; it is only what that particular being (wherever it is in the universe) knows or wants to share. It requires human efforts to confirm or reject the channeled information as invalid. (OSL pp. 242, 256-57, 352)

8. Through as-yet-poorly-defined senses, humans have the ability to focus their conscious intention and have an effect on others or physical objects. It appears one's focused intention coheres a subtle energy that is a substrate of our quantum universe that causes psychokinetic effects (PK). Some of the changes wrought in another being assist in its process of self-healing. (OSL pp. 50-55)

9. Throughout history various forms of the ABs described above have been involved in human development, with positive and negative consequences for individual and species realization of its natural potential.

Regardless of effect, these interactions between species and dimensions have been a natural part of our self-learning universe. A universe in which humans find themselves as self-aware players in a complex organism that experiments and learns from life with all its up and downs, tragedies and successes, and grace and horror. (GG&C)

10. If all beings (humans and ABs) are still engaged in a process of self-discovery and learning about the universe, any who claim to speak for the Ultimate Source do so for one of two reasons: (1) to attempt to quiet their own fear of not knowing and lacking a sense of control of their own destiny, or (2) to instill false fears in the rest of us to control us psychologically and to manipulate us to increase their own power.

Beware of any who claim to have The Truth!

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